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Lynn and Gilbert Morris

Gilbert Morris

Home City and State: Gil lives in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Ph.D. English, University of Arkansas, 1968
M.S. English, Arkansas State University, 1962
B.A. English, Arkansas State University, 1958

Awards and Honors: Gold medallion finalist several times; Recipient of 5 Angel Awards (3 for Winslow series, 2 for Appomattox); won National Award for Poetry from Cloverleaf in 1978.

Family Status: Gil is married to Johnnie. They have three children: Alan, Stacy, and Valerie.

Current Employment: Gil is currently a full-time writer. He was a local pastor for a Baptist church in Arkansas from 1955-1961. Gil also was a professor at Ouchita Baptist University and at the Jimmy Swaggert Bible College.

Church Affiliation: Assembly of God

Gilbert Morris has done it again-and again-and again. The master of fiction for Christian readers has had more than 70 novels published, both for adults and young teens, as well as some 25 scholarly articles and 200 poems. Morris draws on his extensive background in developing this prolific output for readers. He spent ten years as a pastor before becoming Professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas, and he has done postgraduate work at the University of London.
Perhaps best known for the historical series House of Winslow (19 titles at this point), Morris has begun a new series about the American Revolution entitled The Liberty Bell. In Book 1, Sound the Trumpet, the beginning of the great schism leading to the formation of our nation was played out in personal conflict between individuals.
Morris writes with a clear vision of the settings and what's happening when and where, but he does not overwhelm readers with this information. He knows he's writing first and foremost a good story, and readers are caught up in the lives of characters. Along the way their interest in history is revived.
But what makes Morris so popular with Christian readers is the way he incorporates the decisions for Christ that his characters face. A pastor, now retired, Morris resists preaching to his readers and concentrates on how men and women react in a particular situation. He also knows the importance of a good ending.
Gilbert Morris and Lynn Morris are a father/daughter writing team who combine Gilbert's strength of great story plots and adventure with Lynn's research skills and character development.Together they form a powerful duo! Lynn and her daughter live near her parents on the Gulf Coast in Alabama.
Gilbert Morris spent ten years as a pastor before becoming a Professor of English at Ouachita Batpist University and earning a Ph.D. at the University of Arkansas. A prolific writer, over the past ten years he has had more than 20 novels published. His family includes three grown children, and he and his wife live in Baton Rouge, LA.

Some books by Gilbert Morris.

The House Of Winslow Series

* * * *

1.The Honorable Imposter
2.The Captive Bride
3.The Indentured Heart
4.The Gentle Rebel
5.The Saintly Buccaneer
6.The Holy Warrior
7.The Reluctant Bridegroom
8.The Last Confederate
9.The Dixie Widow
10.The Wounded Yankee
11.The Union Belle
12.The Final Adversary
13.The Crossed Sabres
14.The Valiant Gunman
15.The Gallant Outlaw
16.The Jeweled Spur
17.The Yukon Queen
18.The Rough Rider
19.The Iron Lady

The Libert Bell


1.The Sound Trumpet
2.Song in a Strange Land
3.Tread Upon The Lion

Cheney Duvall, M.D.
(with Lynn Morris)
1.The Stars For A Light
2.Shadow Of The Mountains
3.A City Not Foresaken
4.Toward The Sunrising
5.Secret Place of Thunder

Time Navigators
(For Young Teens)
1.Dangerous Voyage
2.Vanishing Clues

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