Duvemåla-related links

The Official Homepage In Swedish with all the things you need to know about the musical. I recommend the "bildspel" which gives you a chance to listen to some of the songs from the musical.

Kristina från Duvemåla

Åsa Bergh, plays Ulrika and tells about her career and her solo-album.
The Official Åsa Bergh page

Peter Jöback, plays Robert and he is also doing a lot other things on the musical venue. You can read his discography, biography and news.
The Official Peter Jöback page

ABBA - the only official page opened a couple of months ago. Here you can read about almost everything concerning ABBA and the members of the group.
The Official ABBA-page

Private Duvemåla-related pages

Matildas page is one of the nicest on the net, it´s not an official page, even though it contains both interviews with some of the cast and articles written about the castmembers.
Matildas unofficial website about Kristina (swedish)

Tribute To Helen Sjöholm
A fan-page about Helen Sjöholm, in swedish

Linns private page about herself and Kristina.
Linns sida (swedish)

Veronikas page about herself and Kristina with some pictures from Kristina-related concerts.
Veronikas sida (swedish)

Annas page is about Kristina and also other musicals, for instance Phantom of the Opera.
Annas sida om musikaler (mostly in english)

Lottas page about herself, friends and Kristina.
Lottas sida (swedish)

Linne@s page with movietips, Kristinapages and pictures. She also has some soundclips where she plays some Kristina tunes on the piano.
Linne@s sida (swedish)

Åsas page about herself and her family and Kristina.
Åsas sida (swedish)

Jennies page with info about Niklas Andersson and pictures, in english.
Jennies page

Lias sida
Info about this and that, in Swedish

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