Date: July 4, 2000
City: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Report by: Dutty, reader

Dark Matches:

The Dupps Defeat Rodney & Joey Abs via pinfall. The Dupps use a double team spinebuster type move as their finisher. In the crowd, was the mayor of South Africa or something. The Posse taunted him into the ring, where they jumped him. The Dupps made the save, once again using their finishing move.

Scott Vick pins Pete Gas. Scott Vick used a "Fisherman DVD" as his finisher.

Heat Tapings: [Airdate - 7/9]

Too Cool over The Hardyz when GM Sexay rolls up Jeff Hardy. During the match, T&A came out, and Trish attacked Lita by choking her with what looked like a belt, which sent Scotty and Matt to help her. This is when GM Sexay took advantage. After the fall, both Too Cool and Hardyz chased off T&A. Intresting enough, during the match, Too Cool recieved a better crowd response than the Hardyz.

Saturn defeats Godfather By DQ. The Ladies were looking good tonite. Steven Richards made a not so popular appearance to cover the ladies up. Godfather grabbed Steven's sign, and tried to Hit Steven, but hit Saturn instead, and The ref called for the bell. Richards received alot of heat in this match.

Bull Buchanan pins Crash after the Axe Kick. It was a typical Slow paced Bull match. The Crowd was really behind Crash in this one.

Al Snow over Essa Rios. Al Snow seems to be using the Dragon Sleeper as his new finishing Hold. There were a lot of missed Moonsaults in this match. The Crowd was amazed by Essa's flip to the outside. There wasn't much crowd action in this match.

Bradshaw defeats Gangrel and Mideon in a Handicap match. I'm sure it will be explained why Bradshaw was alone in this match. Bradshaw dominated the entire match, and won after hitting the Clothesline from Hell onto Mideon.

Smackdown Tapings: [Airdate - 7/6]

Kurt Angle pins Y2J. The crowd was solidly backing Jericho and against Angle. Angle made some jokes about the old people in Florida not being able to live to see him win the World Title. Jericho talked about all the people he should apologize to, then said he would kick HHH's ass at FUlly Loaded. After the match starts, Stephanie came down to ringside for a huge "Stephanie Swallows" chant. The match ended when Jerricho had Angle in the Walls of Jericho. The ref was checking for the submission, and Steph hit Y2J between the legs with the sceptre. Angle then hit the Olympic slam for the win.

Foley Promo. Foley came out to a gigantic pop. He talked about on Raw, how Benoit had Brutalized both Chyna and The Rock. He spoke about how close his daughter and Chyna are. He challenged Benoit to give him a reason why. Benoit comes down to massive Crowd heat. He talks about wanting Gold. When Edge & Christian's music hits. THey say they are backing up Benoit because he is Canadien. Foley then books a match. Benoit,Edge & Christian Vs The Rock, Chyna & Eddy Guerrero as the main event.

Angle is seen celebrating backstage, when Mideon informs him that his celebration had put food all over Taker's Bike. Angle took off.

The Dudleys pin D'Lo & Chaz. The Dudleys recieved a nice crowd response. The match was back and forth. I lost concentration of the match, when another Beach Ball was going around on the other side of the arena. THe crowd seemed more into the ball than the match. Steven Richards made another appearance in this match to take away the Dudley's Table. Dudley's eventually hit the 3D for the win.

Steven Richards is interviewed backstage and says that he is here to censor nudity and Gratuitous (Sp?) violence.

HHH confronts Foley in his office. Foley gives a great speech(about HHH, as good as he is, still being expendable... i think this was shot at WCW and their current situation), then tells HHH he can have Jericho on Raw, if he wins his Handicap elimination match.

Val Venis pins Rikishi to become the new IC Champion. The crowd was heavily in favor of Rikishi. In fact, when Rikishi was pinned, there was strong chant going for him. Tazz interefered in this match, and hit Rikishi with a Video Camera, then Val Venis hit the money shot. T&A tried to interfere in this match, But Too Cool took them back to the back.

Val Venis Celebrates in the back with Trish and T&A. Albert then says "1 down, 2 to go"

Jacqueline and Ivory pin Dean Malenko. I wasnt really paying attention to this match. When u see the girl in the pink, you'll know why. The end came when Dean attempted to suplex Ivory into the ring. Crash ran out, and held his leg. Allowing Ivory to fall ontop for the pin.

Steve Blackman pins Bossman. Bossman got alot of Heat in this match. Blackman brought his bag of tricks to the ring. The match went back and forth until they went into the crowd. Al Snow dressed like a vendor hit Bossman with his tray. Blackman then gets the pin.

Kane & UnderTaker pin T&A. Kane and Taker bth got huge pops from the crowd. THe Match ended when Kane chokeslammed Ablert for the pin. After the pin, Taker sent Test for the Last Ride. Taker left, but Kane grabbed Trish, and was about to CHokeslam her, when Val Venis made the save.

