WWF Wrestlemania Results

Wrestlemania 2000 All-Day Coverage
Sunday, April 2nd, 2000
Live from Anaheim, CA
Hosted by Michael Cole and Ivory
Report by: Eric Loy

[Note: My cable company didn't start showing the coverage until 12:50 PM (EST), so this first part comes courtesy of 1wrestling.com]

12:00 PM (EST) - 1:00 PM (EST)

- The show opened with a great highlight package of clips from all Wrestlemanias, interspersed with sound bites from past shows. We then went to our first hosts for the day, Ivory (who was still in her robe and slippers) and Michael Cole. They are at Axxcess, which is empty, until an hour from now when they open the doors.

Then we went to Lillian Garcia and Kevin Kelly, who are at the Arrowhead Pond, which is also empty.

We then began with the history, starting with the first Wrestlemania. Michael Cole gave us the first unusual fact of the day, that the idea of Wrestlemania came to Vince while on vacation in the Caribbean. They went to an interview, where Vince McMahon talked about how risky the event was from a financial standpoint, and how people thought he was nut's. I guess he's having the last laugh now, 15 years later!

Gerald Brisco Interview
- They went to an interview with Gerald Brisco, who talked about the difficulty to convince buildings to carry the first Wrestlemania on closed-circuit TV. Howard Finkel then talked about when Vince first presented the idea of Wrestlemania to the office, and his decision to hold the event at Madison Square Garden.

Flashback: Wrestlemania I
- This led into the highlight package of the first Wrestlemania. Tons of clips, including King Kong Bundy killing S.D. Jones, the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff winning the World Tag Team Titles, and Andre The Giant slamming Big John Studd.

They went back to Cole and Ivory (who sounds like she drank too much coffee today, but looked great in a short robe), and they talked about the "Rock N' Wrestling Connection." They had more comments from Brisco, who talked about his initial doubts over bringing in celebrities.

Flashback: Wrestlemania I
- They then aired Mean Gene Okerlund's interview with Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter from Wrestlemania. We then saw extensive highlights of the Woman's title match between Lelani Kai, with the Fabulous Moolah, and Richter, where Richter regained the title by rolling through a bodypress attempt into a pin. Cole and Ivory then reminded us that Cyndi Lauper was a big star back in 1985.

- Then we had a discussion of the main event from the inaugural event, and showed a package of events leading to the big match, including news clips from that time. They even showed footage of Hulk Hogan and Mr. T hosting Saturday Night Live the night before the event.

- We went to the classic footage, with the late, great Yankees manager Billy Martin acting as guest ring announcer. Liberace came out with the Rockette's, and did their kickline. Muhammad Ali is the guest referee, with Pat Patterson as the in ring official. The late, and also great, Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura are the announcers.

- Then the bagpipes hit, and out came Rowdy Roddy Piper and "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, along with Cowboy Bob Orton. Then out came Hulk Hogan & Mr. T, with Jimmy Snuka. They came out to "Real American" which was NOT even released at this point. Looks like the WWF did some creative editing here with the sound.

- Similar to the woman's title match, we have extended highlights of the tag team match. For those that don't remember, or never saw it, Hogan pinned Orndorff after Orton accidentally hit Mr. Wonderful with his cast.

Back at the still empty Axxess, where Ivory and Michael Cole were standing between the Kane and Rock race cars. Ivory is dressed now, and her skirt is shorter than the robe was! They went to Pat Patterson, who talked about being the referee at the first event. They also had an interview to Kerwin Sifles, who was the director for the first Wrestlemania broadcast. Vince McMahon was then back, talking about the post show party, and finding out that his gamble had paid off. Vince talked about being depressed that his big moment was over, and wanting to top himself.

They then began to talk about doing Wrestlemania 2 in three markets. Vince talked about the event. The tape slowed down of Vince's interview at one point, but quickly recovered. Gerald Brisco said he thought Vince was nuts, again.

Flashback: Wrestlemania II
- The highlight package for Wrestlemania 2 then aired. They showed a clip of Ray Charles singing "America, The Beautiful" in New York, and the video package of historical monuments and leaders that had accompanied him. The New York hosts were Vince McMahon and Susan St. James. They reviewed the ton of celebrities, but aired little match footage of the New York event.

- Then it was Chicago, with the NFL/WWF battle royal. I wonder if Vince will let his XFL players go at it in a battle royal. Gorilla Monsoon and Cathy Lee Crosby were the hosts. Andre The Giant won the battle royal. No other clips from the Chicago show was aired.

- They went to Los Angeles, and aired an even quicker clip package. Definitely not as in-depth as the coverage of the first Wrestlemania.

Fabulous Moolah Interview
- Ivory and Michael Cole then interviewed the Fabulous Moolah, who talked about working for Vince McMahon Sr., and the old territories.

Flashback: Wrestlemania II
- They then aired Moolah's victory over Velvet McIntyre at Wrestlemania 2 in Chicago, complete. Moolah got the pin when Velvet missed a second rope splash, even though Velvet had her foot on the ropes.

Back to Cole, Ivory and Moolah. Moolah talked about being one of the few women on the road in the old days. She talked about wrestling two matches (a handicap and 2/3 falls bout) for five dollars, then having to spend 3 on transportation and 1 on her license. She said things got much better working for the McMahons.

Flashback: Wrestlemania II
- We then had a history package on George "The Animal" Steele's infatuation with Elizabeth. She was hot then, and she's hot now. This was followed with extensive highlights of Randy Savage beating Steele at Wrestlemania 2, successfully defending the Intercontinental title. It should be noted that Steele actually kicked out of Savage's flying elbow during the match, but was pinned when Savage used the ropes for leverage.

Cole and Ivory explained how Wrestlemania 2 was one of the first big Pay-per-view events.

Flashback: Wrestlemania II
- Then we went to the history behind the Mr. T-Roddy Piper boxing match. Then it was extensive highlights of the fight, where Mr. T had Joe Frazier in his corner, and Roddy Piper had Lou Duva in his. Roddy Piper was disqualified for hitting the referee and bodyslamming Mr. T in round 4. We also saw the post match melee with the seconds.

1:00 PM (EST) - 2:00 PM (EST)

Howard Finkel Interview
- Howard Finkel was interviewed, and talked about Wrestlemania 3's attendance. He said he was proud of Vince achieving that moment.

Vince McMahon Interview
- Vince said that he was proud of Andre The Giant, Wrestlemania 3, and Hulk Hogan for the whole event. He said he wanted to give the 93,000 at that show the best he could. He said he wished his dad would have been there, because he would have been proud of his son. Vince is getting a tear in his eye talking about his father; understandably so. He said he felt that his father was there with him

Flashback: Wrestlemania III
- Vince McMahon is shown introducing Aretha Franklin preforming "America, The Beautiful" at Wrestlemania III, in one of the great WM moments, in my opinion, in front of the 93 some odd thousandin attendance.

Back at Axxess, Ivory and Cole are talking about the proud moment for Vince, being WM3. They go to Kevin Kelly and Linda McMahon at the Arrowhead Pond.

Linda said that he was equally as proud as Vince for being a part of the huge Wrestlemania III show. She said that Aretha was having problems getting to the building because of her immense popularity and the immense attendance. Linda then said she was thrilled and privledged to be a part of the main event at tonight's Wrestlemania. She said she is putting her money on Mick Foley to win tonight. Kelly and Linda then talk about the McMahons being the "most dysfunctional family on television."

Kelly then cuts back to Cole and Ivory at Axxess, where fans are starting to fill-in at the event. Cole then went to some clips of the Savage/Ricky Steamboat feud, leading up to the legendary match at Wrestlemania III.

Flashback: Wrestlemania III
- This match was for the Intercontinental title, pitting the champion Randy Savage against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Steamboat cut an interview before the match, saying he wanted to scorch the body of the Macho Man. Steamboat came to the ring with George "The Animal" Steele in his corner. Steamboat controlled the match early with a number of arm drags and armbreaker maneuvers. The match then continued to go back and forth between the two competitors. The crowd is really into this match. Steamboat continued to use his classic small packages, school boys, and other pinfall maneuvers. Savage throws Steamboat into the referee, knocking him out. Savage hit the elbow drop, but the referee is still out. Savage goes to the outside to get the bell, but Steele takes it from him. Savage takes it back, but Steele knocks him off the top rope. Steamboat capitilizes with a school boy to win the match and the Intercontinental title, in what went down as one of the greatest matches of all time.

Chris Jericho Interview
- Y2J talked about the Steamboat/Savage match. He considered it one of the greatest matches of all time and said it was a great techinical match. Jericho said that he learned a lot from that match.

Michael Cole is with Stacey Pauly, who is discussing the history of the WWF action figures. She then shows us what figures will be out in the summer, which look pretty cool. A video is then shown to show us how WWF action figures are made, more specifically, the new Realscan figures. The Realscan figures are made from real pictures, and makes the most realistic figures I have ever seen.

Vince McMahon Interview
- Vince is talking about how he convinced Andre The Giant to come back to the WWF for Wrestlemania III. He said the Andre had done everything in wrestling, but he needed a suitable opponent for Hulk Hogan, since he was a monstrous babyface. Andre had just had back surgery and had no interest in returning. Vince, being the awesome salesman he is, convinced Andre that facing Hogan would be the best for the business and for himself. Andre was sold on it, and came over from England to work with Hogan.

Flashback: Wrestlemania III
- Andre The Giant came to the ring with his manager, Bobby Heenan, to face Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship. By the way, the WWF title belt looks like the WCW TV title at this time period. Hogan still has some hair on the top of his head at this time, heh. Hogan hulks up while in a bearhug by Andre and breaks the hold. Hogan goes for a shoulderblock, but on the third try gets clotheslined down. The match went to the outside, where Hogan tried to piledrive Andre on the floor, but gets back body dropped. Hogan knocks Andre down with a monstrous clothesline. Hogan hulks up once again, while the big man is reeling. Hogan powerslammed Andre and hit the big leg-drop to win the match.

