WCW Bash at the Beach Report: July 9, 2000
From Daytona, FL
Hosted by: Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden
Report by: Blake Wolfson, Ultimowrestling.

- Outside the arena, The Cat is shown arriving with Smooth. The Cat told Smooth to ban the MIA and the Filthy Animals from ringside during the Cruiserweight Title Match.

- The Jung Dragons then confront and attack The Cat, but The Cat fought them off.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Juventud Guererra vs. Lt. Loco.
Before the match, all of the MIA and the Filthy Animals were sent to the back. Lt. Loco dominated the early part of the match. When Juvi went to the outside, Lt. Loco executed a nice plancha from the top rope onto Juvi. The Filthy Animals came down wearing disguise masks. Juvi then gained control after an awesome over the top leg drop slingshot to Loco on the outside. The MIA then came down also wearing disguise masks. Juvi executed the Juvi Driver, but did not get the pinfall. Lt. Loco then executed the running tornado DDT to get the victory. Winner: Lt. Loco by pinfall, to retain the WCW Hardcore Title.

- Backstage, Jeff Jarrett confronted The Cat and told him that Hogan better had be here tonight.

WCW Hardcore Title Match: Big Vito vs. Mystery Opponent.
The mystery opponents turned out to be Norman Smiley and Ralphus. The first went to the back early on. Several trash cans and other equipment went were used during the match. Smiley was put in an elevator, and Vito then fought Ralphus to the ring. Vito then set up a table and put Ralphus on top, and he splashed Ralphus through the table to get the win. After the match, Smiley came down and was about to fight Vito, but he backed down. Winner: Big Vito by pinfall, to retain the WCW Hardcore Title.

- Backstage, Kevin Nash said he would obtain possession of Scott Hall’s contract tonight in his match with Goldberg.

- Clips were shown on the history of Miss Hancock and Daffney.

Wedding Gown Match: Miss Hancock (w/David Flair) vs. Daffney.
Miss Hancock was wearing a small white number, while Daffney was in a black wedding gown. David Flair sided with Miss Hancock all throughout the match. This wasn’t a wrestling match, with hair grabs and takedowns the extent of the action. Miss Hancock stripped the referee of his pants, and then Daffney did the same to David. Crowbar then came in as Daffney’s hair was about to be shaven. Crowbar attacked David, and because everyone had already did, proceeded to strip off his own pants. Miss Hancock then got on thew mic and said that she “knew what the fans wanted”, and she proceeded to strip off her wedding gown down to her underwear. Daffney was declared the winner. After the match, the four of them threw cake at each other, before Crowbar left with Daffney, and David left with Miss Hancock. Winner: Daffney.

- Throughout the night, clips were shown of how the Jung Dragons were following The Cat and The Cat didn’t know it.

WCW Tag Team Title Match: The Perfect Event vs. Kronic.
Kronic dominated the early part of the match with their strength after a full nelson slam and an urinagi suplex. The Perfect Event came back after the use of a chair. They then dominated Adams with a series of sleepers. Clark then got the tag and cleaned house. As he went for the Meltdown on Palumbo, Palumbo escaped and executed a DDT. Kronic then executed two High-Times on Palumbo and Stasiak respectively, but both made saves for each other during the pinfall attempts. Adams then was set top Powerbomb Stasiak, and Clark flew off the top rope and clotheslined Stasiak while he was in the air. Kronic then got the pin. Winners: Kronic by pinfall, to become the new WCW Tag Team Champions.

- Backstage, Jeff Jarrett warned The Cat that Hogan better show up tonight, otherwise he would “screw with his show”. The Jung Dragons then once again attacked The Cat.

”Positively” Kanyon vs Booker T.
Booker dominated the early part of the match. Kanyon came back after the use of a chair and a nice Sidewalk slam. Kanyon then applied a reverse boston crab, which looked really painful. Kanyon then used his book, which was filled with a brick, but booker kicked out. Booker then came back with his offence including a Harlem sidekick, an axe kick, and the Book End, but Kanyon kicked out. When Booker went up to the top rope to try for a top rope missile dropkick, Jeff Jarrett came down and nailed Booker with the guitar. Kanyon then applied the top rope Kanyon Cutter to receive the pin. Winner: Kanyon by pinfall.

- Backstage, Mike Awesome said tonight he will be the WCW United States Champion.