Brooklyn Brawler & Kaientai defeat Triple H. No, i didn't make a mistake. Triple H eliminated Kaientai quickly. Jericho runs out. Does a bulldog and Lionsault. Brawler covers for the pinfall. After the match, HHH brutalizes Brawler and Kainetai.

In the back, Jericho is convincing HHH's Limo driver that Triple H wants him to drive him down to South Beach.

Chyna & Eddy Guerrero are interviewed backstage. They talk about getting back at Benoit. CHyna said something about she has an ice pack with Benoits name on it, just waiting to go in his shorts.

The Rock is then interviewed. The Crowd was incredibly loud at this point. CHants of Rocky were all through out the building. "Finally, The Rock has come... Home." Then He did the rest of his catch fraises.

The Rock, Chyna, & Eddy Guerrero pin Benoit,Edge & Christian. The Match ended when The Rock went for the People's elbow. But before he could drop the elbow, he decided to tag in Chyna. Chyna then Powerbombed and pinned Christian for the win.

After the Match, Shane Came down, and Rock chased him out of the Arena. Edge and Christian stomped Guerrero as Benoit put the Crossface back onto Chyna. Shane runs back into the arena followed by Rock. Rock then takes out Edge and Christian. Then Benoit and Shane escape.

I think this is where the cameras stopped. Rock and Benoit was engaged in a staredown from Ramp to Ring. Guerrero was helping CHyna up at this time. Benoit came back to the ring. Rock met him with a SPineBuster. Followed by the People's Elbow. He then shaked Guerrero's and Chyna's hands.

A few side notes. There was a guy who was sitting the section below me. I think he was stripping, but i am not sure. The crowd was really into him tho. When security took him away, the whole arena was booing.

Also, there were about 7 beachballs thruout the course of the night. Whenver it was taken away, the crowd would chant "We Want BeachBall"

There was a Guy in the crowd fully dressed up like Goldust.

After the tapings. A fight broke out over The Rock's 2nd elbow pad.

Date: July 4, 2000
City: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Report by: Mike HarDy,

Smackdown Tapings: [Airdate - 7/6]

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle comes out and cuts a promo on the city of Ft. Lauderdale and is interupted by the Y2J countdown. Y2J saves us from "another boring speech" and proceeds to start the match. After a few lock ups and exchanges Stephanie McMahon makes her way to ring side where she is stared upon by Jericho. After several minutes of the match, she makes her way onto the ring apron where she is met by the official. Angle graps his spetor to strike Jericho with, but Jericho blocks it and turns it into the walls of Jericho. Steph picks up the septor and somehow nails Y2J in the Y2Balls with it without the ref seeing it. Angle Olympic slams Jericho for the 3. Winner: Kurt Angle

Triple H arrives and is greated by Steph who says she just screwed over Jericho. HHH asks why she even involved herself with those two and says it's time to see the commissioner to get a shot at Jericho.

Mick Foley comes to the ring and calls out Benoit and Shane for ruining a perfectly good main event on Raw. Benoit answered the call and stood in Foley's face while Foley ranted about how low Benoit and Shane went and showed video of Benoit putting Chyna in the crossface. Benoit said it's only a matter of him getting the WWF title cause he has no fear and no remorse when it comes to getting the gold. Edge and Christian make their way out and say how proud they are of their fellow Canadian, etc. Foley gets a cheap pop by saying "this isn't Canada, this is Ft. Lauderdale Florida." Foley then says if they want to buddy up they can buddy up against Guererro, Chyna, and the People's champ in the main event.

Dudley Boyz vs. D'Lo Brown & Chaz
The Karate Kid lookalikes get set to face the Dudleyz who received a nice pop. A "we want tables" chant starts almost right away. The Dudleyz control the majority of the match with Chaz scoring some impressive over the top manuevers including a springboard clothesline. After D-Von sets up a table on the outside all appears well for the Dudleyz until Stephen Richards makes his way to ringside and steals the table. Bubba frantically searches for a new table while D-Von is thrashed inside the ring. D-Von fights off D'Lo to the outside and Bubba makes his way back into the ring just in time for the 3D. Winners: The Dudley Boyz

HHH is shown entering the commissioners office and says it's still his time and he wants the WWF Title but he wants Jericho NOW. Foley states that the reason he wants to save that for Pay Per-View is that HHH is "that damn good" and that match can be "that damn good" so there is no need to waste it. HHH says if he doesn't make the match, he'll take the match. Foley says each time HHH hits the commissioner will be $5000 and HHH says "Steph, get my wallet, this is gonna be expensive" (Great line). Foley then rants about how HHH isn't the WWF and he has the power to book him in gyms and make people forget who HHH is. He says he'll have Jericho on Raw if he could win an elimination handicap match later on.