Kerwin Silfees Interview
- Kerwin Silfees is a television writer for the WWF and talked about the genius behind the booking of Hogan vs. Andre. Silfees said that Andre said that he was very proud of the match, and felt that he put those 93,000 people in the arena.

Pat Patterson Interview
- Patterson said that during the main event, he crawled out to ringside to watch the match, to get the feeling of it.

Ivory is back at WWF Axxess, where she tried to put her hand in an actual mold of Andre The Giant's hand. She then went to a tribute video for Andre.

Tribute: Andre The Giant
- Video clips in this tribute included Andre appearing on several TV shows, and being interviewed by a very young Vince McMahon. The 8th Wonder of the World made his impact on the wrestling world that will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Andre.

Michael Cole and Ivory are interviewing Hillbilly Jim, a person who helps the WWF in making their home videos, and a former WWF wrestler. Jim talked about how nice a person Andre was and was a great man. Hillbilly Jim was at Wrestlemania III and said it was a rush to be a part of that show, because it was a phenomenal atmosphere to be a part of.

Flashback: Wrestlemania III
- Hillbilly Jim and two midgets took on King Kong Bundy and two midgets in a six man tag team match at Wrestlemania III. Bundy gets tagged in against one of the midgets, but Hillbilly Jim got tagged in to prevent the midget from getting stepped on. Bundy was disqualified for beating up one of the midgets. All of the midgets got mad at Bundy and stayed with Hillbilly Jim, while Bundy left alone.

Hillbilly Jim talked about the match with Cole and Ivory afterwards, and plugged all the WWF home videos.

Pat Patterson Interview
- Patterson said that when he traveled around after Wrestlemania III, everywhere he looked he saw Wrestlemania hats and shirts, because people from all around came to it.

2:00 PM (EST) - 3:00 PM (EST)

The Rock Interview
- The Rock gave his thoughts on what he thought Wrestlemania was all about. He said it was the king of all shows.

The Kat Interview
- The Kat was interviewed by Lillian Garcia. Kat mainly said that she was going to win the Kat Fight against Terri Runnels tonight.

A video package was shown of everything that is going on at WWF Axxess. Val Venis, Kane, Steve Austin, Big Show, The Rock, and Shawn Michaels were all shown signing interviews and giving their comments on this entire weekend. Taka and Hardcore Holly were having a match in the Crunch 'n' Munch arena during this time.

Basil DeVito Interview
- WWF front office man, Basil DeVito was telling the story of how he got the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, NJ to host Wrestlemania 4.

Flashback: Wrestlemania IV
- A video package was shown of clips from Wrestlemania IV, including the WWF Championship tournament, Vanna White and Donald Trump being there, and the classic moment of Andre The Giant choking Bob Uecker.

After the clips, DeVito continued to give his stories of Wrestlemania IV.

Flashback: Wrestlemania IV
- This flashback was all from the WWF Title tournament. Ted DiBiase defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the first round; Don Muraco defeated Dino Bravo in the first round; Greg Valentine defeated Ricky Steamboat in the first round; Randy Savage defeated Butch Reed in the first round; One Man Gang defeated Bam Bam Bigelow; and Rick Rude and Jake Roberts went to a draw, so both men were eliminated from the tournament. In the second round action, Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant were both eliminated via a DQ [both had first round byes]; Ted DiBiase defeated Don Muraco; Randy Savage defeated Greg Valentine; One Man Gang got an automatic bye to the semifinals because of the Rude/Roberts draw. In semifinal action, Ted DiBiase got an automatic bye to the final because of the Hogan/Andre double DQ; Randy Savage defeated One Man Gang to advance to the final. In the final, Randy Savage captured the WWF Championship by defeating Ted DiBiase.

We then returned to Axxess with Ivory [sporting her wrestling outfit] and Michael Cole. They then begin talking about Wrestlemania V, which was held in the same place as Wrestlemania IV in Atlantic City.

Flashback: Wrestlemania V
- Run DMC sang at this show, and it was in the background of clips for Wrestlemania V. Some clips shown include Randy Savage, Piper's Pit, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Ted DiBiase and more.

The video of Run DMC's "The Kings" from the WWF Aggression CD was played.

Michael Cole then talked about the debuts of Shawn Michaels and Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania V. Brother Love (Bruce Pritchard) was then interviewed by Michael Cole and Ivory. Pritchard talked about the Piper's Pit experience with Piper and Morton Downey, Jr at Wrestlemania V. Pritchard talked about HBK and Boss Man being at the Wrestlemania, and marked out for HBK.

Flashback: Wrestlemania V
- Andre The Giant took on Jake "The Snake" Roberts, with Big John Studd as the special guest referee. Jake Roberts ended up winning the match by disqualification.

Michael Cole and Bruce Pritchard talked about the Jake Roberts character, and how it started. Pritchard said that people like Andre and Bobby Heenan didn't care for the snake being carried around, because Heenan is deathly afraid of snakes. Pritchard told a story of when he was DDTed by Roberts, and he ripped his clothing off and put the snake down his pants.

Flashback: Wrestlemania V
- This match was for the Intercontinental title, pitting the challenger Rick Rude, with his manager Bobby Heenan, facing off against the champion, the Ultimate Warrior. Rude is wearing his classic trunks with the IC title drawn on them. Steve Blackman should be taking notes on this match; maybe he can get some charisma from Warrior in this match. Bobby Heenan held on to the Warrior's legs while Rick Rude pinned him to win the Intercontinental title.

Cole, Ivory, and Pritchard talk about the legacy of Wrestlemania. Many consider it the "Super Bowl of Wrestling," but Pritchard feels that it is even bigger than the Super Bowl. They then cut to the arena, where people are setting up getting ready for Wrestlemania. Pritchard does his classic "I lovvvve youuuuu" line, when he was Brother Love, to close out the interview.

Flashback: The Mega-Powers
- After Wrestlemania IV, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage formed the Mega-Powers, and in turn, had one of the greatest feuds of all time, including Miss Elizabeth in it. Hogan said that Savage was jealous of him, and was upset that Miss Elizabeth was getting put in the middle of everything.

Flashback: Wrestlemania V
- This match was for the WWF Championship: Randy Savage defending his title against Hulk Hogan. Savage has held the title since Wrestlemania IV at this point. Elizabeth went over to help Savage but he almost hit her because he didn't want any help. Savage busted Hogan open and continued to work on busting open his face. Savage shoved Elizabeth away from ringside, and the referee threw her out. Savage hit the big elbow on Hogan, but Hogan kicked out, and in turn, hulked up. Hogan hit the big boot and the leg-drop to win the WWF Championship, yet again.

Michael Cole praised Hulk Hogan for his ability, and went to Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon Interview
- Vince said that Hogan had a ton of charisma, but little athletic talent (ha!). Vince then talked about Hogan leaving the WWF to film Rocky, with Sylvester Stallone. He credited that movie appearance as putting Hogan on the mainstream map, and put the WWF over. He then discussed Hogan going to Minneapolis to work on his character and mic skills. He then brought the Hulk Hogan character back to the WWF.

3:00 PM (EST) - 4:00 PM (EST)

The Godfather Interview
- Like many other WWF superstars have done through out the show so far, The Godfather gave his comments on what Wrestlemania is about. He said that he is very proud to be a part of thr WWF and to be in this year's Wrestlemania.

Chris Jericho Interview
- Chris Jericho once again told us how much being in the WWF and going to Wrestlemania meant to him.

Ivory was inside of one of the WWF production trucks; and there are three trucks there today. The people in the truck did a pyro test for her, which looked pretty cool.

Pat Patterson Interview
- Patterson talked about Wrestlemania VI at the Skydome in Toronto, Canada. The person who sang the National Anthem, Robert Goulet, needed the words to "O, Canada" on the wall so he could sing them.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VI
- The attendance for this show at the Skydome in Toronto was 67,678, which was the second highest of all time. Edge and Christian were interviewed. They talked about the Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan match, and how their mother had bought them tickets to the show so they could see it. WWF showed a crowd shot of Edge in the crowd, wearing his Hogan shirt.

Back at Axxess, Ivory was beating the crap out of Michael Cole in the ring with a camel clutch.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VI
- Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire took on Randy Savage and Sherri Martel at Wrestlemania VI in the first ever mixed tag team match. Rhodes introduced Elizabeth down to the ring, saying she was on their team. She played an important part in the match, shoving Sherri into Sapphire, who schoolboyed her for the pin.

Back at Axxess, a fan had Michael Cole in the Walls of Jericho, while Ivory cheered him on.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VI
- Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Championship was the main event at Wrestlemania VI. The match went back and forth through out, with both men getting huge face pops. Hulk Hogan went for the leg-drop, but missed, and Warrior hit a splash for the win, to win the title. Hogan gave Warrior the belt afterwards.

Vince McMahon Interview
- Vince talked about Hogan "passing the torch" to the Warrior, but said that he never really did pass the torch.

Back at Axxess, Michael Cole and Ivory are talking about Wrestlemania VII, and what was going on in the world then, with the Iraq/U.S. confrontation.

Flashback: Sgt. Slaugher vs. Hulk Hogan
- A video package was shown of the Sgt. Slaugher/Hulk Hogan confrontations leading up to the match at Wrestlemania VII for the WWF Championship.

Sgt. Slaugher Interview
- Former WWF Champion, Sgt. Slaugher was being interviewed by Michael Cole and Ivory. The Sgt. Slaugher/Iraq turn was an idea by Vince McMahon to make wrestling "more real." Slaugher said that during this time, he had received death threats and people wouldn't serve him at restaurants. Vince sent armed guards to his house during this time as well.

