The Play

Kristina från Duvemåla is a piece of history, never has such a play been made after a Swedish story, by swedish authors and composers. Such a big play needed a particular scene that could host so many castmembers and the large scenery. The perfect place was in Malmö at Malmömusictheatre, the biggest musicalscene provided in Scandinavia.

The play was first over 6 hours long, so Björn and Benny were forced, together with Lars Rudolfsson to cut it down to 4 hours and 10 minutes. Several scenes were removed only days before the opening night and one of the most important songs, Du måste finnas (You must exist), the one were Kristina faces her doubts towards God was made only days before the play had it´s premiair.

The opening night was in october 1995 and it made a huge success from the start and opened in Gothenburg, with the same cast one and a half year later.

The operahouse in Gothenburg where Kristina had it´s guest performance in 1996.

1996 came the album with three CDs with the music from the musical. It received two Grammy Awards at the Swedish Grammy awards in 1996. One was given for best album and one was given two Benny Andersson for best composer. The success continued when the play finally went to Stockholm. At that time over 450 000 people had seen the play in Malmö and Gothenburg.

The hard thing was to find a suitable scene for the musical. Circus at Djurgården in Stockholm was found best, but it was too small for the scenery and the large cast so it had to be renovated for over 45 million SEK, but in February 1998 Kristina could take her first steps at Circus and was sold out the entire 1998 and had it´s finale performance on June 19th 1999.

The Cirkus Theatre, where Kristina was performed from 98/99.