The Future
The Future for... Kristina från Duvemåla

Grand Finale June 19th -
Helen Sjöholm, Anders Ekborg, Björn Ulvaeus (behind the flower),
Anders Eljas (conductor) and others

The play has now had it´s final season in Stockholm, and 1,000 917 people saw it in Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm. The last performance was on June 19th, and most of the orginal cast from Malmö was playing, at least the most important roles. The Cirkus Theatre was sold out that day and Björn and Benny got standing ovations when they entered the theatre. The performace was magic and fantastic though it must have been over +30 Celsius in the arena!

Linda Ulvaeus, Ylva Nordin, Peter Jöback and others.

Fortuntaley the fans of Kristina have their hopes set on a translation of Kristina into english. Björn and Benny has said that they have now made a 25 minute tape with some songs from Kristina. The idea is to show it in Minneapolis some time in the beginning of the next century. Hopefully the musical will reach success, and it´ll bring it all the way to Broadway...

Åsa Bergh, Marianne Mörck, Benny Andersson, Tommy Juth and others.

Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson The successful couple has been working with their next musical (especially Björn), Mamma Mia, a musical based on their music from the ABBA-time. It´s performed at The Prince Edward Theatre in London. And is a real blockbuster, it is predicted to run on West End at least 6 more years, and it´s all sold out until Christmas. The idea is to tour with the musical, with a new cast around Nort America in May next year.
Björn and Benny are both also involved in the making of a new pop-song, but they don´t want to give to much away more then the fact that it is a duet for two british singer.

Want to hear music performed by the cast-members or maybe the entire Kristina-box? Here are some tips...most records are avaliable at Swedish record stores but can also be ordered over the net on some of these record stores online:

  • Kristina från Duvemåla - Den kompletta utgåvan The complete CD-box with Helen Sjöholm, Anders Ekborg, Åsa Bergh, Peter Jöback and others.
  • Från Waterloo till Duvemåla (From Waterloo to Duvemåla) A live-recording with the best of Björn and Benny with Helen Sjöholm performing together with for instance Tommy Körberg.
  • Strike up the Band - an album from the Malmoe Fire Brigade with Helen Sjöholm, Christer Nerfont and Marianne Mörck performing evergreens.
  • God Jul - Julsånger på svenska (Christmas-songs in Swedish) with Helen Sjöholm, Anders Ekborg and others.
  • Vi sjunger i natt (We are singing tonight) - the soloalbum with Åsa Bergh.
  • Personliga val (My personal choices) - the soloalbum with Peter Jöback. Peter is coming soon with his new album.