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Greetings to all. Hello, my name is David L. Stevens and like you, I stand at vigil awaiting "Ender's Game: The Movie," the movie that will be talked about and referred to for the next 20 years. Being as I can't watch the movie yet, I have created this web page that will serve as the headquarters for all Ender's Game movie updates, news and trivia. Please send all news, lawsuits and accusations to the e-mail below. "If our love is truly giving, it will be rewarded ten-fold. My only fear is that I will be blinded by the glory that is "Ender's Game: The Movie"

1/18/00: It has now been proven, this is the only place to go for Ender's Game Info.
I have so much to share. Realizing that there was a great demand for Ender's Game info, I decided, once again, to take matters into my own hands. Over the weekend I e-mailed Sean Kennelly, Chairman of Development at Fresco Pictures, to hopefully find out some information about the movie. I really was not expecting that much because I am just a simple man with a simple web page and Mr. Kennelly has many avenues to post information such as Fresco and Hatrack. Nevertheless, Mr. Kennelly was extremely generous with the information he gave me. He also said that I had permission to post it on the web page. Without, further ado, I present this info:

1.) Is there a concern at Fresco that this film will be not be made before Jake (Lloyd) becomes to old for the part (of Ender Wiggin)?
SK: There is no concern about Jake's age. If he becomes too old for the part, there will be another child actor to fill the role. Of course we want the most talented cast of child actors we can find, but we are at the mercy of a number of elements, time being one of them.
Comment: Woah. This is a big deal. It just occurred to me that Jake was already given the role. However, it would appear that he is once again, only the "front runner" and only under the right circumstances would be become Ender Wiggin!

2.) Is there any talk about rounding out the cast or signing a director?
SK: As for rounding out the cast, that won't happen nor will any actors be signed until the director comes on board. The new script has gone out to some A-list directors and we are waiting for their response. Once a "bankable" director signs on, then we'll be close to getting the film into production and the casting can begin.
Comment: Well, still looking for a director. I can live with that.

3.) Many people are curious how the battle room scenes will be done. Will there be 40 children on wires in front of a blue screen?
SK: There's been a lot of conjecture about the battle room scenes, but we plan on leaving that up to the special effects team. They know their craft and can find some innovative solutions to the challenges that the battle room will present.

4.) I know that Lloyd is playing Ender. With the recent spike in Haley Joel Osment's popularity, is he being considered for any role in the movie whatsoever?
SK: Let me re-emphasize that Jake Lloyd has not been cast as Ender (though he has expressed interest) and though he is obviously being considered, there is no agreement with him for his acting services and no roles have been cast. Most every available child actor in Hollywood will be brought in to audition for the roles in this film since it calls for a large child actor cast. So it's safe to say everyone is being considered.
Comment: The Future has not been written. Nothing is for certain. However, I am filled with a new sense of optimism.

Additional Information
Mr. Kennelly also wanted to reiterate two points.
1.) Jake Lloyd is only being considered for the role. He has NOT been cast as Ender Wiggin.
2.) Anything involving some technical aspect about the movie itself will not be decided until a director is signed.

Overall, this was a very good e-mail. I would thank Mr. Kennelly for treating this web site with far more respect that it deserves. I would like to point out that in the e-mail he sent me, it was also sent to Orson Scott Card. Also, there was a reference to my name in the e-mail. Therefore, it is remotely possible, that Mr. Card may know I exist! I guess that really is not news. Oh well. Thanks again to Fresco.

1/9/00: My first fake movie poster
For some time now, I have been taking fake Ender's Game posters wherever I could find them on the Internet. I would always cite where they came from and I thought that was okay. I sorta got the hint the other day in an e-mail that maybe I should stop doing that. Hmmm...I thought, aren't we all on the same side? Anyway, at the very top of this page you will see my very first photoshop creation. It is of course another fake movie poster but since I made it, hopefully, no one will object to it. It's pretty simple. Tagline. Lloyd. Connery as Mazer. I also just introduced Leelee Sobieski as Valentine. This was suggested to me by 'Josh H.' It is just a hope. Anyway, I know the poster is pretty amateur looking, so I would welcome any suggestions.

1/5/00: The Movie of the New Millenium
>Hello, my friends. It has been a long time since I updated 'The Eye of Ender's World'. Thanksgiving break led to finals, which led to Christmas break., which led to the 'end of days.' You know the rest. I was banking on Y2K, but I lost. Okay is here what I learned from secret agent man Ethan when he went to a Orson Scott Card book signing:
1.) Ethan recalls OSC telling him that Ender's Game: The Movie will have a budget somewhere around 75 million dollars (this certainly is not written in stone). Comment: This figure is within the interval that I expected. The movie of the new millenium can be made with this amount. I still haven't heard how they plan to do the battle room scenes.
2.) Card also shed some light on the always popular Osment-Lloyd debate.
Apparently, Card has been getting this question a lot and his comment on the whole subject was, "No studio executive is going to bet 75 million dollars on whether or not (Osment's) voice changes." Card left it open for the audience to interpret as they saw fit. According to my regression analysis and linear approximations, Lloyd is about 11 months younger than Osment. I don't know, you tell me, is that a large enough difference that voice change can be used as a justification?

Card also explained that he was blown away by his meeting with Lloyd and that his acting abilities certainly exceed what we have seen on film. Comment: It seems to me that Card believes that Osment is good at evoking sympathy and doing the 'feel sorry for me thing'. However, Card seems to think that Lloyd can do the stoic, powerful, leadership role that Osment can't do. I guess I will take Card's word for it. Let's just hope he knows something about Lloyd that I don't.
This concludes this update. Comments to ethan can be made at
BTW: The fake teaser poster was once again not made by me. The man who made this poster is a mystery.....he is known simply as Taalcon. He posted it at Fresco.

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