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Cupid's Page on Anything

Yo dudes, What up. I am Cupid helper to the Goddess of Love who I have the privilage to call mom. Her name is Aphrodite. Even though I am a full god I couldn't get a huge temple. That is majorly unfair!!! You will see that in this page I will peer into the little lives of mortals.(and some gods) And I would like to thank my enturpreter Danny Brown since there are no computers on Olympus. And Danny will soon make improvement's on my page for me. Well I am very busy. As Aphrodite would say How easy do you think it is to keep the world in bed and out of trouble. And if anyone really took the liberty of reading this whole thing I would like to beg anyone to sign my guestbook and let me know what you think. PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSE. So till next time Cupid out. And always remember Today will be Yesterday, Tomorrow.

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