WWF Smackdown! Report for 12/9/99:

  • The Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho
    -The New Age Outlaws' music is playing to start off the night and The Road Dogg is headed to the ring. The Road Dogg is set for one on one action against Chris Jericho! This Sunday night on pay per view, Chris Jericho meets Chyna for the Intercontinental Championship. Chris gets on the mic and he wants to talk about Armageddon. It means the end of time, and the end of the world as they know it, but in this case, it is the end of the freak of the nature, Chyna's pathetic wrestling career. Chris says Chyna needs to shut her mouth and remember, thumb's the word! Chris says since he needs a warm up match for Armageddon, he figured he would wrestle someone similar to the beast he is going against at Armageddon. As Chris Jericho gets in the ring, Chyna's music comes on and she shows up on the stage. Chyna heads towards the ring and it looks like she may be joining Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for some commentary. The two battle in and out of the ring and as the match is going on, Chris taunts Chyna by saying that the belt will be his. Chris Jericho pins The Road Dogg after a moon sault, and The Road Dogg's leg was on the rope. Chyna gets up and explains to the referee that The Road Dogg's foot was on the rope, and it looks like the match is going to restart. The Road Dogg puts Chris Jericho in a small package and almost gets a 3 count and this match is still going! The Road Dogg puts the pump handle slam on Chris Jericho, and the Road Dogg pins Jericho for the three count. Chris had his foot on the rope for a second, but Chyna walked over and knocked it off. After the match, Chris Jericho is angry as Chyna walks away smiling.
    Winner - The Road Dogg

  • Shane McMahon is backstage with Vince, and Vince is saying that contract will be signed tonight. Someone knocks on the door and Shane answers it and it's Test. Test asks Stephanie if they can talk alone, and she says sure. Vince and Shane leave the room and let them talk privately. Test and Stephanie are talking and Test says it's been a real rough couple of days. Test says he can't even imagine what Stephanie is going through. Test says it would be best for everybody if they just call the engagement off for now. Stephanie says if that's how Test really feels, maybe she should have the ring back. The two cry in the room and Test says he doesn't know what to say as Stephanie says she never meant for it to be like this. Test says she still cares about Stephanie, and Stephanie says it's kind of funny, because this is the place that he first asked her out. Test says he will always care about Stephanie, and the two get ready to kiss when X-Pac bursts into the door. X-Pac says Test is busted for doing stuff with hi s best friend's wife. Test says that X-Pac is going to pay the price, and X-Pac says to come get some, because he isn't going anywhere.

  • Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman vs. the Dudley Boyz
    -Kurt Angle is on his way to the ring, and he gets on the mic and he says he would like everyone in Boston to know that if they follow his three I's, they can accomplish anything they want to. Kurt says maybe some day, even this town could win a world series if they follow his three I's. The crowd boos Kurt Angle heavily after that one. Kurt Angle introduces Steve Blackman to the ring, and the two are going to team up in a Tag Team match. Devon challenges Kurt Angle for some free style competition. When Kurt goes down to allow Devon to do the high school wrestling with him, Devon stomps him, instead. Devon Dudley knocked Blackman into Angle, and then the Dudley Boyz gave Blackman the Dudley Death drop and the Dudley Boyz walk away with the win. Kurt gets on the mic and says for the record, it wasn't his loss, it was Steve Blackman's loss. Kurt says that he is still undefeated in the World Wrestling Federation. Kurt Angle beats up on Blackman and then leaves the ring.
    Winners - The Dudley Boyz

  • WWF cameras are at a dance club and Too Cool are there having a great time with the fans along with Rikishi Fatu. Kevin Kelly is backstage, and he is talking about the WWF Women's Championship match at Armageddon. This past Monday on RAW, it was revealed that Miss Kitty would be wrestling in the match. Kevin says he is going to talk to Miss Kitty who is in a stunning evening gown.

  • Christian vs. the British Bulldog (c)
    -Christian is on his way to the ring, and he is going solo tonight after what happened last week with Edge. Edge did a hurricanrana off the top rope and injured his knee. The British Bulldog comes out alone, and he is defending his gold. While the Bulldog is making his way to the ring, the arena turns orange and a strange logo appears on the Ovaltron. The winner of this match will go to Armageddon and wrestle against both D'Lo Brown and Val Venis in a Triple Threat match! Christian goes for his finishing move on the British Bulldog, but the Mean Street Posse come to the ring and interrupt the match. Val Venis also comes to the ring and attacks the Mean Street Posse as well as D'Lo Brown.
    Winner by disqualification, Christian, but still WWF European Champion, the British Bulldog

  • Kevin Kelly is with Miss Kitty and she is wearing a gown, Kitty says she knows she is going to win this, and Kevin sorta laughs. Kevin asks her what she is going to wear at Armageddon, and Kitty asks what it matters what she is going to wear, because she is going to go into the match and rip off all the clothes of the women. Kevin tells her to wear some underwear this Sunday night, and Miss Kitty starts to rip off the clothes of Kevin Kelly to show him that she needs to be taken seriously.