WCW United States Title Match: Scott Steiner (w/Midijiah) vs Mike Awesome.
The match immediately went outside into the crowd. Awesome dominated with high risk moves such as a slingshot leg drop and a top rope clothesline. The Cat then came out to watch the match. As Steiner was about to apply the Steiner Recliner, The Cat told Steiner not to. Awesome then came back with a big top rope splash, but Steiner kicked out. The referee then got knocked out, and The Cat came in the ring to kick Steiner, but Steiner ducked and The Cat kicked Awesome. The Cat was then suplexed by Steiner. The Cat said that if Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner to him, then Steiner would be stripped of the Title. Steiner did anyway, and he was stripped of the Title. Steiner attacked The Cat, but That Cat took the US Title to the back. Winner: Mike Awesome by disqualification.

Graveyard Match: The Demon (w/Asya) vs. Vampiro.
The match started out with the Demon looking for Vampiro. Vampiro dominated the whole match. They started to fight in a grave. Vampiro then took Asya somewhere, and the Demon followed. The Demon found Vampiro waiting in the water, where they fought for a few minutes. Vampiro then took Asya back towards the gravesite. Vampiro then popped out of a coffin, and spit red liquid into The Demon’s eyes. Vampiro then smashed a tombstone over the Demon’s head. Vampiro put The Demon in a coffin, and put it into a grave, threw a torch in, and ended the match. Winner: Vampiro.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas guaranteed a win over Buff Bagwell tonight.

Buff Bagwell vs. Shane Douglas.
Back and forth match early on. During the match, Torrie Wilson came out, and she slapped Douglas. Bagwell then gave Douglas a DDT followed by a 2nd rope splash. Torrie then came in the ring and kissed Bagwell, but then she turned around and low blowed him. Douglas then gave Bagwell the Pittsburgh Plunge, but Bagwell kicked out. Douglas then gave Bagwell a modified jawbreaker to get the pinfall. After the match, Douglas and Torrie kissed and celebrated. Winner: Shane Douglas by pinfall.

- Backstage, Hollywood Hogan arrived.

- Backstage, Jeff Jarrett told Mene “Jurassic Slap Ass” Gene that plan A would now come into affect and that he would beat Hogan tonight.

WCW Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Hollywood Hogan.
Before the match, Vince Russo was shown backstage. As soon as Jarrett came out, he lay down for Hogan motioning for him to pin him. Hogan was wondering what the hell was happening, and Russo tossed him the belt. Hogan then said “This is why the company is in such bad shape, because of all this bullshit”. Hogan then pinned Jarrett for the Title. Winner: Hollywood Hogan by pinfall.

Vampiro Interview.
Vampiro came out and said that now he had gotten rid of Sting and The Demon. Hooded men wearing Sting’s masks came out carrying the coffin, which The Demon was buried in. Someone popped out of the coffin and levelled Vampiro with a baseball bat. He nailed Vampiro. Sting’s music then played. The lights went out and the person disappeared.

Vince Russo Interview.
Vince Russo came out explained things. He said when he left WCW a few weeks ago, he didn’t know if he was coming back. He said the only reason he stays in this business is for the Jeff Jarrett’s and the Booker T’s of the world. He said he hates all the BS politics in the back. He said that hulk Hogan doesn’t give a crap about WCW, only himself. He said now he had the WCW, but now that Title doesn’t mean shit, as it is now the “Hulk Hogan Memorial Belt”. He said there would be a new WCW Title. He said we would NEVER see Hulk Hogan in WCW again. He said because everyone paid money to see the PPV tonight, we would get our money’s worth. He said for the Title tonight, it would be Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T.

Scott Hall’s Contract Match: Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg
Scott Steiner came out during the match. Nash controlled the match after a chokeslam and a sideslam. Goldberg attempted a spear, but Nash moved out of the way and Goldberg hit the ringpost. As Nash was about to powerbomb Goldberg, Steiner got in the ring and attacked Nash. Goldberg then speared and Jackhammered Nash to get the win. After the match, Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner to Nash. Winner: Goldberg by pinfall.

Backstage, Booker T said he didn’t really know what was going on, but he’d make sure that he does his best to try and win the WCW Heavyweight Title.

WCW Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T.
Absolutly awesome match with lots of action involved. Booker got the early advantage after a Harlem sidekick. The match then went through the crowd. Jarrett then got the advantage and he ghit a piledriver on Booker on the announcers table. Jarrett then worked over Booker’s leg with the use of a Figure Four leglock. Booker then hit his tradmark offence of an axe kick sidewalk slam and a spineroonie. The referee then got knocked down. Jarrett brought in the Title belt, but Booker ducked and nailed Jarrett with it, but Jarrett kicked out. Jarrett then gave the stroke to the referee. Jarrett then got a guitar, and climbed the tolp rope, and and he jumped off and was about to nail Booker, Booker caught him and hit the book End, to get the pinfall and to become the new WCW Heavyweight Champion! Winner: Booker T pinfall, to become the new WCW Heavyweight Champion.