Road Dogg Interview
- Road Dogg said that he held some animosity against the WWF for using the angle with Sgt. Slaughter, because he was fighting in Desert Storm, and took it personally.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VII
- Sgt. Slaugher vs. Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship. Slaugher controlled most of the match using his size to his advantage. Slaugher had Hogan in the Camel Clutch twice, but Hogan wouldn't submit. Hogan hulked up and got out of it the second time, but Slaugher pushed him into the turnbuckles. Slaugher brought the Iraqi flag into the ring, draped it over Hogan and tried to pin him. Hogan ripped the Iraqi flag to pieces and hulked up once again. Hogan hit the big boot and the leg-drop to win the WWF Title at Wrestlemania .. again!

After the match, Cole said to Slaugher that he said that his match against Hogan was his favorite Wrestlemania moment of all-time.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VII
- Career Match: Macho King Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior. Elizabeth was in the crowd fo this match. Sherri tried to interfere, but accidently nailed Savage. Savage hit the elbow drop once, and went up top and hit it again. Feeling greedy, he hit a third, fourth, and fifth time, but the Warrior kicked out on the fifth one. Warrior hit his Gorilla Press Slam, but Savage kicked out. The match went to the outside, where Warrior took control. Back in the ring, the Warrior hit countless shoulderblocks and pinned Savage, forcing him to retire. Sherri is pissed and gets in the ring afterwards and beats up Savage. Elizabeth came into the ring to help get Sherri out of the ring. Elizabeth and Savage embrace after the match, getting tears from the members of the crowd.

4:00 PM (EST) - 5:00 PM (EST)

Mick Foley Interview
- Mick Foley was talking about his all-time favorite Wrestlemania moments. He enjoyed the Dumpster match with Terry Funk against the New Age Outlaws, and hopes to walk out with the WWF Title tonight.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VIII
- Video clips were shown from the Wrestlemania VIII extranaganza, including the Tito Santana vs. Shawn Michaels match, Roddy Piper vs. Bret Hart, Undertaker vs. Jake Roberts; where Undertaker tombstoned Roberts on the outside.

Michael Cole talked about WM VIII more, including the Flair/Savage match, and the Savage/Liz storyline.

Vince McMahon Interview
- Vince talked about how the camera doesn't lie; in reference to the Savage/Elizabeth relationship. It happened in real-life as well, which was what Vince was talking about the camera not lying.

Flashback: Macho Man/Elizabeth Relationship
- The love story of Savage and Elizabeth was shown through several clips, including their marriage at Summerslam 1991. Flair was scheduled to face Savage at Wrestlemania VIII, and he published photos of Elizabeth and himself, which were doctored. This upset Savage to the point where he couldn't take it anymore. Flair and his executive consultant, Mr. Perfect continued to hound Elizabeth.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VIII
- WWF Championship: Ric Flair defending against Randy Savage. Flair looks the same as he does now, except his afro is poofier now. Flair is busted open on the forehead and most of his hair is red. Savage hits the elbow drop, but Mr. Perfect pulls him out of the ring. Mr. Perfect threw a chain to Flair, and he walloped Savage with it, but he kicked out at two. Perfect then hit Savage with a chair while Flair had the referee distracted. Miss Elizabeth makes her way down to the ringside area, while Flair still attacks Savage's legs. Flair gets Savage in the Figure-4, but Savage reverses it. In classic Heenan style, he tries to say Elizabeth and Flair are in cahoots. Savage hits a school boy and wins the title. After the match, Flair kissed Elizabeth, but she slapped him and Savage savagely attacked him.

Flashback: Wrestlemania VIII
- Sid Justice vs. Hulk Hogan. Sid gave Hogan the nastiest powerbomb I have ever seen, and Hogan kicks out at two and hulks up. Hogan hits a big boot, powerslams him, and hits the big boot, but Sid kicked out at two. Hogan picks up Harvey Whippleman (Sid's manager) and throws him onto Sid. Papa Shango (Godfather) comes out and attacks Hulk Hogan. Ultimate Warrior comes out and attacks Shango, but Sid hit the Warrior with a chair shot. He was going for another one, but Hogan stole the chair.

Flashback: Wrestlemania IX
- This was the first Wrestlemania held outdoors, at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. This was also Jim Ross's first Wrestlemania. Most of the staff members were wearing togas, and the superstars came to the ring in style.

Jim Ross Interview
- Kevin Kelly is interviewing Jim Ross at the Arrowhead Pond, the location of Wrestlemania. Ross calls his former employer "the minor leagues" (WCW), and said he has paid his dues to reach where he is today. They talked about how Ross's first WWF appearance was in a toga. Ross said that he broke the rules by wearing underwear under his toga. Ross said that he wants Foley to win tonight in his "last" WWF match of all time.

Flashback: Wrestlemania IX
- A video package was shown with highlights from Wrestlemania IX, including Shawn Michaels winning the Intercontinental title, Hulk Hogan returning, and the Undertaker defeating Giant Gonzalez. Also at the show, Razor Ramon defeated Bob Backlund, Steiner Brothers defeated the Headshrinkers, and Doink defeated Crush.

- In one of the main event matches, Mr. Perfect battled Lex Luger. Perfect threw everything he had at him; neckbreakers, dropkicks, everything; but nothing could keep Luger down. Luger ended up pinning Perfect, and the referee did not see Perfect's legs on the ropes.

Back at the arena, Kevin Kelly and Jim Ross are discussing commentary. Ross says that it has gotten better as time has gone on.

Gerald Brisco Interview
- Brisco was talking about how athletic Yokozuna was, and still considers him a phenom in this business. He had amazing talent for a man his size.

Flashback: Wrestlemania IX
- WWF Title: Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna. Yokozuna dominated most of the match by using his size to his advantage. Hart recovered and hit a second rope bulldog on Yokozuna. It took Hart two clotheslines to take the big man down. Bret Hart hooks the Sharpshooter on Yoko, but Mr. Fuji threw powder in Hart's eyes. Yokozuna pins him to win the WWF Title, but Hulk Hogan comes down and Yoko challenges him for a match right then and there. Fuji goes to throw powder in Hogan's eyes, but hits Yoko. Hogan hits a clothesline and a leg drop to win the WWF title at a Wrestlemania .. AGAIN.

Jim Ross says that today is a special day for him, because it is the one year anniversary of his return from Bells Palsy.

5:00 PM (EST) - 6:00 PM (EST)

Flashback: Wrestlemania X
- A video package was shown recapping all the events that occured at Wrestlemania X, including the famous ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon, Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger, and Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart.

Flashback: The Road to Wrestlemania
- At the Stars & Stripes Challenge during the Summer of '94, Lex Luger bodyslammed Yokozuna, and thus earned a WWF title shot at Summerslam against Yokozuna. Lex Luger beat Yoko, but by countout, so he did not win the WWF title. The only other way that Luger would get another title shot is if he would win the Royal Rumble. Both Bret Hart and Lex Luger touched the floor on the outside, so both were declared winners. In a coin flip the next night on RAW, Luger won the cointoss, and the right to face Yokozuna first at Wrestlemania X. The winner of the Yoko/Luger match would face Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X as well for the title.

Flashback: Wrestlemania X
- In one of the top 5 greatest Wrestlemania matches ever, Owen Hart took on his brother Bret in the opener of Wrestlemania X. It was a very technically sound match, where Owen amazingly picked up the pinfall victory. [I have talked to Bret personally before, and he said the plan was for him to win, but he refused to win the match, because he wanted to put Owen over, because Bret winning would do nothing, but with Owen winning, he gets an awesome rub and can continue his rise on the WWF ladder.]

Edge & Christian Interview
- Edge said that he didn't ever think that Owen would beat Bret in the match, and he said he considers that one of the best matches he has ever seen.

Ivory and Michael Cole are talking about the Owen/Bret match now at the Arrowhead Pond. They then go to clips of the two WWF Title matches at Wrestlemania X.

Flashback: Wrestlemania X
- The first title match was Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger. Mr. Perfect (who was the guest referee) refused to count the three, as Luger had Yokozuna pinned several times. He was disqualified for touching Perfect.

- The second title match was Yokozuna defending the title against Bret Hart. Bret pulled Yoko off of the second rope while he was going for the Banzai drop, and got the pinfall to win the title.

Chris Jericho Interview
- Jericho began to talk about his favorite matches of all-time; including the Bret vs. Owen match and the Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon ladder match.

Flashback: Wrestlemania X
- The storyline going into the HBK/Razor ladder match was that HBK had been stripped of the Intercontinental title due to an injury, and Razor had won the vacant belt. HBK said that he never lost the title, so he began carrying around a fake IC title belt, claiming he was the real champion. This match was filled with high spots, and I have seen it thousands of times because I own the Wrestlemania X tape. Razor ended up winning by grabbing both the fake and real IC title belts.

Gerald Brisco Interview
- Brisco praised Vince McMahon, saying he has a niche for giving fans what they have never seen before.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XI
- Pamela Anderson was one of the featured celebrities at this mega-event. The announcement of Lawerence Taylor facing Bam Bam Bigelow was shown as well.

- In the matches, Owen Hart and Yokozuna defeated the Smoking Gunns to win the WWF Tag Team titles, Bret Hart defeated Bob Backlund in an "I Quit" match, Undertake pinned King Kong Bundy, and Razor Ramon defeating Jeff Jarrett by DQ.

Ivory and Michael Cole are discussing the popularity of Lawerence Taylor, and how great of a football player he was.

Flashback: Bam Bam Bigelow/LT Confrontation
- Lawerence Taylor was a guest of Diesel at the 1996 Royal Rumble. Bam Bam Bigelow shoved LT down. Bam Bam continued to challenge LT on RAW, and LT accepted the challenge for Wrestlemania XI.