Jacky & Ivory v. Dean Malenko
The crowd about died when this was announced. No pops at all. Malenko is accompanied by 2 fine Florida hos. Malenko tears apart the ladies until Ivory gets a couple of reversals in. After some back and forth battling, Malenko appears in control until the wouldbe Light Heavyweight Champ Crash Holly makes his way to ringside to trip Malenko during a suplex and give the ladies a roll up victory. Winners: Jacky & Ivory

Blackman v. Bossman
Typical hardcore match with Blackman gaining the advantage via kendo stick early on. Bossman comes back with a fire extinguisher and trash can shots. Meanwhile we see Al Snow selling peanuts in the crowd and as Bossman & Blackman make their way over there, Snow nails Bossman with the Peanut carrier and Blackman retains the title. Winner: Steve Blackman

Intercontinental Title match Rikishi v. Val Venis
Rikishi and Val are at each others throats the entire match and start right away. The match goes to the outside where Rikishi tries to use a chair but referee Teddy Long takes it away. In the ring Trish gets on the apron to distract the ref from Rikishi pin attempt. Somehow, the ref is knocked silly and Rikshi is laid out by Val, next thing you know the ref is going for the 1,2,3 but Rikishi powers Val off of him and Val lands on the ref, knocking him out for a good 5 minutes. As Rikishi makes a comeback of sorts and tries to revive the ref, Tazz comes to the ring, takes a camera from a camera man, and clobbers Rikishi with it. Then Tazz throws the very expensive piece of equiptment to the floor. Val recovers as does the ref and hits the money shot to become the new Intercontinental Champ. Winner: Val Venis

Too Cool ran down to help Rikishi to the back. Very loud heat when they didn't dance.

Mideon explains to Undertaker in the backstage area that Kurt Angle got stuff all over the Taker's bike while Angle was celebrating.

Undertaker & Kane vs. T & A
UT/Kane came out first and after a great entrance by both, the match was underway with Kane and Albert going at it. Undertaker and Kane make several quick tags and work over Test. Undertaker battles to the outside with Test and takes him out of the rest of the match, leaving Albert to their taking. A chokeslam later and the match is over. Test comes back in and is Powerbombed by UT. As UT is leaving he points and says things to Trish, who is grabbed by the hair and pulled into the ring by Kane. He sets her up for a chokeslam but Val runs down to make the save. Winners: Kane & Undertaker

HHH v. ??? elimination handicap match
HHH comes to the ring and gets the crowd even more into the show. Then he and Steph silently await his opponents when Kai En Tai's music hits. After laughing somewhat, HHH learns that he has a 3rd opponent, The Brooklyn Brawler. The 3 opponents surround the ring and then chase HHH. After an initial beating, the Game fights off two of the men leaving Taka for a pedigree and elimination. Seconds later HHH pedigrees and eliminates Funaki as he is now clearing house. Steph just looks happy outside the ring until Jericho shows up. The ref was knocked unconscious during this ordeal, but woke up in time to see Jericho knock out HHH and land a Lionsault (no DQ however, ref just watched it happen). The Brooklyn Brawler then pinned HHH. Yes I typed that correctly. The Jobber's Jobber, pinned the 4-time WWF champion who is on top of the wrestling world. Winner: Brooklyn Brawler.

An irate HHH comes back to the ring after chasing off Jericho and seeing Kai En Tai and the Brawler celebrating like the Yankees won the World Series. He demolishes all three, leaving the Brawler in a pool of blood. He then is walking up the ramp when he sees on the Ovaltron, Jericho telling HHH's limo driver that HHH won't be needing his services and instead Y2J will take this Limo downtown for the night. HHH runs to stop him but doesn't make it.

Benoit with Edge & Christian v. The Rock, Guererro, and Chyna
This match was Eddie v. Benoit for the majority. After a hot tag to the Rock, Rock cleans house and delivers a spinebuster. He tosses the elbow pad (which lands three seats to my left) and goes for the elbow, but he needs to stop to take care of the other two partners. He's about to finish the elbow when Chyna signals she wants in, so Rock tags her in and lets her score the pinfall. After the match Shane runs down to the ring and attacks the Rock, but Rock just turns and chases. Meanwhile in the ring, Edge, Christian, & Benoit attack Guererro and mainly Chyna. Benoit locks in a crossface and the others beat down on Eddie. Rock chases Shane back to the ring where he breaks up the action, Rock bottoms Edge clears the ring and delivers yet another elbow. I think this is the point where Smackdown ends, but as Benoit is leaving, Rock calls him back and Benoit doesn't back down. He returns for another Rock Bottom. As Rock leaves, Benoit calls Rock back, and Rock doesn't back down. Benoit controls Rock but that all ends with a Rock Bottom and the night was done.

