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Twas' November 28 1962 in the town of Trenton, New Jersey. A Jewish mother was giving birth to a boy name Jonathan Stewart Leibowitz. That day shall forever go down in history as of one of our most blessed days. For you see the boy went on to become of the greatest comedians of our time; Jon Stewart.

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I have added a whole chapter from Jon's book. This will be the last thing I add from his book. Here it is, enjoy

Looks like Jon is turning into a mega celebrity. He's now going to be featured on Mtv's Fanatic. If you want you can call at (212)-654-6073. New links section up so check that out. Oh yeah if anyone has footage or a transcript of Jon on Rosie if they could send it to me that would be great (just terrific, Office Space). UPDATE ON THAT!! IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO ON THIS I'M BEGGING YOU! I really wanted to do this but according to that Cold, heartless, bit-woman you have to be over 16. That's all for now.

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