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Close Encounters

The first three ( 3 ) Close Encounter classifications were originally devised by Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
The latter two ( 2 ) came about some time later as a result of increased research & study.

Close Encounters of the First Kind are the simplest of the classified encounters.
CE-I, a visual sighting where a UFO is witnessed within 400' or less.
#1.    An  unidentified "Daylight Disc" exhibiting unnatural flight characteristics.
#2.    An unidentified "Nocturnal Light" exhibiting unnatural flight characteristics.
Close Encounters of the Second Kind are similar to the first classification except that CE-II cases also exhibit physical trace evidence.
CE-II, UFO leaves physical evidence of its presence in the environment "on both animate & inanimate material," such as damaged vegetation, frightened animals, disabled or impaired technology, or UFO crashes. Genuine pictures & video tape footage of UFOs are also considered CE-II materials.
#1.   UFO crash,  July 5, 1947 - San Agustin, New Mexico 
#2.    UFO crash, July 4, 1947 - Roswell, New Mexico 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind may include one or both of the first two classifications but also involve sightings of alien life forms.
CE-III, "occupants are reported in or about the UFO." Non-human creatures of some sort are associated with the craft in question.
#1.    April 24, 1964 - Deputy Marshal Lonnie Zamora - Socorro, New Mexico
#2.    December 2, 1987 - Ed & Frances Walters - Gulf Breeze, Florida
#3.    August 25, 1955 - Bill Taylor, Lucky Sutton & family - Hopkinsville ( Kelly ), Kentucky
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind involve immediate human contact with non-human, alien beings & transportation.
CE-IV, the real experience of human to alien contact whereas transportation actually takes place, often referred to as alien abduction. The concept of "missing time" is often related by the abductee where the period of time during which the abduction  took place cannot be consciously accounted for - it is in effect, stolen.
#1.   November 5, 1975 - Travis Walton - Heber, Arizona
#2.    September 19, 1961 - Betty & Barney Hill - Lancaster, New Hampshire
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind involve intentional communication between human beings & non-human, alien beings.
CE-V, humans deliberately attempt to communicate & make contact with a sighted UFO or Unidentified Biological Entity ( UBI ) resulting in a relatively immediate response from the UFO/UBI whereas the response is understood to be a reply & not mere chance or coincidence.
#1.    May 20, 1967 - Steven Michalak, Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada
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