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Rumors for 5/12/00

As soon as Kane can move past his longtime feud with X Pac, he could become a top contender to the WWF World or Intercontinental title. The Undertaker's return looms as well. Will the "brothers" feud or form another unholy alliance, culminating in the WWF world tag team title. (Brandon Newman)

The WWF clearly has plans for Rikishi, as he has been thrust into the spotlight faster than any other wrestler in the federation. WrestleMania 2001 will likely feature the Samoan star in a prominent role. Gold around Rikishi's large waist is only a matter of time. (Brandon Newman)

This story goes one way and then the other. For the next 3 months this is going to pop up in the headlines, word is that Lenny Lane has informed WCW that when his contract expires he's going to look at all offers. Lenny Lane is heading to the WWF! As you may know, he was released from WCW recently. He sent out an email to all the "Laniacs" about his future. This email is courtesy of Sister Midnight.
" All my fans, You may have heard a rumor that I am going to go to the WWF, well it is TRUE! It will be a few more months but I think it is a good move. I owe a lot to WCW for getting my career going. I thank everyone over at TNT. Now it is time to take a step in the direction of the WWF, to see what Vince has to offer. I would not have gotten anywhere without all the support of you my awesome fans. Then this was released on the Internet, Then following statement was released to by Lenny Lane:"The report that has surfaced on the Internet that I am going to the WWF is false. I am under contract with WCW through August of this year. At the appropriate time I will consider all of my options, including possibly remaining with WCW." Confused yet, the Grappler will keep you updated. (Jay Serrano, Minh Nguyen, Sister Midnight,

Perry Saturn is expected to turn babyface and feud with Dean Malenko in the near future. As it stands right now, The Radicals will be breaking up as the weeks progress, due to the strong singles push each member is receiving right now. On a side note, Tazz has requested not to be matched up with Perry Saturn for various reasons, so don't look for these two to meet up in the future as Tazz returns from his torn bicep. (Mitch Newton)

- The Undertaker is still scheduled to make his World Wrestling Federation Television return in the squared circle at the June "King of the Ring" Pay-Per-View Show. However, expect to see The Undertaker back on television in a few weeks. (Mitch Newton)

Rumors are circulating that the Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit match at Judgment Day PPV, could be a Submission Match. (Jimmy Van, Joe Starson)

Mick Foley could be involved in the main event angle at Summerslam, but in a non-wrestling capacity. (Jimmy Van, Joe Starson)

New York State Senator, Tom Libious is scheduled to have his people meet with WCW and WWF representatives, to work out a compromise on legislation on drug testing in New York. Rocky vs HHH should headline Judgement Day, the next WWF PPV, with a lot of stips designed to weigh heavily in Triple H's favor.

John Kronus, and Nicole Bass are part of an adult rated Bondage video released by XPW owner, Rob Black.

Xpac suffered an asthma attack during the tag team title match at Backlash, which caused the match to end early.

Stu Hart phoned Benoit and Jericho this week, to thank them for not wanting to do the Stampede/WWF show, when they found out he wanted no part of it.

That porn should be good, Nicole Bass that should be as good as Chyna in that thong at Backlash

The WWF double-booked for June 11th. At 6:00 pm, they have scheduled shows for both the Hearnes Center in Columbia, MO, as well as the Civic Center in Peoria, IL. You would think that a billion dollar corporation would be able to get their shit straight.

Here's all the news from this week's Ross Report as well:

Tazz's injured bicep may not require surgery, according to doctors. If that is the case, Tazz could be back in approximately six weeks; however, if surgery is done expect a three-month rehab period. Tazz was just beginning to get adjusted in the WWF when the injury occurred and WWF officials still have very high expectations of the former ECW Champion. Obviously, Tazz's tenure thus far in the WWF has been less successful than originally projected; however, his attitude has remained largely positive, his merchandise is selling very well and the Brooklyn native has adjusted well in the locker room. I believe that when everything comes together, Tazz will be an upper-level player in this organization. By the way, Tazz is being treated by the New York Mets' doctor.

The Big Boss Man has experienced some high blood pressure problems recently and now has medication to keep this ailment under control. Boss Man's family has a history of blood pressure issues. This problem will prevent the veteran from traveling to the UK for Insurrextion this Saturday.

X-Pac will miss Insurrextion also to handle some family issues after the untimely death of his mother-in-law on Easter. Road Dogg (with Tori) will face Bradshaw (with Faarooq) in London Saturday night.

Trish Stratus will return to TV next week after her ride through wood Sunday at Backlash.

Kurt Angle is in the UK as we speak doing promotional work for Insurrextion. Angle competes with Chris Benoit Saturday night in what I think will be a super contest.

Mick Foley is staying very busy with personal appearances around the country and is not scheduled to return to WWF TV any time soon, which means he could surprise us on RAW or SmackDown!

WWF officials will be meeting with University of Minnesota Gopher All-American heavyweight wrestler Brock Lesnar next week in Connecticut. The national champion, originally from South Dakota, is an outstanding prospect.

Mick Foley will appear in Los Angeles on May 12 for Jakks toys while Kane appears in Lubbock, Texas, on the same day at a Monster Truck show (how appropriate).

Contrary to uninformed internet reports, Shawn Michaels will return to WWF TV in a few weeks, probably after Judgment Day. Some WWF talents will also be making appearances for HBK's Texas Wrestling Alliance organization. Per my conversation this week with Shawn, he seems very anxious to return to WWF TV and contribute.

Let's clarify the Mark Henry issue. Firstly, the WWF is not trying to "get Mark Henry to quit," as has been speculated in the internet. If the WWF wanted to stop doing business with Mark, he would have been released… legally. We are trying to get him to realize his potential, improve his in-ring skills by working regularly and to continue to lose unneeded weight and get in top physical condition. In Louisville with Ohio Valley Wrestling, Mark can, hopefully, accomplish all these goals. The current level of talent in the WWF is such that anything less than one's absolute best just will not get it done.

WWF TV ratings were really off the page this week. RAW was an excellent team effort and was highlighted by some excellent quarter hour ratings delivered by some new talents who, obviously, are "getting over." TV ratings are a result of several people on the same page contributing to a team effort. Desperation booking and hot shotting writing/production is very short sighted and shallow, and will not work within our business. For those that feel differently, I hope they keep it up.

I woke up from a deep sleep one night this week and thought I saw the most embarrassing battle royal on TV ever! It must have just been a bad nightmare because nothing could have been that bad, could it?

Viscera may be able in return in the next few weeks, depending on how hard he rehabs his injured shoulder. Gangrel is working hard to heal his shoulder and could be back soon.

How veteran Bobby Eaton got the news of his release from his previous employer is embarrassing to all within our business. We've all made mistakes and one would hope this was simply an oversight. Eaton deserved better.

As you read this, I should be in the UK readying for Insurrextion. The talent, for the most part, arrives Saturday morning around 6:00 a.m. Everyone will be back in the states by early afternoon Sunday. Quick trip to say the least but this should be a fun show. The UK fans are really enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the WWF landscape. I'm looking forward to this one.

We've got a cookbook project in the works, in addition to JR's BBQ Sauce, and I should have some definite info on both within the next few days. Because of internal management changes at the WWF, the BBQ project slowed down, however, things are back going now. The reason I bring this up is to make others aware so they might consider giving both projects some "stretch" on their network because even a small audience is better than nothing.

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