- LT appeared on Regis and Kathy Lee, where Regis was dressed up as Bam Bam Bigelow.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XI
- Lawerence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow. This was a very stiff match, with referee Pat Patterson doing his best to control the action. Bam Bam's Million Dollar Corporation and LT's All-Pro Team got involved in the match and with eachother during the match as well. LT won the match with a stiff elbow smash off the top rope. This was the match that sent Bam Bam's career on a downward spiral.

Flashback: Diesel and Shawn Michaels
- Diesel was brought into the WWF by HBK as his bodyguard. HBK was jealous that Diesel had achieved his dream of winning the WWF title. HBK then brought in a new bodyguard, Sycho Sid.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XI
- Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel for the WWF Championship. The match went back and forth and went to the outside a lot during it. Diesel hit a nasty looking Jackknife powerbomb to retain the title.

6:00 PM (EST) - 7:00 PM (EST)

Flashback: Wrestlemania XII
- Video highlights were shown of Wrestlemania XII, including Steve Austin, HHH, Ultimate Warrior, Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Yokozuna, Goldust, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, and more.

Michael Cole and Ivory talked about the debuts of Steve Austin and Triple H. Sable came out with HHH, but no reference was made of her.

Pat Patterson Interview
- Patterson said that he knew that Austin and HHH were going to be stars in the WWF in time.

Triple H Interview
- HHH said that he was one of the young guys who was willing to take the WWF to the next level, which is an attitude you have to have to be successful.

Cole and Ivory said that HHH has been an intregral part in D-Generation X through out the years, and footage of DX's history will be shown later.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XII
- Hollywood Back Lot Brawl: Roddy Piper vs. Goldust. This match went all over, including in cars. Footage of the O.J. Simpson chase was shown, pretending that it was Piper in the car chasing after Goldust in his gold car. Piper ended winning the match in the end, once it got back into the ring.

Cole and Ivory are ringside in the Arrowhead Pong talking about the Undertaker vs. Diesel match that happened at Wrestlemania XII.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XII
- Diesel vs. The Undertaker. This was definately a battle of the big man match. Undertaker chokeslammed and tombstoned Diesel to pick up the victory.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XII
- Iron Man Match: Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. The person to get the most decisions in 60 minutes will win the WWF Championship. Both Shawn and Bret are huge babyfaces in this match. It got to the 11 minute left mark, and there were still no decisions. It got to 2:30 left and there still wasn't a decision. It got all the way down to 1:00 without a decision. Bret had Shawn in the Sharpshooter but he wouldn't submit. The time expired, and there still wasn't a decision, so Bret retained the title. Gorilla Monsoon came down and ordered the match to continue under sudden death rules until someone got a decision. HBK hit Sweet Chin Music and got the pinfall to win the WWF Championship for the first time ever.

Flashback: Slammy Awards
- Some highlights were shown from the 1997 Slammy Awards, including Sable and Undertaker both winning awards.

Flashback: Bret Hart/Steve Austin
- A timeline of events was shown of the Bret Hart/Steve Austin feud. Hart left for six months and came back to a whole new WWF. The fans cheered for the bad guys and booed the true heroes.

[Note: My cable went black at this time again, so once again thanks to 1wrestling.com for the rest of this report.]

Flashback: Wrestlemania XIII
- Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin: "I Quit" Rules, with Ken Shamrock as the special guest referee. Stone Cold Steve Austin a star. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are the announcers. Austin was a bloody mess, and the finish, where Austin refused to submit to the sharpshooter and passed out from the pain, is classic. They also showed the aftermath, where Shamrock had to pull Bret off of Austin, and Stone Cold gave a stunner to Earl Hebner and walked out of the ring on his own.

The Rock came on, and said that this was his favorite Wrestlemania match. Pat Patterson said the match made them major superstars. Back to the Pond, where Cole and Ivory were with Jerry Lawler. Lawler commented on the change in WWF Attitude, and the popularity of Steve Austin. Michael Cole pointed out how this was the beginning of the switch where typical heels became popular, and typical babyfaces became booed. Ivory said "whoopass" and gave the finger while talking about Austin.

They then talked about the Cat fight, and Lawler was hoping to see a kiss between the combatants. Lawler then made his prediction for the main event, The Rock, mainly because Vince would be in his corner. Then it was time to go into the main event of Wrestlemania 13.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XIII
- It was the Undertaker challenging Sid for the WWF World Title, with Shawn Michaels joining Vince and Lawler on commentary. They joined the match in progress, which ended when Bret Hart tried to interfere again (he had interfered earlier), Sid tried to knock him off the apron, but Bret pulled him throat first across the top rope. The Undertaker took advantage of the situation and tombstoned Sid for the pin and the title.

7:00 PM (EST) - 8:00 PM (EST)

Michael and Ivory were next to the USA production truck, which was going to be broadcasting Heat in a few moments. Then they discussed The Rock, who made his Wrestlemania 13 debut as Rocky Maivia, when he was the youngest Intercontinental champion ever, defending against the Sultan (who we now know as Rikishi Phatu, although they didn't mention it). Michael then talked about how he didn't get over as a babyface. Lot's of shooting in this thing folks.

The Rock and Pat Patterson both discussed how the Rocky Maivia thing just never got over with the crowd, and how the fans turned on him.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XIV
- Time to look at Wrestlemania 14, from Boston, with a highlight video. Remember LOD 2000 with Sunny? Seems like so long ago, and it was only two years. They interspersed a lot of fan comments in this video. Of course, they had to show Pete Rose getting tombstoned by Kane.

Ivory and Michael Cole then talked about Mike Tyson's involvement in Wrestlemania as the special referee for the World title match between Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin. They had a cool video, set to the original DX theme, of the events leading to the main event.

We then had comments from Pat Patterson about how chaotic the backstage situation was for this main event, with each guy (Austin, Michaels, Tyson) wanting to steal the show. Triple H put over how Shawn worked so hard, despite his injured back. It's hard to believe it's been two years since Shawn Michaels has wrestled, but it's true.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XIV
- An extensive highlight package of the main event from Wrestlemania 14, Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin, with Mike Tyson as the special enforcer referee, for the WWF World title was shown. This may have been the best package yet. Of course, Austin won the title with the Stone Cold Stunner after a superkick attempt by Shawn, and Tyson knocked out Shawn after the match.

They had footage of Austin and Tyson at the post Wrestlemania press conference. Then we had comments from Vince McMahon, who talked about the toll the match took on Shawn Michaels, and the breakthrough of Steve Austin. He talked about their drive to put on a great match, and their doubts if they could do it. McMahon also mentioned how professional Tyson was throughout, despite some reservations due to his being so volatile. Vince said that in the end, the fans got what they deserved.

Ivory changed clothes again, now wearing a nice red dress.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XIV
- We went to a highlight video of Kane vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 14, which was their first one-on-one match. Undertaker won this match with the Tombstone piledriver.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XV
- We then got to take a look at Shane McMahon becoming the first wrestling McMahon at a Wrestlemania, taking on X-Pac at Wrestlemania 15 last year. They interspersed highlights of the match with comments from Shane, X-Pac and the Mean Street Posse. All of the comments were done in a shoot style. Shane won the match, and retained the European title after Triple H interfered, turned on X-Pac and pedigreed him, allowing Shane to get the win. X-Pac talked about how DX had fought the storyline, since they didn't want to be broken up. Shane called the match one of the best moments of his life.

Michael Cole was then shown above the arena, looking down at the crowd.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XV
- Then they went back to Wrestlemania 15, and the Brawl-For-All match with Bart Gunn vs. Butterbean. They showed this match in it's entirety. All 90 seconds of it. Butterbean killed Bart, who is now in All Japan Pro Wrestling, wrestling as Mike Barton.

The Rock Interview
- The Rock then commented on watching it with Steve Austin, and saying that Austin had picked Bart to "knock that sonofabitch out". Rock said that Austin still owes him 20 bucks for that one!

They showed Ivory and Michael Cole above the arena, and you could see the ladder in the ring in the background. Are they going to open with the most anticipated match on the show? Could be.

Flashback: Wrestlemania XV
- We then had a feature on the main event from last years Wrestlemania, with extended highlights of The Rock vs. Steve Austin for the WWF World Title. Vince McMahon tried to screw Steve Austin, but thanks to Mankind he was unable to do so, and Austin defeated The Rock with a stunner to win the title, as Mankind counted the three count.

Back to Michael Cole and Ivory, and then a final chat with Vince, to discuss celebrities. Vince talked about the hoopla of the first event, how funny it was to tell people like Liberace what to do. He said that since then, they have done a 180, and that the WWF stars were now the true celebrities.

WWF Wrestlemania results: 4/2
Commentators: Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross
Report by: Kevin Gregg of (www.powerwrestling.com)

Lilian Garcia sings the National Anthem to kick off Wrestlemania 2000 and Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and the fans are extremely pumped for Wrestlemania 2000! It's Wrestlemania 2000, and I am your party host, Kevin Gregg! It all began on March 31, 1985, and from that historic moment on, the world has witnessed the greatest events in sport's entertainment history. That was then, and this is now! Wrestlemania opens up with a video package of what is going to go on in tonight's Main Event.

The Godfather and D'Lo Brown vs. Bull Buchanan and the Big Bossman
Howard Finkel introduces the Godfather and D'Lo Brown to the ring, and they are accompanied by Ice T. The Godfather and D'Lo Brown are going against Bull Buchanan and the Big Bossman and Ice T sings the theme song for the Godfather and D'Lo as they make their way to the ring. The two have a number of hoes with them and they take a while to get to the ring. The Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan mean business as they make their way to the ring, and Jerry Lawler says that they have no sense of humor as they go to the ring with a straight face. D'Lo Brown and Bull Buchanan start off the match in the ring and Bull goes for a right hand, but D'Lo ducks it.

