December 10th A link to my swedish personal page is put on the first page.
September 20-22th New Layout with new pictures, check out the new cathegory: The Reality!

September 16th 1999 NEW PICTURES!!!!! Check out the new pictures from the finale performance on June 19th 1999. There are also now pictures of The Cirkus Theatre and The Opera house in Göteborg.
Check out the pictures on the first HOME page, The Future, The play, The Cast and The Story!

All the new pictures are taken by me or my friend Maria Lundin. (COPYRIGHT Anna F Söderström)

Links I have updated my linkpage with 10 new links on September the 15th.
The Cast Updated August 10th. What are they doing today?! Read under The Cast!

The Future Updated on August 9th 1999. I have written about the last performance of Kristina on June 19th and made some little changes in the text.

LINKS Updated on August 8th 1999. The page is still under construction.