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Crimeweb Collectibles

This site offers rare and unique crime and law enforcement memorabilia for the serious collector. These are a few of the items available. If you are interested in any, please e-mail me.Make me an offer I can't refuse.

The Tri-State Terror, The Life and Crimes of Wilbur Underhill, by R. D. Morgan, is now available. It can be obtained at or by calling New Forums Press at 1-800-606-3766. The book is extremely well-researched and is absolutely one of the best Depression-era outlaw books published in recent years.

Items Available

Wanted For Payroll Stickup (1925) Denver, Colorado
Wanted For Murder: (1922) Marysville, California
Wanted For Murder: NYPD (1936)
Wanted For Murder: (1934) San Diego, California
Wanted For Murder: NYPD (1936)
Wanted For Murder: NYPD (1929)
Wanted For Murder: (1940) Kansas City, Missouri
Wanted For Murder: (1913) Chicago
Wanted For Bank Robbery And Breaking Jail (1926) Oklahoma
Wanted For Murder: (1932) Newark, New Jersey
Wanted For Bank Robbery: (1938) New York
Wanted For Robbery: (1912) Chicago
Wanted Poster: Train Robbers (1916) Michigan Central R.R.
Wanted For Murder: (1930) Minnesota
Wanted For Murder of Prohibition Agent: (1930) New Jersey (SOLD)
Wanted For Desertion: (1913) Colorado
Wanted For Bank Robbery: (1930) St. Paul, Minnesota
Wanted For Murder: NYPD (1916)
Escaped Convict: (1912) Canon City, Colorado
Wanted Poster: Wanted For Murder (1925) Stockton, California
Wanted For Murder: (1924) Mineola, New York
Wanted For Hijacking Liquor: (1940) Hartford Fire Insurance Company
Wanted For Murder: (1929) Detroit, Michigan
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