  • The dance club is shown again and Too Cool are there with Rikishi, and Grandmaster Sexy tells Scotty Too Hotty that it's time for him to show the world how it's done. Scotty Too Hotty starts dancing around the club as fans chant "Go Scotty, Go Scotty!" Footage from this past Monday night on RAW is shown where the Big Bossman revealed to the world that The Big Show was a bastard.

  • The Big Bossman and Prince Albert vs. the Hardy Boyz
    -The Big Bossman and Prince Albert are on their way to the ring, and they are set for Tag Team action. The Bossman gets on the mic and says he guesses the question on everyone's mind is "Who's your daddy, punk?" The Hardy Boyz are on their way to the ring, and they are the ones going against Prince Albert and the Bossman. Terri is in the corner of the Hardyz. As the match is starting, Michael Cole is fed some information that The Big Show has pulled into the Fleet Center. "Hey, I got an idea, what do we got here, 23,000 people? He's probably coming to look for his daddy!" The Big Show is shown, and he is headed towards the arena. This can't be good for the Big Bossman. The Big Show storms to the ring and he attacks Prince Albert and then goes after the Big Bossman. The Big Show tosses the Bossman across the ring as if he were a doll. Prince Albert gave The Big Show a low blow so the two can make an escape.
    Winners - No contest

  • Al Snow vs. Mankind
    Al Snow is seen walking backstage, and he will go one on one with his former best friend, Mankind in just a few moments. A video package is shown for the friendship between Mankind and Al Snow. Mankind is making his way to the ring, and he is set to go against Al Snow. Mankind turns his back in the ring and Al gets into the ring and attacks him from behind to start the match. It's apparent that Mankind doesn't want to be in this match up against his friend. Mankind has no choice but to fight back as the two fight on the outside of the ring. Al Snow has lost it as he chokes Mankind with electrical wires on the outside of the ring. Al Snow throws Mankind back into the ring and then grabs a chair and gets ready to use it on Mankind but the referee stopped him. Mankind gives Al Snow the double arm DDT and then gets Mr. Socko out and then puts Socko back in his pants and changes his mind. Mankind grabs the chair and he thinks about bashing the brains of Al Snow in with hit, but the referee talks him out of it. Al Snow gives Mankind a low blow and then hits Mankind with the steel chair getting himself disqualified. Al Snow continues to bash Mankind's head into the chair and then leaves the ring.
    Winner as a result of a disqualification, Mankind

  • Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Linda are backstage and they are talking. Patterson and Brisco show up and tell Vince that they are ready for the contract signing. The Corporate music is playing, and the McMahons are all on their way to the ring along with Patterson and Brisco. Vince gets on the mic and says this is going to be quite an occasion. This Sunday, No Holds Barred at Armageddon, and Vince says he can't wait. Vince says he will get a great deal of personal pleasure out of this match up. Vince says after he defeats Triple H this Sunday, he will no longer be a part of the McMahon family, and to Vince, that is like cutting cancer out of his body. Vince says let's get this contract signing over with, and Triple H's music comes on and he is on his way out to the arena.

  • Triple H asks if he heard Vince right, and if he called this a formality. Triple H wants Vince to understand the significance of signing these papers. Triple H says when these are signed, these guarantee a lot of things. Triple H says the first thing they guarantee is the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Triple H says that all he needs is one shot, and that gives him one shot. The other thing it guarantees is it gives him the opportunity to beat Vince's ass worse than it's ever been beaten before. Triple H tells Vince to understand that when he signs the document, he faces The Game in a no holds barred match. One of the most dangerous matches in the world, why? Because Triple H can do whatever he pleases to Vince. Last but not least, those papers, when signed guarantee Triple H a lifetime of wedded bliss with Stephanie McMahon. Triple H tells Vince to understand that this is not just a formality, this is a momentous occasion. Triple H says he is proud to be a member of the McMahon family, becau se they are very successful at business. Triple H says he's pretty successful at business himself, like father, like son. Triple H says he completed the most successful business decision to date when he married Vince's daughters.

  • Triple H asks Vince what his most successful business moment has been, and Vince says that he hasn't had it yet. Vince says it will happen this Sunday when he dismembers Triple H, because it will guarantee that Triple H goes back to the bottom where he belongs, and it will guarantee Stephanie's freedom. Triple H says that since Vince understands what it means, he will come to the ring and get the signing on. Triple H says he remembered a little something, and that's the 50 foot restraining order thing, and if Triple H comes to the ring, that means Vince has to leave. Triple H says if Vince were to be within 50 feet of him, he would be arrested on the spot. Vince tells Triple H to bring him the papers, and Triple H says no, he has a better idea, and that's to send Stephanie to get the papers from him, and maybe she can get a little smooch to go with it. Vince sends Shane, and Triple H says that Shane isn't quite the guy that he had in mind to smooch with. Shane takes the contract and goes back to the ri ng as T riple H tells him to hurry up. They look over the contract in the ring, and Vince realizes that Triple H didn't sign the contract. Triple H says that he learned from the best, never sign first, always sign last. Vince McMahon signs the contract and it's official from his point of view.