D'Lo Brown nails Bull with some right hands of his own and then D'Lo gives Bull a heel kick to take him down. The Big Bossman comes into the ring, and the Godfather quickly gets in the ring and stops him with a clothesline. D'Lo Brown then tags in the Godfather and the two double team Bull. The Godfather whips Bull off the ropes and then he gives him an elbow when he comes back. Bull makes the tag to the Big Bossman and the Bossman backs the Godfather in the corner and then hammers away on him. The Godfather nails the Bossman with some right hands and then he kicks the Bossman right in the face. The Godfather pins the Bossman for a two count and then he tags D'Lo Brown back in. D'Lo gets rammed right into the foot of Bull Buchanan.

The Bossman tags in Bull, and D'Lo gets Bull in the corner and starts punching away on him. D'Lo Brown then whips Bull to the corner, but Bull bounces off the top rope and body presses D'Lo Brown. Bull then gives D'Lo Brown an impressive scoop slam and D'Lo tries to charge at Bull, but Bull gives him a drop toe hold right into the second rope. The Big Bossman pins D'Lo Brown for a two count and the Godfather is there to break up the pin. The Big Bossman gives D'Lo Brown a big boot and then he tags in Bull. The Bossman and Bull double team D'Lo Brown and Bull pins D'Lo for another two count. The Bossman takes D'Lo Brown out of the ring and he works on him and then tosses him back into the ring.

Bull backs D'Lo into the corner and gives him some right hands to the gut. Bull gets whipped to the corner and he gets knocked right down. From there, Bull slams D'Lo's head into the Bossman's foot. The Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan double team D'Lo Brown and the Bossman tries to pin him again, but he is able to kick out. The Godfather tries to get in the ring to save D'Lo, but the referee is there to stop him. Bull gives D'Lo Brown a bear hug for a few moments, and D'Lo eventually gets out of it. Bull then tags in the Bossman, and the two once again double team D'Lo Brown. D'Lo Brown really needs to make the tag, but the Bossman won't let him. D'Lo Brown nails the Bossman with a couple of right hands and then he goes for a high cross body, but the Bossman catches him into a back breaker.

The Bossman tags in Bull and Bull goes off the top rope with a double ax handle onto D'Lo Brown. Bull nails D'Lo with a right hand and then a back breaker. Bull then goes to the top rope and goes to give D'Lo a drop kick, but the Godfather shakes the ropes to stop him. D'Lo Brown then climbed to the ropes and gives Bull Buchanan a hurricanrana! D'Lo Brown makes the tag to the Godfather and the Godfather cleans house on Bull Buchanan. The Godfather gives Bull a high back body drop and then he whips the Bossman right into Bull. The Godfather whips the Big Bossman to the corner and gives him the Ho Train followed by a tag to D'Lo Brown. D'Lo goes to the top, but Bull shoves him down.

D'Lo lands on his feet, and then knocks Bull off the apron. The Bossman and D'Lo Brown are in the ring, and the Bossman gives D'Lo Brown the sidewalk slam, and then Bull goes off the top rope with a leg drop on D'Lo Brown to get the win. After the contest, Bull Buchanan and the Big Bossman go after the Godfather's hoes and they leave the arena as they stalk them.

Winners - The Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan

World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship Match
Battle Royal - 15 Minute Time Limit

WWF Superstars vs. Crash Holly (c)
Stephanie and Triple H are shown, and they are talking about their Championships. Triple H says that the McMahon-Helmsley Era will put on the biggest show tonight, and they are both Champions. Tazz is on his way to the ring, and he's ready for the Hardcore Battle Royal tonight! Crash is going to have to put up with the likes of the Headbangers, Taka, Funaki, Viscera, the Mean Street Posse, Hardcore Holly, Tazz, and the Acolytes. As soon as Crash gets in the ring, everyone goes at it, and Tazz pins Crash Holly real fast and the ring announcer announces him as the new Hardcore Champion, but the limit hasn't expired, yet. This will go on for 15 minutes and the person who gets the last pin will be the winner.

Viscera takes down Tazz and pins him for the win, and it looks like every time someone gets the pin, they are the new Hardcore Champion. Everyone goes at it in and out of the ring, and all kinds of weapons are used. This one is hard to keep track of, folks. The Mean Street Posse go after Viscera, and they want to be the Hardcore Champion. Crash gets busted open as the Acolytes hammer away on Viscera. Viscera beats up on Crash Holly as the Acolytes hammer away on anyone who crosses their path. Viscera has been the Hardcore Champion for a couple of minutes and everyone works on Viscera to try to win the Hardcore belt from him. Jim Ross even admits that this is challenging to call as Joey Abs hammers away on Tazz with a cookie sheet of sorts.

Viscera gets back in the ring and a number of wrestlers go after him as he's the Hardcore Champion. Viscera goes to the top rope and the Acolytes grab hold of him and throw him off the top rope! Faarooq nails Viscera with a two by four and then Bradshaw goes off the top rope with a shoulder block. The Acolytes put Kaientai on top of Viscera, and they got the cover. The ring announcer announces Funaki as the Champion, and Taka knocks him down and chases after him. Funaki runs to the backstage area and the wrestlers go right after him. They catch up with him in the backstage area and Rodney pins Funaki in the backstage area to win the Hardcore belt.

Rodney gets knocked down by Joey Abs, and then Joey gives him a gut wrench suplex to win the belt. From there, the Headbangers attack Joey Abs and Thrasher pins him to get the win! Mosh nails Thrasher in the gut with a stick and Viscera smashes a cookie sheet over his head. "Thrasher looks like a human video game!" - Jim Ross. "It's more like Frogger, he's trying to make it across the street!" - Jerry Lawler. Thrasher makes his way back into the arena, and Pete Gas pins Thrasher and he's a two time Hardcore Champion now! Pete Gas is pretty busted open and Tazz grabs hold of Pete Gas and brings him to the ringside area and beats up on him.

Tazz gives Pete Gas a nasty suplex on the outside of the ring and then he pins him to get the win. Hardcore Holly goes after Tazz and Hardcore tries to pin Tazz, but Tazz kicks out. Wrestlers are scattered all over the place and Hardcore Holly continues to work on Tazz. Mosh tries to pin Tazz, but he kicks out. Hardcore Holly throws Tazz into the ring and the Holly Cousins double team Tazz. Tazz takes down Crash and Hardcore is there to stomp away on Tazz. Crash and Hardcore Holly wind up fighting as Tazz nails Crash right in the face with a garbage can lid. Hardcore Holly gives Tazz a big boot and Crash tries to pin him, but Hardcore is there to stop him.

Hardcore Holly gives Tazz a powerslam and pins him for a two count as Tazz is able to power out of it. Many close pinfalls take place in the ring, and Tazz even tries to pin, even though he doesn't have to. Hardcore Holly gives Tazz a drop kick in the face, and pins him for another two count. Tazz gives Hardcore Holly an over head suplex, and Tazz is the only man in the ring and Crash is there to attack him. Crash pins him to get the three count and to regain the belt. Crash has 30 seconds to survive, and Tazz puts the Tazzmission on Crash! Hardcore Holly gets in the ring and nails Tazz in the face with a bottle or something. Hardcore tries to pin Crash, but Crash kicks out. The ring announcer announces Hardcore Holly as the new WWF Hardcore Champion, but it looks like he may have kicked out. There is some controversy here, folks.

Winner and new WWF Hardcore Champion, Hardcore Holly

Al Snow and Steve Blackman vs. T&A
Al Snow is shown in the bathroom and he is telling someone to shut up, even though it stinks in there. Steve shows up and asks Al what he is doing now. The toilet flushes and Steve asks him what is in the there and Al tells him nothing. The cleavage of Trish Stratus is shown, and she is leading Test and Albert to the arena as Al Snow and Steve Blackman make their way to the ring. Al gets on the mic and says that Wrestlemania is a special day, and he's got a surprise to him. Al introduces Chester McCheesytin to the ring, and it's a midget dressed up as a block of cheese. T&A are now on their way to the ring and they are led by Trish Stratus, and she is looking F-I-N-E, fine!

Test starts in the ring against Steve Blackman and Steve goes for an Enziguri on Test, but Test ducks it. Steve takes Test down and Steve tags in Al Snow and Test whips Al off the ropes, and something has happened to the headset of Jim Ross. Test tags in Albert,a nd the two double team Al Snow and Albert avalanches him in the corner. Albert and Al Snow go at it and Al kicks Albert right in the face. Al pins Albert for a two count, and Test is there to break the pin. Al Snow then tags in Steve Blackman and Al and Steve double team Albert for a few moments.

Albert charges right into Steve Blackman and Albert then goes off the ropes and Steve takes him down with a leg sweep. Steve tags in Al Snow and all four men get in the ring and Al back body drops Test to the outside of the ring. Albert picks Al Snow up in a body press position, but Steve Blackman is there to stop Albert from doing any damage. Al Snow continues to work on Albert with some stomps and then he goes over and knocks Test off the apron. Behind the back of the referee, Steve Blackman and Al Snow double team Alberta nd Steve goes off the second rope with a head butt.

Steve pins Albert for a two count, but Albert kicks out. Albert looks to be having his problems against Al and Blackman as Steve tags in Al Snow. Albert gives Al Snow a double arm suplex and Al goes and tags in Steve. Albert tags in Test, and Test goes to work on Steve Blackman. Test gives Al Snow a sidewalk slam and pins him for a two count. Test and Albert double team Al Snow and they give him a double powerbomb. Test pins Al Snow for a two count as Blackman is there to break the pin. Al Snow does an asai moonsault onto Albert on the outside of the ring and Al and Blackman double team Test and Steve pins him for a two count as Albert is there to stop the pin.

Albert gives Al Snow a choke powerbomb and then Albert gives Steve a body slam. From there, Albert launches Test right onto Steve Blackman and Test pins him for a two count. Test and Al wind up in the outside of the ring and Albert gives Blackman a huge slam and Test goes off the top rope with an elbow drop to get the win. After the contest, Al Snow says sorry to Steve and Steve is right. It was a stupid idea. Al goes over to Chester and puts him up in the ring. Al says that he is sorry and Steve is right, and it's time to cut the cheese. Al Snow knocks Chester on his ass with the mic and then Steve Blackman kicks Chester with the pump handle kick. From there, Al Snow and Steve Blackman give Chester their double team move.

