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Michael Owen-my hero

Michael Owen is the greatest soccer players of all times!!Some info on him:

Name: Michael James Owen

Birthdate: December 14, 1979

Born: Chester

Team: Liverpool FC

Postion: Striker

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 70 kg

Jersey#: 10

Michael was selected for his first football team when he was eleven years old. It was his Under-11s school side which was in the Deeside Primary Schools league. He played against boys much older and bigger than him. He displayed incredible ability that would attract the scouts from the professional clubs to Wales to look for themselves. At the age of 11 he re-wrote the goalscoring record books for Deeside Primary School when he scored 79 goals. The previous record was held by future Anfield legend Ian Rush, who scored 72 goals 20 years previously.

In 1991, his goalscoring exploits brought him an invitation to join the FA School of Excellence at lileshall, and once again he rose to the occasion by creating a new goalscoring record for the England Under-15s team. In fact, scored on his debut for the Under-15s, -16s, -17s, -18s and -21s.

Liverpool knew they had something special on their hands. On Dec. 14/96, Michael signed a professional contract; it was his 17th birthday.

Injuries and Owen's goalscoring in Liverpool youth reserve teams forced Evans' hand thought, and on May 6/97, he was named as a substitute for the Liverpool away game at Wimbledon. Liverpool were desperate for a result as Manchester United were at the top of the Premiership. The Anfield club lost 2-1, but Owen came on as a substitute and, showing poise and authority, ran on to a through ball to slot home Liverpool's goal. The shot was simple but devastating. The ice-cool composure that Owen had displayed during his goalscoring exploits in junior teams, has now been translated to the Premiership.

He also likes to play golf when he's not on the field.He grew up in Hawarden with Terry + Jeanette(parents), Terry + Andrew(brothers), Karen + Lesley(sisters), and dog Bomber.He is the greatest s ccer player ever.Owen said about his love : "I Love Louise and we are both very happy together. I'monly 18 and I have hot intention of getting married. I wouldn't even consider anything as serious as that in atleast another 5 years or so. "I just want to be able to relax away from the media," Owen said. "It was my most important goal, but I scored a better goal when I was playing for England's schoolboys," Owen said modestly after England lost the penalty . Back in the comfort of his Hawarden home after playing a 9-hole round of golf with his father,Michael spoke exclusively to the Daily Post about his mixed feelings about being back home. "I am obviously delighted to be home and able to relax but I would prefer it if I was still out there." Asked about how he felt about all the attention he was receiving at just 18, he simply said: "It's great." Owen said: "It is a shame we did not stay out there longer but it is nice to be home." After being welcomed home by his family he drove to his see his girlfriend, Louise, who lives just a few roads away, before returning to spend his first evening back in the UK with his parents. Owen concluded:" My time has not yet come. I want to keep on scoring goals and stay away from newspaper articles and the media which will destroy my football. Family Members : Father : Terry Mother : Jeanette Brothers :Brothers: Terry(28) , Andrew(27) sisters : Sisters: Karen(22) , Lesley(14) Girlfriend : Louise Bonsall (17) Pets:Dog - Bomber (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) Home : Hawarden FIRST JOB: £42.50 a week as YTS apprentice. AGENT: Tony Stephens. Owen is living in a happy family with father,mother,elder brothers , sisters and a dog. His father ,Terry Owen , was a footabller. He provides football training for Michael . As a result ,Michael becomes a superstar. Mrs Owen said she is very proud of her son. In spare-times,Michael would like playing golf with his father.He is also talented in golf.(if he is not a footballer ,will he be the next Tiger Woods ?!) Also,Michael will spend times with his girlfriend ,Louise Bonsall, who lives just a few roads away from Owen's house. .They know each other when they were very young. Feel like that Michael and Louise just like the movie "Melody Fair". Michael Owen has no night life."He won't go out drinking ,"Mrs Owen said that. He tries his best to escape from the media. He wants to go abroad with his family and his girlfriend to have a holiday!

23-May-2000. Michael reassured Kevin Keegan that he is fully fit and can't wait to play for England in the Euro 2000 Championships. Speaking at the England press conference yesterday, Michael told reporters that he saw his German specialist last week and was advised that his hamstring is fully healed. He said: “I have seen a specialist and he has told me I am completely fit. That’s the kind of news you want to hear just before a major championship. “I could understand the fuss if I had missed the last two matches with injury but I haven’t missed more than three games in a row and played in 30-odd games. I’m fresh and just looking forward to playing.” In fact, Michael believes he couldn't be in better shape for Euro 2000. "I don't see any risk." He said: "I could not think of any better preparation. I have played 30 games this season, not 50 like some people or even 60, and from a selfish point of view for England that is probably better for playing in these championships. It's not as if I've been sitting around losing my fitness all year." But, he did admit he has been worried at times and it has taken him a while to get over it. He said: "I had never been injured before this past year and the psychological side has probably been the worst thing. It also doesn't help when you've had a few niggles since that because, as it was your first injury, you think `is it right?' "When I came back after my first injury I was a nervous wreck. But when you play a few games you get a bit more confident. I have played the past 10 games and have felt more and more confident each time. Every training session and game that I take part in, I think to myself `brilliant, you got through that, no problems'." he added. Kevin Keegan was equally optimistic about Michael's fitness and said: “There is absolutely no problem with Michael. I know everyone has a different opinion of how fit he is, but what I see is one very sharp lad. He looks very bright. His pace is electric.”

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