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What's New

. . . aka something to keep Jess from forgetting what changes she made . . .


This page was last updated August 11, 2008

August 11, 2008: Well, so far I've added a new link in the Links section: Doomed Romance. This is a wonderful collection of L&A pairings by Michelle for the adult fans hint hint. Go on, go see it!

Otherwise I've been adding to the Characters and Hall of Shame sections for the past few months. . . . I need to get back to working on those. We've moved in the past month (will be needing to move again soon) and have also started a new job so that's taken up most of my time. :/

March 3, 2007: I posted a new story -- a songfic to be exact! I really don't know what a songfic entails to be quite honest, so hopefully it looks decent enough. You can find it in the library under Songfic: "I Would Die For You"

January 15, 2007: Why hello there once again! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's. I finally have something new to report, believe it or not. ^^

For one: a whole new section! It is in the works currently but should be added to significantly by the end of this week (as long as time allows). What is it? The Robeast Hall of Shame, dedicated to all those robeasts who have fallen.

Other new items worthy of mention: I've made yet another round of editing on Dancing on Dark Water -- and I plan on doing a good deal more plot editing this month if I can handle it. If all goes extremely well, you might even see a new chapter or two!! Apparently having gone from a 19 hr semester to a 16 has left me with far too much time on my hands, especially while trapped in the house due to multiple ice storms.

July 12, 2006: The Info page now has another working section: Doom. I'm still hoping to eventually replace all current character pictures with my own creations, but for now I have pictures found on the web (two of which I credit Cheezey for). Le sigh. I need to get more active creatively again.

July 3, 2006: As mentioned on the main page, Lennie Weinrib, who voiced Prince Lotor and Hunk among many others passed away in June. He'll always be remembered by the fans.

All links on the Links page have been checked for working order and those broken have been fixed.

May 18, 2006: Edited chapters of Dancing on Dark Water are finally posted. You'll find them in the usual spot in the Library. The guestbook's look has also recently been changed.

Apparently one of my next tasks should be to fix the broken links in the Links section. I'm hoping that many of the pages have simply changed addresses, and not simply disappeared altogether.

February 10, 2006: WHOO! Castle Doom has won an award from Cheezey's wonderful Cossack's Tour of Planet Doom! It's nice to have an award after such a long time. In any case, go visit Cheezey's site! A lot of fun material to keep you occupied -- and it's Doom based too. :)

February 3, 2006: I'm hoping to make a couple of other updates later tonight if I get the chance, but as of right now the only real change I've made has been fixing the link to A Prince and a Gentleman. I don't know if I'll get to it tonight or not, but I do plan on making at least one or two of the information pages available in their new format in the near future. The completion of that particular project has taken a great deal longer than I anticipated. I wanted to include more or less every character, major or minor, and to have a screen cap for each of my own; possibly even a sketch instead. . . . Yeah. Lengthy project to say the least.

The Info page is back up. There are currently only two areas open for viewing (Arus and Voltron: The Robots) but the rest should hopefully be up sooner or later.

March 22, 2005: I finally decided that there was just too much on this page. All former updates have been removed (obviously), but if for whatever reason you'd like to see the old additions, here's the link to the Update Archive.

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