Winners - T&A

The Kat and Mae Young are shown backstage, and Mae asks her if she is ready for her match tonight. The Kat says she is, and she just needs to find something to wear. The Kat's phone rings, and Mae answers it, and The Kat tells Mae to tell whoever it is, to call her back, because she's busy. The Kat is rather nude, but we are unable to see any goods, as a shirt that Mae Young picks up covers it, and then two bottles of water.

Michael Cole is with the Dudley Boyz, and D-Von says tonight is the night, and then he says it seems like the WWF is trying to put the Dudley Boyz down by putting them in a ladder match. D-Von says he doesn't like ladders, and he's a little afraid of heights, but after the night is over, they will remain the Tag Team Champions. Buh Buh says that they will take Wrestlemania to a whole new level, and they will take the ladder match to a whole new level of violence!

World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship Match
Triangle Tag Team Ladder Match

The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian vs. the Dudley Boyz (c)
Edge and Christian are now on their way to the ring, and it's time for the Triangle Ladder match! The Hardy Boyz are introduced next, and this is fixing to be one hell of a match. The match is on, and everything is legal here and the match can only end when one team gets the tag team belts, and they are hung high above the ring. All three teams go to work on each other. This is going to be another hard one to follow, folks. Buh Buh works on Jeff Hardy in the ring as everyone else battles on the outside of the ring. Jeff Hardy goes off the top rope with a corkscrew moonsault on Buh Buh Ray Dudley, and then Buh Buh launches Jeff into the air and lets him land on the mat. Buh Buh gives Jeff a full nelson into a powerbomb and D-Von is shown on the outside of the ring going at it with Edge.

Christian tries to climb the ladder that was brought into the ring and D-Von brings another ladder into the ring. Matt works on Buh Buh in the corner, and Edge grabs a ladder and squashes D-Von in the corner. The Hardy Boyz clothesline Edge with the ladder, and D-Von gets slammed spine first on the ladder and Matt goes off the second rope with an elbow to D-Von who was lying on a steal ladder. Jeff sets up Buh Buh on a ladder, and then he goes to the top rope for the a 450 splash, but Buh Buh moves out of the way! Buh Buh slams Jeff Hardy in the ring and then puts the ladder on top of him with force. Buh Buh then goes off the second rope with a back splash on the ladder on top of Jeff.

"Holy shit, holy shit" is chanted throughout the crowd and Edge drives a ladder right into Matt Hardy. D-Von slams Edge in the middle of the ring and then he slams a ladder down onto him and D-Von leg drops the ladder that Edge is under. Buh Buh puts the ladder around his neck and he knocks everyone down with it, except for D-Von. Edge and Christian then get up and double drop kick Buh Buh right in the face. Edge sets up a ladder in the corner and then Edge and Christian flap jack D-Von right into the ladder. Edge sets up a ladder near the ropes, and Christian goes to the top of the ladder and gives Buh Buh and Matt a cross body to the outside of the ring! Once again, "Holy shit, Holy shit!"

Jeff Hardy tries to climb the ladder in the middle of the ring to get the belts, but Edge jumps off the second rope and spears him right off the ladder! Edge sets up a ladder in the ring and starts to climb it, and Matt grabs Edge and gives him a Razor's Edge like powerbomb. Matt then climbs the ladder and D-Von grabs him and slams him off of it. D-Von climbs half way up the ladder, and Christian throws a ladder at him to knock him down. Christian starts climbing a ladder and Buh Buh gives him a low blow as he sets up two other ladders in the ring next to the middle one. Christian gets close to the tag team belt, and Buh Buh climbs the ladder and gives Christian a Buh Buh Cutter!

Matt and Jeff get up on two different ladders and they jump on Buh Buh. From there, someone, I couldn't see who, they threw Jeff right out of the ring. D-Von and Christian climb a ladder in the corner as Edge sets up another ladder next to it. Edge and Christian double suplex D-Von off the top of the ladder right into the middle of the ring as Buh Buh and the Hardys fight on the outside of the ring. The Hardy Boyz set up two ladders in the middle of the ring and Edge is there to climb the ladder. Matt nails Edge with a few right hands, and Christian climbs the ladder on the other side. The four are very close to the belts, and Christian gives Jeff a neck breaker off the ladder, and a Edge gives Jeff a face buster as well!

Buh Buh gets in the ring and he positions the ladder under the belt and all six men are in the ring, and all of them climb up the ladders. Christian and Jeff Hardy fall off the ladder right to the outside of the ring as does Edge and Matt. The Dudleys are left in the ring and if they can get up, they can get the tag team belts! Christian crawls back in the ring and the Dudley Boyz sandwich him in between two ladders. The Dudley Boyz give Edge the Dudley Death Drop and then Buh Buh goes to the outside of the ring and the fans go nuts as both of the Dudley Boyz get tables out from under the ring! The Dudley Boyz put the tables in the ring and the Dudley Boyz then set up the ladders and they put a table up on top of the ladder!

The Dudley Boyz start to climb the ladders, and the Hardy Boyz get in the ring and start hammering away on the Dudleys. Ladders and tables are all set up in the ring and Buh Buh and Matt battle on the outside of the ring as D-Von sets the tables up in the ring. Buh Buh sets a table up at the ringside area and Buh Buh tells the Spanish announcers to get out of his way. Buh Buh then power bombs Matt Hardy through the table as D-Von tries to splash Jeff on a table in the ring, but he moves out of the way. Jeff Hardy runs off the rail and he tries to jump at Buh Buh, but Buh Buh throws a ladder at him. Buh Buh gets another ladder, and it looks to be a huge ladder, and he sets it up in the isle way. What could he be thinking?

Buh Buh sets up a table next to the ladder in the isle way as the fans chant for the Dudley Boyz. Buh Buh grabs hold of Jeff Hardy and he sets him up on the table. Christian is there and he nails Buh Buh in the head with a ring bell. Buh Buh is now on the table, and it looks like Jeff Hardy is going to go to the top of the ladder and do the swan-ton bomb! Jeff gets on top of the ladder and does the swanton bomb to Buh Buh Ray Dudley! Meanwhile, in the ring, D-Von works on Christian as Edge hasn't been seen in a while. Last he was seen, he was lying down on the arena floor.

D-Von climbs the ladder and Matt knocks him down. Matt gives D-Von the Twist of Fate and then he goes over to the ladders that are set up with a table on it, and Matt is climbing from one end as Christian is climbing from the other. Edge gets back in the ring and both Christian and Matt are on top of the ladders and table. Edge climbs up as well and Edge tosses Matt hardy off and throws him right through the table. Edge grabs the tag team belts and they are the WWF Tag Team Champions!

Winners and new WWF Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Linda McMahon and Mick Foley. Linda says she is very happy that Mick is going to have the chance to fulfill a life long dream. Mick says that it's very obvious that looking at the Ladder match that no one is holding anything back tonight. Mick says this is the biggest show in the history of wrestling. Mick says that he gets a second chance to make a last impression, and he says he believes that fairy tales can come true, but they won't come true for The Big Show, The Rock or Triple H.

Cat Fight
Special Referee: Val Venis

Terri vs. The Kat

Howard Finkel is in the ring, and he says that the next match is the special Cat Fight, and the first one to throw their opponent out of the ring to the floor will be the winner. Sort of like a Royal Rumble, but it doesn't have to be an over the top rope elimination. Val Venis doesn't have a referee shirt on, instead, his towel is designed in stripes. The Fabulous Moolah accompanies Terri to the ring, and The Kat comes out to a huge ovation and she is accompanied to the ring by Mae Young. The Kat has blonde hair again and as she makes her way to the ring, it looks like Terri is trying to get Val Venis to lean towards her in this contest.

The bell rings and The Kat shoves Terri and Terri takes the Kat down with a mini spear. Val Venis separates the two and picks Terri up and starts kissing Terri! Val drops Terri and then starts kissing The Kat. The two battle back and forth and Mae Young gets in the ring and kisses Val Venis! The Kat throws Terri out of the ring, and Val Venis can't see it, because Mae has a lip lock on Val. Moolah pulls the Kat out of the ring and Val Venis can finally see, and what he sees is Terri in the ring, instead of The Kat. After the contest, Mae nails Moolah and then gives her in the bronco buster in the corner. the Kat gets back in the ring and she rips some clothes off of Terri and Mae Young helps the Kat as Moolah is there to cover up Terri's ass.

Winner - Terri

The Radicals are shown backstage, and they are talking about Too Cool and Chyna, and Perry says that this is Wrestlemania, and they better not lose this match. Eddy claims that Chyna likes him and such as Chyna and Too Cool watch on from the backstage area. Chyna says Eddy is disgusting, and Too Cool tells Chyna to go with them as they are going to go against the Radicals next.

Six Person Tag Team Match
Too Cool and Chyna vs. the Radicals
The Radicals are now headed to the ring, and they are set for six person tag team action against Too Cool and Chyna. Eddy Guerrero winks at Chyna before the bell rings, and he's just out to taunt the 9th Wonder of the World. Scotty 2 Hotty starts off in the ring against Eddy Guerrero and Eddy gives Scotty a cheap shot to get the early advantage. The fans chant "Eddy Sucks" as Scotty gives Eddy a tilt awhirl back breaker. Scotty tags in Chyna, and Eddy quickly tags out to Dean. From there, Chyna tags in Grandmaster Sexay and the two give Dean a double team suplex.

