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Well, as the above states, this page is currently under construction. Hopefully, I'll have something written here soon enough. Yes, if you had happened onto this page at an earlier time, there would have been information here, but I grew tired of the old babble. So . . . you get new babble. Eventually. :) As well as a face lift for the page (I hope).

Chances are, that if you have ever happened upon a Voltron episode that includes Prince Lotor, you most likely already know what the Prince's obsession is. What am I talking about? Well, Prince Lotor's obsession is Princess Allura, of course.

Now, the question is this: Is Allura an obsession because Lotor simply wants to possess her, or does he love her? Or both, perhaps? What do I think? Well, it seems to me that Lotor was set on aquiring the princess at first, but later, for whatever reason, he begins to develop feelings for her. Strong enough feelings, as a matter of fact, that he is even willing to risk his own life at the hands of his father in order to protect her and eventually woo her.

Example number one:
It's Keith's birthday and Arus is celebrating as one would expect. Now, I haven't seen the episode for a number of years, and frankly, I don't know if I have it on tape so I'm going to skip around here a bit. Basically, the whole of Castle Arus is busy with the celebration and somewhere along the line, Queen Merla attempts to kill Princess Allura through means of poison (Merla jealous of Allura at this point, fearing that her engagement with Lotor won't hold out much longer if the princess still lives). Keith comes to this abandoned house and someone is waiting for him inside. That someone is none other than Prince Lotor, having snuck onto the planet without Merla or his father's knowhow. He warns Keith of the poison and Keith races back to the castle in time to stop anyone from drinking the poison. Later on, Lotor and Merla are seen talking together somewhere on Arus, and Lotor basically says that he has no desire to marry her. So, Merla returns her engagement bracelett (what Lotor was thinking on that one I don't know) and they go their separate ways. Unfortunately for Lotor, Keith doesn't admit that he had any outside information so his good deed goes unnoticed.

Example two:
The strongest evidence that Lotor has real feelings for Allura comes about in the second season of Voltron when Merla first appears (this one I saved for last due to the strength of the support). Merla takes Allura captive and Lotor shows up for his own reasons. But Lotor had no idea what Merla had in mind for Allura. Instead of simply taking Allura captive, Merla puts her in her Cosmatron which inflicts unimaginable pain. After only two or three seconds, Merla finds Lotor's sword pressed against her throat. Lotor demands that Allura be taken out of the machine and as an answer, Merla attempts to use her mental powers to move Lotor away from her. Unlike past attempts, this time Lotor easily overcomes her suggestions. She turns off the machine in dumbfoundment and watches as Lotor hurries over to the machine and catches the fainting princess in his arms. The only explaination Lotor offers is, "My love is greater than your power." At that, he carries Allura to another room and lays her down. The only irritating part about this episode, is that he leaves after that. Just up and leaves Allura with Merla after all of that. Ugh . . .