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Celtic Triads

Three teachers of human kind: one is event, that is from seeing and hearing; the second is intelligence, and that comes from reflection and meditation; and the third is genius, individual, a gift from the Mighty Ones.

Three words of counsel: know thy power, know thy wisdom, know thy time.

Three things between which there is great difference: what is praised and what is forgiven, what is forgiven and what is suffered, and what is suffered and what is not punished.

Three purposes for the return of souls to this world: to collect into the soul the properties of all being, to acquire knowledge of all things, to acquire the power to overcome chaos.

Three things never end: the flowering of charity, the soul, and perfect love.

Three things good as servants, bad as masters: water, fire, and wind.

There are three things without which one is not whole: a mate, a home, and a craft.

Three things which will not benefit heirs: a miser's wealth, the praise of tavern companions, and feats of sport.

Three things which prolong the lifetime of a person: the soil which rears a child, the food which nourishes a child, and play which diverts a child.

Three things one should keep always before them: their worldly duty, their conscience, and the Laws of Nature.

Three instructions not wise to believe: what a person imparts in support of what is for their own profit and success; what one imparts with hatred to another; and what a person wise in their own eyes imparts.

Three things essential for the wise to know: their gods, themselves, and the deceits of the world.

Three things of which everyone is capable, and without which nothing can be: strength of body and mind, knowledge, and love of intuitive wisdom.

Three things which may not be opposed: nature, necessity, and decay.

Three unbreathing things paid for only with breathing things: an apple tree, a hazel bush, a sacred grove.

Three manifestations of humanity: affectionate bounty; loving manner; and praiseworthy knowledge.

Three things which spring from following lawful goodness: universal love from the Wise, worldly sufficiency, and better place in the life to come.

Three marvelous deeds: to forgive a wrong done, to amend everything possible, and to refrain from injustice.

Three rewards of those who learn to temper their emotions: experience, strength, and introspection.

Three candles that illume every darkness: truth, nature, and knowledge.

Three leaderships of the happy that are only found united in those with a noble heart: being good in service, good in disposition, and good in secrecy.

There are three people accursed: they who work against the Laws of Nature without concern, they who know nothing of the Mighty Ones and do not seek to learn, and they who know much and do not share their knowledge with any other.

Three things needful to one who has done wrong: to acknowledge their wrong, to seek to be upright, and to make restitution.

Three for whom when they are alive only hatred is seen, and praise when they are dead: the peaceful wise person, the truthful teacher, and the sincere friend who rebukes.

Three kinds of contenders on the death of a powerful rich person: their detractors for their reputation, kinsmen for their goods, and worms for their carcass.

There are three uncomfortable things: a house without a mate, a chamber without food, and a body without health.

Three indignities of a woman: being garrulous, being querulous, and being slanderous.

Three indignities of a man: being quick to suspicion, being quick to anger, being slow to labor.

Three things it is best to leave alone: a strange dog, a sudden flood, and one wise in their own eyes.

Three parts to everything: He One, She One, They One in the Third.

Three things hard for a person to do completely: know themselves, conquer their appetite, and keep their secret.

Three martyrdoms without slaying: the liberality of a needy person, the innocence of a young person, and fair maintenance without wealth.


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