Dean tags in Eddy and Grandmaster Sexay gives Eddy Guerrero a back suplex. Grandmaster then goes to the top rope, but Perry Saturn shoves Grandmaster off the top before he can hit the hip hop drop. Eddy gives Grandmaster Sexay a drop kick and then he tags in Perry Saturn. Saturn puts on the hat of Grandmaster Sexay and he stomps away on Grandmaster. Saturn then tags in Dean, and the two double team Grandmaster as Dean tags in Eddy Guerrero. The Radicals are using very quick tags to get the advantage over Too Cool and Chyna.

Grandmaster tags in Scotty 2 Hotty and the fans once again chant "Eddy sucks". Eddy gives Scotty 2 Hotty a back suplex and then he goes to the outside of the ring and springboards himself into the ring and onto Scotty 2 Hotty. Eddy then goes over and attacks Chyna and Grandmaster Sexay grabs hold of Eddy and suplexes him to the outside of the ring. Saturn and Malenko get in the ring and double team Scotty 2 Hotty and Scotty fires back with some right hands. Scotty 2 Hotty then gives Saturn a bulldog out of the corner and then he goes for the form and he puts it on both Dean and Saturn!

Eddy gets back in the ring and Scotty takes him down with a right hand. Dean and Saturn pull Scotty to the outside of the ring and they double team him as Eddy distracts the referee. Scotty gets back in the ring and Eddy grabs hold of him and tags in Saturn. The two whip him off the ropes and Saturn kicks Scotty right in the face. Saturn then goes off the top rope and gives Scotty an elbow drop. From there, Saturn tags in Eddy Guerrero, and Eddy goes to the top rope and Scotty knocks him down. Scotty gives Eddy a suplex from the top rope and then he tags in Chyna. Chyna gives Dean and Saturn a double clothesline and she continues to work on the Radicals.

Chyna then gives Dean and Saturn springboards into the corner, and then she gives them both a low blow. Eddy gets in the ring and gets a hold of Chyna and he goes to give her a powerbomb, but Chyna gets out of it and gives him a powerbomb of her own. Chyna then grabs Eddy by the sack and then she picks Eddy up over her head and tosses him down to the mat. Chyna gives Eddy a sleeper hold and then takes him down and pins him for the win.

Winners - Too Cool and Chyna

Shane is backstage with The Big Show, and he says that we are looking at the reason that we will see a new WWF Champion. The Big Show is wearing a shirt that says "Big Nasty Bastard!". Shane says that The Big Show and Shane's era will begin tonight. Shane says he wishes his mom wouldn't be out there, but tonight, The Big Show will become the new WWF Champion! The Big Show says that the most electrifying man in sport's entertainment will be unplugged, and Mick Foley will be retired, and it will be Game Over for Triple H.

World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship Match
Two Fall Triple Threat Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle (c)
Kurt Angle is shown backstage, and he is talking to someone about the match that he is involved in tonight. This is a two fall Triple Threat Match, and the first fall will be for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, and the second will be for the European Championship belt. Chris Jericho welcomes everyone to Wrestlemania is Jericho, and then he says that Y2J has been waiting his whole life for this moment. Chris says he knows all the fans have been waiting their whole lives for this moment as well. Chris Jericho says he can't guarantee the fans that he will walk out of here with Championships, but he can guarantee that he is going to walk out of this match as the true Ayatolla of Rock 'n Rolla!

Chris also guarantees that Kirk Angel and Mr. Roboto are going to walk out of here with bumps and T-shirts that say that they walked out of Wrestlemania with a Y2J beating that they will never e-e-ever forget agayn! Chris Benoit comes to the ring next, and then Kurt comes to the ring. Benoit wastes no time going to work on Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho is in the ring, and he takes both Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit down. Jericho drop kicks Benoit into the corner and then he gives Kurt Angle a drop kick. From there, Jericho goes to spring off the ropes, but Benoit stops him from doing so. Benoit gets in the ring and takes Jericho down and then he works on Kurt Angle on the apron.

Jericho then spring boards off the ropes and knocks both Benoit and Kurt to the floor. Jericho then gives Benoit a baseball slide and Kurt grabs hold of him and flap jacks him on the steel stairs. The three continue to fight and Chris Jericho goes off the second rope with a drop kick on Kurt Angle. Jericho pins him for a two count as Benoit interrupts the count. Chris Benoit gives Jericho a back breaker and pins him for a two count as Kurt Angle breaks the pin. Kurt gives Benoit a belly to belly suplex and pins him for a two count. Jericho gets up and works on Kurt Angle and he kicks him in the gut. Jericho gives Kurt Angle a bulldog and then pins him for a two count.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho then go at it against each other and Kurt Angle attacks Benoit from behind as the two are going at it. Kurt Angle gives Benoit a suplex and then pins him for a two count as Jericho goes off the ropes. Chris Jericho gives Benoit a camel clutch and as Kurt tried to break the hold, Chris broke it, because he knew Angle was coming. Jericho gives Kurt Angle a suplex and Kurt gets up and fires back with some right hands. Kurt Angle whips Jericho into the corner and Jericho gives Kurt a big boot. Kurt gives Jericho an over the head belly to belly suplex and somehow Jericho kicked out of the pin.

Angle whips Benoit in the corner right into a sunset flip by Jericho. Benoit reversed it into a pin of his own, and Angle was there to break the pin before the three count. Kurt Angle gives Chris Jericho the Cross Faced Chicken Wing and Jericho is fading fast. Benoit gives Kurt Angle a drop kick right to the head to break the hold and Benoit tosses Angle to the outside of the ring. Benoit tosses Angle into the front row and then he gets on the top rope and gives Jericho a head butt and pins Jericho for a three count to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship!

Winner of the fall, and new WWF Intercontinental Champion, Chris Benoit

World Wrestling Federation European Championship Match
Second Fall of the Triple Threat Match

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle (c)

The match continues, and Kurt Angle scoop slams Benoit and then he goes to the top rope and it looked like he was going for a moonsault, but Jericho knocked him down. Jericho goes for a back drop on Angle, but Benoit is there to stop him. Benoit then gives Jericho a back suplex from the top rope and Angle goes off the top rope with a moonsault, but he misses Benoit as he moves out of the way! Jericho goes to get the Walls of Jericho on Kurt Angle, but Chris Benoit is there to stop him with a clothesline. Chris Jericho gives Chris Benoit a spinning heel kick and Benoit goes to the outside of the ring.

Chris Jericho gives Kurt Angle a double powerbomb in the middle of the ring! Jericho goes for the cover, but Benoit gets back in the ring. Benoit grabs Jericho and gives him a triple back suplex for a two count. Kurt Angle is there to stop the pin with a chop block. Chris Benoit gives Kurt Angle a German suplex and then Jericho gets up and chops away on Benoit. Jericho goes for a flying forearm and he hits the referee accidentally. Chris Benoit gets the Crippler Cross face on Jericho, and Jericho tapped out, but the referee wasn't there to call it. Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho on Benoit, and Kurt Angle gets one of the belts and nails Jericho right between the eyes. Angle goes for the cover on Jericho and Benoit pulls Jericho out of the ring to break the count.

Benoit gets in the ring and hammers away on Kurt Angle and Angle misses a clothesline and Benoit gives Kurt Angle a back suplex and then he goes to the top rope for the head butt again and he misses as Angle was able to move out of the way. Chris Jericho then goes off the ropes with the asai moonsault to get the win and win the European belt! That didn't make Kurt Angle too happy as he lost both of his belts!

Winner and new WWF European Champion, Chris Jericho

Michael Cole is standing by with Vince McMahon, and Michael asks him if he is going to be a factor. Vince says that he likes to think he is a factor no matter where he goes. Vince says that The Rock is confident in the match tonight, no matter who is in his corner. Vince says that he did say at Wrestlemania, he not only promised, but guaranteed to make it right. Triple H is with Stephanie, and Triple H says he doesn't care what Vince says, it's about who is the best. Triple H says that he will not be beaten tonight, because he won't allow it. Why? Because like he said before, he is that damn good.

The Road Dogg vs. Kane and Rikishi Phatu
The Road Dogg and X-Pac are now on their way to the ring, and they are going against Kane and Rikishi Phatu in this tag team contest. We found out earlier tonight that Pete Rose was in the house, and he had a baseball bat with him for some weird reason. Paul Bearer gets in the face of Tori and Kane goes after Tori and The Road Dogg and X-Pac double team Rikishi Phatu. X-Pac gets out of the ring to save Tori, and he gets in a fight with Kane on the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, Rikishi puts his ass in the face of The Road Dogg. Tori gets in the ring and she gets backed into the corner and Rikishi goes to put his ass in her face, but The Road Dogg and X-Pac grab hold of her and leave.

Kane and Rikishi go right after them into the isle way and they fight their way back to the ring. The fans chant "X-Pac sucks" as X-Pac gives Rikishi the bronco buster in the corner. The Road Dogg gives Rikishi some left jabs and then he nails him with a right. The right hand didn't seem to work very well and then he goes off the ropes with a flying forearm. The Road Dogg then gives Rikishi a knee drop. The Road Dogg tags in X-Pac and X-Pac works on Rikishi Phatu. X-Pac charges at Rikishi Phatu, and Rikishi catches him in a neck breaker. Rikishi tags in Kane, and Kane takes care of both members of Degeneration X as they are both in the ring.

Kane gives X-Pac a high back body drop and then he whips him to the corner. Kane runs and nails X-Pac with a clothesline. Kane signals for Rikishi get in the ring and put his ass in the face of X-Pac. X-Pac gets out of the ring and The Road Dogg gets in, only to get knocked down. Tori gets in the ring and Kane tosses her into the corner and Rikishi puts his ass right in her face! From there, Kane gives X-Pac a tombstone piledriver to get the win for his team! After the contest, Too Cool comes to the ringand they get the fans going nuts as Paul Bearer and Kane stand in the ring.