  • Shane McMahon brings the contract back to Triple H and Triple H says he hopes he can write, because he's shaking really bad! (Jokingly) Triple H signs the contract with Shane McMahon in front of him and then Triple H tells Shane to bring them back to his old man and Triple H hits Shane on the side of the head with the mic. Degeneration X shows up and beats the hell out of Shane McMahon up on the stage. Patterson and Brisco try to help Shane but the Outlaws are there to make sure they can't help. Triple H throws Shane McMahon off the stage and Triple H throws the papers down there with him as Vince, Patterson and Brisco attend to Shane.

  • Test vs. X-Pac
    -Shane is being attended to backstage, and he wants the stuff off of him. Patterson and Brisco feel responsible for this and Shane tells Vince that he wants him to take Triple H OUT at Armageddon. X-Pac is on his way to the ring, and he is set for action against Test. As Test makes his way to the ring, the lights dim and the arena turns orange with the strange symbol shown on the Ovaltron. X-Pac sets up Test for the bronco buster, but misses. X-Pac goes for the X-Factor on Test, but Test blocks it and tosses X-Pac into the corner. X-Pac gives Test a low blow and then puts the Bronco Buster on Test for the win.
    Winner - Test

  • Too Cool and Rikishi are at the dance club still, and they are just having a great time. Fatu tells Grandmaster Sexy to show them what time it is and he starts dancing for the fans. The fans chant "Grandmaster, Grandmaster!" as he dances. Shane is being attended to still, and Vince tells Shane that Triple H is going to pay tonight, and Shane tells him not to be stupid. Vince walks away as Stephanie tells her father that he can get him at Armageddon. Too Cool are at the dance club still, and they are trying to convince Rikishi Fatu to dance, and he does. The Holly Cousins show up and they attack Rikishi Fatu while he is dancing.

  • The Rock is walking backstage, and he is going against Billy Gunn in just a few moments. The Rock makes his way to the ring as the fans chant "Rocky, Rocky!". The Rock says seeing as The Rock is the people's champion, and the people consist of millions and millions of Rock's fans, there is one big Rock fan here tonight who some of the fans may know and his name is Nomar Garcia. The Rock say that tonight's opponent is a jabroni who is one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions, Billy Gunn. The Rock tells Billy Gunn to come to the people's ring, so The Rock can do what he does best and that's layeth the smackdown, 123! The Rock says he and Nomar will take Billy Gunn to the baseball field in Boston and select a bat. The Rock says he wants Nomar to shine the bat up real nice, keep shining it. Take all the splinters out, give it back to The Rock so he can put pine tar on it and turn that sum bitch sideways and stick it straight up Billy's ass!

  • The Rock vs. Badd Ass Billy Gunn
    -Billy Gunn is on his way to the ring, and he is one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions. The two trade punches to start off the match, and the referee gets hamburgered in the corner and Billy Gunn gets the fame-asser on The Rock, but the referee wasn't there to make the count. The referee gets up and counts a two count on The Rock. The referee gets knocked down again and The Rock gives Billy Gunn the people's elbow for the win.
    Winner - The Rock

  • Linda McMahon is backstage, and she asks Pat and Gerald if they have seen Vince, because she is worried. Patterson and Brisco tell her that they are getting him some coffee, and that Vince went to take a walk. Linda, still concerned about Vince, walks off and looks for him.

  • Triple H vs. Kane
    Triple H is on his way to the ring, and he is set for a one on one match with The Big Red Machine, Kane. Triple H gets in the face of the referee and shoves him and Earl Hebner knocks Triple H down! Triple H beats up on the head referee in the ring before the match is even able to get under way. The lights go out and Kane is on his way to the ring along with Tori! The match is on, but we don't have a referee. A referee comes out with a Vince McMahon mask on, and Triple H knocks the referee out of the ring. One can only assume that it's Vince McMahon under the mask. Another referee with a Vince McMahon mask comes out and it looks like he is going to be the referee for this contest. Triple H takes the second official with the Vince mask on and Triple H continues to battle with Kane. Another referee comes out with a Vince McMahon mask on and he is walking towards the ring slowly. Kane gets the choke slam on Triple H and then he rolls out of the ring. The referees with the Vince masks on all walk up the ramp with Triple H walking away from them backwards. Vince McMahon comes out with a Vince mask and he hits Triple H with a steel pipe. The rest of dX comes out and gets the same treatment from Vince McMahon.
    Winner - No Contest

    [Credit: WeirdKevin & RajahWWF.com]