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Creation Revealed In Six Days

The evidence of Scripture confirmed
by Archaeology

Air Commodore
P.J. Wiseman, C.B.E.

Original copyright 1948,1949,1958, Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd.
This book is now out of print.

These pages have been scanned using OCR technology. I have done my best to review the scans for errors, but have also tried to faithfully reproduce the original text by maintaining the author's spelling and punctuation. If you spot areas that you think might be in error, please write to the address below.

I love this book. That is why I have posted it. I believe it presents, for the first time, a simple, true, complete, and accurate interpretation of the first page of the Bible. It is amazing that it has been missed for all these years as the battle between the Creationists and the Evolutionists rages on. I would love to get your thoughts. Please write to the address below.

Chapter 1 - The Problem Stated
Chapter 2 - Why This Unusual Structure?
Chapter 3 - Current Theories and the Fourth Commandment
Chapter 4 - Towards a Solution
Chapter 5 - The Colophon
Chapter 6 - The Bible and Babylonian Creation Tablets
Chapter 7 - The Testimony of Archaeology
Chapter 8 - Evidences of Antiquity
Chapter 9 - Creation in Genesis - Gradual or Instantaneous?
Chapter 10 - Science and the Narrative of Creation
Chapter 11 - Translation and Commentary
Chapter 12 - Conclusion and Appenices