Winners - Kane and X-Pac

A guy in a chicken suit comes out and gets down with Too Cool and Kane looks at him strangely. Too Cool, Rikishi and the chicken dance in the ring and Kane just stands in the corner and looks on. The announcers are assuming that's Pete Rose under the chicken suit and Kane obviously think's that it's Pete Rose as well, because he grabs him by the throat and chokes him in the corner. Pete Rose comes to the ring and tries to nail Kane with a ball bat, but Rikishi takes the bat and Kane gives Pete Rose a choke slam in the middle of the ring! Rikishi tosses the ball bat to Kane, and Too Cool drag Pete to the corner and Rikishi puts his ass in Pete's face!

Kevin Kelly is with The Rock, and he says that 12 months ago, after every win and loss, and after everything that was thrown at The Rock, The Rock says that if he could do it all over again, he would say "Finally, The Rock has come back to Wrestlemania!" The Rock says it's not about the lights, it's not about the cameras, the McMahon Family Saga, it's about the WWF Championship. The Rock says he is going to lay the smack down on their candy asses, and he says that tonight is the night, if you smell what The Rock is cooking!

World Wrestling Federation Championship Match
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match - No DQ or Count out

Mick Foley vs. The Big Show vs. The Rock vs. Triple H (c)
Mick Foley is now headed to the ring with Linda McMahon in his corner, and it's time for the Fatal Four Way Elimination match! Shane is in the corner of The Big Show, and Vince is in the corner of The Rock, and of course, Stephanie is going to be in the corner of Triple H. Anything goes in this match and all men are in the ring at the same time, and all four men go at it! Mick pairs off with Triple H as The Big Show pairs off with The Rock, and the WWF title is on the line. The Rock hammers away on The Big Show in the corner while Mick Foley gives Triple H a knee to the face in the other corner.

The Big Show picks The Rock up over his head and then slams him to the mat and then The Big Show grabs hold of Triple H and does the same thing to him. The Big Show is dominating the match and he gives Mick Foley a head butt to the face and he is literally man handling everyone in this match. The Big Show chokes The Rock down in the corner, and Mick Foley gets on the back of The Big Show, and The Big Show just stands right up and slams down onto Mick Foley. The Rock gets back to his feet and fires away on The Big Show with some right hands. The Big Show gives The Rock a sidewalk slam and then The Big Show goes to choke slam Triple H, but Mick Foley gives The Big Show a low blow.

All three men work on The Big Show and Triple H clotheslines The Big Show, followed by a clothesline from Mick and The Rock. The Rock's clothesline is the one to take The Big Show down and this isn't the way that Shane wanted to see this match go. The three stomp away on The Big Show in the middle of the ring, and they join forces against The Big Show, even though they aren't friends. Mick charges with a clothesline to Triple H over the top rope and to the outside. From there, The Big Show whips The Rock into the corner and then gives him a big boot to the face. Mick Foley nails Triple H with a steel chair on the outside of the ring and Shane gets on the apron, only to get knocked down by The Rock.

Mick gives The Big Show a chair shot to the head, and The Rock gives him the Rock Bottom to eliminate him! Shane and The Big Show are sent back to the locker room and Triple H, Mick Foley and The Rock are left in the ring to go against each other. Triple H tries to reason with Mick Foley to go against The Rock and Mick tells him no! Triple H then tries to convince The Rock to side with him against Mick, and the Rock nods yes, but he didn't do it as he turns and nails Triple H with a forearm. Mick Foley and The Rock both double team Triple H and they take turns giving him right hands in the middle of the ring. The Rock gives him one last right hand to take him down and The Rock and Mick continue to double team Triple H.

Triple H gets tossed to the outside of the ring and The Rock and Mick Foley continue to double team Triple H, and this is a no disqualification match! The three battle on the outside of the ring, and The Rock goes to nail Triple H with the ring bell, but Triple H ducks and The Rock hits Mick. Triple H then drops The Rock right onto the security wall. Mick Foley grabs a barbed wire bat and he gets in the ring with Triple H and he goes to hit him, but Triple H ducks it and gives Mick a low blow. Triple H grabs hold of the barbed wire and he nails Mick with it, and then he goes to do it again, but The Rock gets in the ring and stops him. The Rock gets tossed to the floor and Mick Foley gets the double arm DDT on Triple H and then he gets Mr. Socko out and puts it on Triple H.

The Rock gets in the ring and nails Triple H with the WWF Championship and then he goes to do the people's elbow on him, but Mick Foley gets the Mandible Claw on The Rock as it's every man for himself. Triple H gives both Mick Foley and The Rock low blows. Triple H gets back up to his feet and he works on The Rock in the corner. Vince gets a chair and he puts it on the ring apron as The Rock nails Triple H with some right hands. The Rock fires out of the corner with a clothesline and Mick Foley clotheslines The Rock and pins him for a two count. Mick Foley gives The Rock a number of right hands and then he gives The Rock the double arm DDT and pins him for a two count!

Mick Foley grabs the steel chair and he has the advantage. Mick charges at The Rock in the corner, but The Rock puts his foot up and the chair goes right into Mick's face. The Rock gives Mick a number of right hands, and then he gives him a DDT for a two count as Triple H interrupts the count. Mick and Triple H talk, and they double team The Rock and Mick isn't making a popular decision. The two continue to double team The Rock and Mick pins The Rock for a two count. Mick and Triple H give The Rock a double team suplex and then Triple H gives The Rock a knee to the head. Mick knocks The Rock to the outside of the ring and Mick and Triple H both go the outside of the ring to beat up on The Rock.

The Rock whips Mick into the steel stairs and then The Rock goes to work on Triple H. Mick Foley grabs the steel stairs and he nails The Rock with them. Stephanie and Linda get in an argument as this contest is going on. Triple H sets The Rock up on the Spanish announcers table, and Triple H holds The Rock there for Mick to jump on from the second rope, but Mick barely hits The Rock. Triple H then jumps from one table to the other. Mick Foley makes his way back into the ring and Triple H puts the Pedigree on him and Mick Foley kicks out of the pin! Triple H can't believe it, and he shoves the referee down and from there, he grabs a chair and nails Mick right across the head with it. Triple H then gives Mick the Pedigree on the steel chair and then pins him once again to eliminate him.

The fans give Mick Foley a standing ovation and The Rock is down on the outside of the ring. Mick Foley is leaving the arena for the very last time. Mick starts to leave, and then he turns back and goes to the ring and gets the barbed wire and nails Triple H right in the head with it! We are down to two men and it's all or nothing right here. The Rock pins Triple H for a two count as he kicks out and how in the hell did Triple H kick out of that? "Because he's the Game." - Jerry Lawler. Thanks Lawler. The Rock and Triple H trade right hands and The Rock clotheslines Triple H to the outside of the ring.

Triple H and The Rock fight in the isle way and towards the entrance way as Stephanie looks on with concern on her face. The two fight into the crowds and The Rock back body drops Triple H back into the ringside area. The Rock slams Triple H's head into the time keeper's table and then he picks up the steel steps and goes to slam them into Triple H, but Triple H smacks them with a steel chair and then he continues to hit the steps as The Rock is down on the ground under them. Triple H gives The Rock a piledriver on the steel steps and then Triple H tosses The Rock back into the ring. Triple H pins The Rock for a two count and somehow The Rock got his shoulder up. The Rock does his best to fight back with some right hands and he goes to get the Rock Bottom, but Triple H counters.

Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but The Rock counters with a back body drop and Triple H lands on the outside of the ring. The Rock and Triple H fight back into the crowd and then they fight back into the ringside area, and The Rock gives Triple H a spinebuster at ringside. The Rock grabs hold of Triple H and he suplexes him onto the announcers table and the referee pleads for them to get back in the ring. Both men get up and Triple H throws The Rock into the ring, and Vince nails Triple H with a right hand and then he slams him into the ring post. Shane sneaks back to the ringside area and he and Vince get in a brawl. Shane rams his father's head into the television monitor as Triple H and The Rock are down in the ring.

Shane picks up a television monitor and then he hits Vince right across the face with it. Vince gets up with a look of anger on his face and he continues to fight with Shane at ringside! Shane gives Vince a low blow and the fans chant for Vince. Shane grabs a steel chair and then he nails Vince right across the head with it. WWF officials help Vince up to his feet and he has been busted open. Patterson and Brisco take Vince back to the locker room, and it looks like Shane is staying at the ringside area, and he's got a chair in hand. The Rock and Triple H get back to their feet and The Rock hammers away on Triple H and he gives him a DDT in the middle of the ring and pins him for a two count.

The Rock gives Triple H power slam and he pins him for a two count. Triple H gives The Rock a face buster and then he grabs the barbed wire and nails The Rock right in the head with it. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but The Rock reverses it into a slingshot, and he got catapulted right into Shane. From there, The Rock gives Triple H a Rock Bottom, but he doesn't have enough energy in him to make the pin. The referee tries to get Shane out of the ring, but he just can't do it. Vince comes back to the ring and gives Shane a low blow as he was going to do some damage on The Rock. Vince tosses Shane to the outside of the ring and then he grabs the steel chair and clobbers The Rock with it! Stephanie couldn't believe what she just saw and the referee yells at Vince.

Triple H pins The Rock for a two count and somehow, once again, The Rock kicks out! Vince hits The Rock again with the steel chair and Triple H pins him again to get the three count. Triple H has just made history as he is the first heel to walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWF Champion. From there, Vince and Stephanie hug in the ring, and it looks like they were out to screw The Rock all along! Shane comes back to the ring and Vince points to his own head and shows Shane what he did with the chair. The Rock comes back to the ring and he catches Shane in a Rock Bottom. The Rock then gets Vince in the Rock Bottom, and that leaves Stephanie in the ring! Stephanie gets in The Rock's face and Stephanie slaps him across the face and The Rock gives her the Rock Bottom right in the center of the ring. The Rock then gives Stephanie the people's elbow!

Winner and still WWF Champion, Triple H