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My Thoughts on Autolycus, The King of Thieves

This specific part of my page is given to The King of Thieves, the one and only Autolycus. Although I have never met him on the shows Hercules or Xena, I have kept an eye on him. We may meet on the shows but that is not for sure.(I don't want to start any untrue rumors) Well a few words will be said by Autolicus in just a few seconds. Here he is the King of Thieves.
Hi there everyone, I am the King of Thieves!!!! I think that this the first time I have been the feature attraction. Normally I try to stay unnoticed while I am "working". And when I say working I do mean thievery. But I don't think that stealing is wrong if you need it. And I need it. Thievery is in my blood basically. One time I swallowed a dinar.(money). First of all for the Xena W. P. watchers I am ten times better than the late Monlic. She said that he taught me things. The only thing he taught me was not to be like him. Notice, HE is dead and I am not!!! Nough said. So none of that Great Monlic talk. Got it! Sorry got carried away. I am not considered a wise man. A cunning and tricky man yes, but not wise. But, in my traveles I have learned a few things, like how to trick someone to think you are tough. First always have someone near by who is on your side and who knows how to fight big people.(Like Hercules or Xena) And most importantly never back off. And I have picked up a wise saying. Yes, you see a woman's chastity is like a new hat, it's a beautiful thing that's going to kill me.(what ever that meens?!!!) And last but not least a master thief never gets caught.(But, if you do always have a handy lock pick with you) Well that's all I can say without revealing to many secrets. And always remember you're only as wealthy as how much you take.
That was the King of thieves. I noticed he can talk a bit strange sometimes, but what he knows could make the criminal mind boggel. I heard a rumor on Olympus that he could become the god of thieves. Who knows?!!!

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