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Welcome to the links page! I know, I know, I say the page is entirely from Doom's point of view, but I will list some "none-Doomite" links here also. . . . Don't give me that look Cossack.

Cossack: What look?

Jessie: rolls eyes. That look that says, 'I'm telling Zarkon that there's a tratior in the castle.' I am NOT a tratior!

Cossack: looks around the room hurridly Oh, sorry.

(Moderator note: If anyone knows what happened to SC's list of links, let me know. . . .Please? Also, this is by no means an extensive list -- it's not meant to be.)

First of All...


A Prince and A Gentleman - Another must see as far as Lotor fanfiction goes. So many excellent stories that go indepth on Lotor's personality and origins. Heh. A new find for me thanks to a message in my Guestbook (^_^) and one I'm going to be looking at for quite some time. Check out the Library for some of these wonderful works!
Moderator: KK60 and AK47

Zarkon's Locus (Reyk's Retro Reel Review)- Whee! Another worthy Doom site! This one a tribute moreso to Zarkon. Those of you who may not be too fond of him . . . stop by anyway! You might just change your mind about him. Very creative layout!
Moderator: Kyence

The Den of Ashkelon (formerly Planet Doom)- come see the tribute to Haggar, or as some call her, "The Shady Lady". A very interesting page with great information and tons of creativity.
Moderator: Ashkelon

Beyond Denubian (formerly Voltron: Tales From the Denubian Drive In)- Another Doom related page that involves the possiblity of a Lotor/Allura relationship through fanfiction. The entire site is based on Tamy's stories.
Moderator: Tamysan

Lotor, Prince of Doom- A very nice shrine for the Prince of Doom. A must for those who admire him. Information on the prince including some from the orginal Go-Lion series, LOTS of pictures, fanfiction, fanart, and a whole lot more.
Moderator: Equinox

Sons and Daughters of Doom- Have you ever wanted to write a story about someone from the kingdom of Doom? If so, check this place out! This site gives you a story line and YOU write stories about the Prince's family tree! Also WONDERFUL fanart and fanfiction.
Moderator: Liz

The Final Star- A new Lotor/Allura page that is very promising. Here can be found fanfiction, fanart, links, and probably much more content in the near future. :)
Moderator: Hellistis

Cossack the Terrible's Tour of Planet Doom!- I adore this page! Wonderfully witty and informative at the same time. What more could one ask for? Go take a tour!
Moderator: Cheezey, er Cossack

Doomed Romance- Fantastic L&A fanfiction for the adult fans. NOT FOR CHILDREN
Moderator: Michelle


Lions of the Cosmos- "a small shrine dedicated to the dubbed version of the '80's anime, "Hyaku Juu Oh Go-Raion (Hundred Beast King Go-Lion)," better known to us as "Voltron: Defender Of The Universe."
Moderator: ebon_drake

The Unoffical Voltron Force Homepage- Anything and everything Voltron! Here can be found everything from complete episode listings to pictures and information.
Moderator: Arus

V4: Past, Present, and Future- wonderful site for those who love fan generated material. Neat graphics and BUNCHES of fanfiction and fanart! Highly recommended!
Moderator: Mea

Stephanie's Castle of Lions- one of my favorite "good guy" sites. The fanfic is wonderful and the original layout as well.
Moderator: Lady Chani

The Narrow Path Between the Darkness and the Light- another one of my "good guy" favorites. A very good on-going fic is in residence here.
Moderator: Cherie

Shannon Muir's Voltron Pages- One of the best I've seen as far as information goes. Extremely nice layout of the page and very creative. Also, the first and only map of the Voltron Universe can be found here.
Moderator: Shannon

Voltron Sanctuary- Rivoting writing with a dark flare (my kind of stuff! Ahem.) and a beautiful layout.
Moderator: LCD

The Lion's Keep- Fanfiction, images, a nifty layout -- you name it, it's got it. ^^
Moderator: ShanShan

And finally, the most important link of all: World Event Productions, the creators of Voltron.

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