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The Future of Bees and Honey Production in Arab Countries Moustafa A. EL-Shehawy Beekeeping expert( editor ) 20 El-Sowk St.,- Quesina 32631 - Menoufia- Egypt. E.mail Telfax: ( 002048375995 ) * Introduction: There is no doubt that Apiculture, still primitive in most of the Arabic country, and that great number of the honeybee races in Arab countries tends to violence and paucity of production. In the same time, we find that the Arabic country is rich in agriculture resources, blossoms and plants, that are prevalent in plains, valleys, and mountains. We have Nabk trees in Tohama and Aseer’s valleys, and camphor trees in Kuwait. We have various plants in mountains and pans of Jordan and Lebanon. We have citrus and cotton in Egypt, thyme in Lybia and thorny trees in Yemen... etc. All these plants and others produce different kinds of honey, but it is not used properly. For example, the opulent grasslands in Lybia have 50.000 colony of bees, while Egypt alone has 2000000 colony. Hence. we say that in order to raise apiculture in a certain Arab countries, so, prosperity will prevail all over the Arab countries.