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My Tribute to the Greatest Heroes in History Hercules and Xena

I specialy tribute this part of my page to the greatest heroes in history. Hercules is the strongest being alive although my uncle Ares(the god of war)would drastically disagree. Hercules is also my uncle. And a great one at that. But mom(Aphrodite) would not always agree with me on that point. She sais that he is always ruining her fun.(I say tough for her. But don't tell her I said so, PLEASE) Xena is the Original WARRIOR PRINCESS!!! She is probably the best warrior alive.(even though some don't think so. I am talking to you Becca) Even though she is not a goddess she does not fear the gods. And I really admire that in a mortal. She also travels with her buddy gabriel. She is cute but not half the fighter that Xena is. Anyway Xena should arrive anytime but Hercules is here to talk! On with the page.
Hi everybody did I interupt anything. Well Cupid just popped in one day and said that he had a page that I should visit between battles. People have asked me why risk my life on the line every day. I think I do it for one or more reasons. One(which is probably the most popular reasons) is that I am nuts. And sometimes I do consider to be true. But I think that the true answer is that I was born with a great power, and with great power comes with great responsability. That sort of sounded like Spiderman but Oh well. And also what else would I do with this strength, construction?!!!!!!(I DON'T THINK SO) So now I will be on my way. I have places to go and people to save. See ya.(Give my regards to Cupid and Aphrodite)
Well my uncle can sometimes be a little boreing and dull, but he is a great guy. He is the strongest mortal on earth. Which is sort of weird because he the son of Zues king of the gods. Well Xena just got here to talk. Here she is XENA the warrior princess.
Hi everyone. I don't know exactly what to say. I am really not a people person. I guess there are somethings I could tell you. First thing I could say is that I have a weapon called a chackram. Princess Diana says it is a round killing thing. Which that is what it looks like.(I suppose) One thing I used to be was a pirate. That was the worst mistake of my life. I was forced to kill people in cold blood. That is probably the worst part of it. There was a lot of profit in it though. I don't want to see any of you trying that pirating stuff. Then I gotta hunt you down. I was lucky that Hercules was there for me to show me the right way to things.
That was probably the best warrior in the world that just talked. Hercules is a better fighter than she is but he has about 1000 times the strength of her. That gives him an edge over her. But still she is great. And I do owe her a lot for finding my son when he got lost with my arrows. That was a terrible hassle. Well Until next time, Cupid out.

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