Other notes:
The Rock's Mother and Wife sat in front of us, as did the Florida Marlins, and NFL Players Zach Thomas & Jason Taylor w/Agent Drew Rosenhous, and the mayor of the city. Rock's mom got covered in Gangrel's blood that he spits. The WWF gave all the athlete's Rock shirts to wear on TV (they all make no less than $500,000 a year and they are the ones getting free stuff, go figure). A fight broke out near the end. The two parties were seperated, but the son of one of the men was throwing things at the other was damn funny. One very large man was kicked out for removing his shirt and entertaining the audience with his massive gut. The National Car Rental security guards are scumbags. They took our signs and threw people out for no reason. I encourage to kill a National Car Rental security guard if given ample oppurtunity. No return date was announced, but the show overall was very entertaining.

Date: July 4, 2000
City: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Report by: Mike E.,

Sunday Night HeAT: [Airdate - 7/9]

Too Cool vs. The Hardy Boyz w/Lita..During the match Trish w/(T & A)came down and slammed Lita on the floor with a hair pull and tried to choke her with her sweater. Grandmaster roled up Jeff Hardy to score the pin although Grandmaster pulled the tights. After the match, Michael Hayes said "God Bless F**king America", i'm sure they'll edit that out..hehe.
Winners: Too Cool

Crash Holly vs. Bull Buchanan..Bull nailed Crash with his Axe-kick finisher to score the pin.
Winner: Bull Buchanan

The WWF launched the HeAT intro fireworks.

The Godfather vs. Perry Saturn..During the match, Steven Richards comes down and puts the same potato sacks with the slash on the Godfathers Ho's. The Godfather then took a sign's stick and attempted to level Steven with it but nailed Perry instead, causing a DQ.
Winner: Perry Saturn

Essa Rios vs. Al Snow w/Head..Al defeated Essa with a Reverse Dragon sleeper on the mat to score the win.
Winner: Al Snow

Gangrel & Mideon vs. Bradshaw in a Handicap match..Bradshaw nailed several Clotheslines from Hell on Gangrel and nailed a vicious one on Mideon and scored the pin on him.
Winner: Bradshaw

The ring crew put up the Smackdown! ropes and Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole makes their appearence. Lillian then sang the National Anthem, then wished everybody a Happy Independence Day.

Smackdown!: [Airdate - 7/6]

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho..Before the match started, Stephanie came to ringside to observe. Jericho had Angle in the Walls of Jericho but Steph used Angle's scepter handle to low blow Jericho. That enabled Kurt to nail the Olympic Slam on Y2J to score the pin.
Winner: Kurt Angle

The Dudley Boyz vs. Chaz & D'lo Brown..During the match Steven Richards came down and stole the Dudleyz table. The Dudleyz did manage to put Chaz in the Dudley Death Drop to score the pin.
Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Ivory & Jacqueline vs. Dean Malenko in a Intergender Handicap match..Near the end of the match, Crash Holly came down to the ring and held Dean's foot under the rope as he suplexed Ivory back in the ring and both Ivory & Jackie pinned Dean.
Winners: Ivory & Jacqueline

Rikishi Phatu vs. Val Venis for the IC title..Test & Albert interfered but Too Cool head them off. Tazz then came into the ring and hit Rikishi with a WWF TV camera. As Rikishi was laid out, Val Venis hit his Moneyshot splash and scored the pin to become the new Intercontinental Champion.
Winner: New Intercontinental Champion=Val Venis

The Big Bossman vs. Steve Blackman for the Hardcore title..Al Snow came out at a point and nailed the Bossman with a Peanut holder tray. Blackman then cracked a Kendo stick over Bossman's skull and scored the pin.
Winner: Steve Blackman

Kane & The Undertaker vs. Test & Albert (T & A)..Kane nailed Albert with a vicious Chokeslam to score the pin.
Winners: Kane & Undertaker

Triple H vs. Kaentai & The Brooklyn Brawler in a Handicap Elimination match..Triple H gave both members of Kaentai the Pedigree driver and pinned them both. Chris Jericho came in and interfered and gave HHH a bulldog and then the Lionsault. Brawler scored the pin. HHH was Irate after the match and attacked Kaentai and then busted Brawler open.
Winner: The Brooklyn Brawler

Chris Benoit & Edge & Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chyna & The Rock..Chyna nailed a major powerbomb into a pinning combination on Christian and scored the pin.
Winners: Chyna & Eddie Guerrero & The Rock

When Smackdown ended, The Rock and Benoit had a long staredown while Benoit was on the stage and Rock was in the ring. Rock gave the "Just Bring it" hand wave, Benoit came in and ran into a Spine buster. Rock then took off his left elbow pad and nailed a People's elbow. Then the feed ended and that's all I saw.