The Cast
The original cast

The original Kristina and Karl-Oskar -
Helen Sjöholm and Anders Ekborg
after the final performance


Helen Sjöholm - was almost unknown to the audience when Björn and Benny introduced her as their Kristina. She was born in 1970 in Sundsvall. She has done several appearances in local musicals and made her debut as one of the members in the touring entertainmentgroup Just for fun. The role as Kristina made her known nation-wide and loved by the audience and she has after her break-through in Kristina från Duvemåla played in Fiddler on the roof and has also been one of the solo-artists at a recent galaperformance Björn&Benny where the best of ABBA, Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla etc was performed both in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

This autumn Helen is taking some time off, but will still be seen and heard in a couple of concerts and the film she has a part in will have it´s premiair in October.

Helen Sjöholm

Lisa Gustafsson

Lisa Gustafsson - made her first appearance as Kristina in Gothenburg 1997. Helen Sjöholm had heard her sing and recommended Lisa for the role as Kristina. Lisa was also in the cast in Stockholm. She has earlier performed in several operas. Most recently in Lolita, playing the lead. She has also been touring in China and Japan and has after her last performance in Kristina in February 1999 been heard in "Trollflöjten" in Gävle. She has also had the honour to sing the Millennie-song, written by Benny Andersson and Ylva Eggehorn. The song was recently played on the radio and has been released on the latest Ylva Eggehorn album.

Frida Bergh - came on the play in September 1998. She made her professional debut as Fiorella in the musical "Rövarna" and she has also played a role in Fiddler on the roof. Frida has also worked as a directors assistent and has also worked with several cabarets´. Her sister Åsa plays the role as Ulrika in this very same musical.

Frida did her last Kristina performance on June 17th.

Frida Bergh

Louise Raeder - was first a member of the choir in Kristina, while she was rehersing the role as Kristina. She had sung Someone elses story on the audition and Benny phoned her and asked if she was interested in the role. She started to play the role as Kristina during 1998. She made her professional debut in 1974 in the show "Jösses Flickor" in Stockholm. She has also been playing roles in two movies based on books by Astrid Lindgren. She made the famous Rumpnissar in the story about Ronja Rövardotter and she has also done the childrens program Pippi Pelikan.

Louise has been doing a mini-tour around Sweden singing Duvemåla songs and she is now taking some time off because she´ll have a baby in october.


Anders Ekborg
Anders Ekborg - has a played the role as Kristinas beloved and stubborn husband Karl-Oskar. Anders is mostly known as an actor but has played in some musicals too. For instance in West Side Story in Gothenburg 1987. He has been seen at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and also on TV and at the movies. But his professional debut was actually made 1986 in the musical Zorba. Most recently he has been seen in the thriller-series Insider on Swedish Television and is going to have the lead in the new TV-movie Dödsklockorna.

Anders has made another movie "Tomten är far till alla barnen" which opens this autumn and he is also going to play the leading role in the muscial Dr Jekyll&Mr Hyde at the Östgötatheatre in Norrköping.

Björn Dalla Santa - has played the role as Karl-Oskar since 1996 and he made his professional debut in Markurells i Wadköping in 1987. He has been singing at the Folkopera in Stockholm, but he is mainly self-tought and has a background as a trubadour and skii-teacher.

Joakim Jennefors - was first a member of the choir and had a smaller role in the musical, but appeared as Karl-Oskar for the first time in the autumn season 1998, and is only going to play Karl-Oskar during Spring-99 when Björn and Anders aren´t able to play. Joakim made his professional debut 1986 in the musical Ringo. He has also played in Les Miserables in Stockholm.

Joakim is going to play Tony in West Side Story this autumn, he has gotten the role after Christer Nerfont who played the role during the Spring season.

Joakim Jennefors

Åsa Bergh

Åsa Bergh - has played Ulrika since the opening in Malmö 1995. She had always known she wanted to act and sing and she started at a young age to perform. She was a member of the famous theatregroup October and made her professional debut in 1986. She has also made a solo-album.

Carina Söderman - is now playing most days in the week as Ulrika. She started her way in show-biz as a volonteer at the Säffle-opera and has performed both in Fiddler on the roof and Les Miserables.

Astrid Rang - is new in the role as Ulrika. She has started to play the role mainly Spring-99 and has earlier been a member of the choir. She has been singing in Carmina Burana and has also been background singer on several occasions.


Peter Jöback - played Robert in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm but has now taken a break from Kristina. He did his last performance in December 1998. He is one of the brightest stars on the swedish musicalsky at the moment. He debut as a child in the musical Sound of Music and became really famous in Grease and Fame at the China-theatre in Stockholm. He has made solo-albums and had his own show at Börsen during the autumn 1998. He has also played the lead in Miss Saigon in London.

Peter did some of the performances even after December 1998 in the role as Robert. He played on June 19th and has been singing Duvemåla songs with Helen, Anders and Marianne Mörck this summer. He is now involved in a new swedish musical project named Gösta Berglings Saga.

Peter Jöback

Christer Nerfont - started to play Robert while Peter was away to play in Miss Saigon and played the role most of the times during the autumn season-98. He played the role for the last time in Februray 1999 and is now going to play Tony in West Side Story. Christer made his professional debut in Sweet charity in 1993 and has also played in Fiddler on the Roof.

Christer is now going to play in the new musical Elisabeth in Karlstad together with his wife.

Niklas Andersson
Niklas Andersson - started in the role as Robert in februari 1999. He is the youngest Robert, born 1974, but he has already played the lead in Miss Saigon in Stockholm 1998. He has also played in West Side Story in Gothenburg.

Niklas has recently made his West End debut as Chris in Miss Saigon. He did his first performance in beginning of August after only 3 weeks of practice.

Peter Malmrup - is a member of the choir but also the understudy to the role as Robert. He has been performing at the restaurant Golden Hits as a singing waiter and he has also been a background singer. He made his debut as Robert in the autumn season 1998. He is now touring with Charlotte Nilsson, who won the Eurovision song contest.

Other castmembers

Danjel, Kristinas uncle...Tommy Juth. Elin, the daughter of Ulrika...Jessica Axelsson, Ylva Nordin, Linda Ulveaus.Fina-Kajsa, old lady on the boat...Marianne Mörck, Catharina Andersson.Arvid, the friend of Robert...Lars Lesheim, Per Arne Hedin. And others