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Belly Button Brush
A Belly Button Brush am I,
your naval lint I can't deny,
Come on now, don't be shy!
I have to ask the question - why,
Why's your lint a mile high?
It reaches up into the sky!
Does it poke you in the eye?
Does it make you want to cry?
Now I see the reason why,
You try on pants before you buy,
It's cause your lint is "triple ply!"
(and lint like that you just can't buy!!)
I need to clean and I will try
to keep your secret like a spy.
So come on, give me just one try -
a Belly Button Brush am I.

written by Cindy, Creative Crafts & Grafit E-MAIL:

Need a OH SO CUTE gift to send in that next birthday card? You must get one of our Belly Button Brushes. But, why stop with just one - buy a dozen or more. They are the HOTTEST thing since Pet Rocks. Appeared in the September 2000 issue of JUMP Teen magazine.

These are only a sampling of colors available

Price: $0.50 each

Minimum Order: 2 Brushes*

List Color/Colors in Special Request Box of Shopping Cart

Shipping and Handling Chart*:

2- 25 brushes . . . . $0.55
26- 50 brushes . . . . $0.75
51- 75 brushes . . . . $1.00
76-100 brushes . . . . $1.25
101-150 brushes . . . . $1.50
151-200 brushes . . . . $2.00
201-300 brushes . . . . $2.75
* Shopping Cart will not calculate the Shipping & Handling Charges. These must be added manually and will be added to your cart total.