Raw Is War

WWF RAW is WAR Report--7/10/00:
Report by: Dan the Man of RajahWWF.com

  • RAW Opening:
    -LIVE from San Jose, California, the WWF presents RAW is WAR! Tonight's Foley-less program begins with the newly formed tandem of Chris Benoit and Shane McMahon. The Canadian and Connecticutian (is that a word?) make their way to the ring where Shane picks up a mic. Shane says that everyone is wondering about his and Benoit's relationship. He says they are just friends. He has always respected Benoit, but lately, has admired what Benoit stands for. He says Benoit is goal-oriented, with deadly focus, and a cold heart. He says Benoit is absolutely ruthless, and a man who happens to be an equal opportunity offender. With this, Shane introduces clips of Benoit putting the Crossface on Chyna. Shane says he was even more amazed when Benoit put the Crossface on Rock. He says that he doesn't blame Rock for ducking away from Benoit, at which we see Rock chase Shane on SmackDown, away from Benoit. He says he is proud to call Chris Benoit friend. Benoit gets the mic and thanks Shane. He shakes Shane's hand and says that Rock is no friend. He says his friends aren't cowards, or who won't admit he is the best technical wrestler in the WWF. He asks Rock to prove him wrong by facing him tonight. He says the Title will not be on the line, but if he wins, he gets a Title shot at Fully Loaded. The WWF Champ enters, and paces along the stage. Rock says Benoit has the nerve to make Rock prove him wrong. He says he has no problem with that because if you think Benoit is better than the Rock, you're wrong. He says if you think Shane isn't a silver-spoon punk bitch, you're wrong. He says if you think Rock won't whoop his ass tonight, you're wrong. He tells "both Jabronis" to just bring it. As Benoit and Shane celebrate, Eddie and Chyna run down with chairs and get in a shot on Shane before Shane and Benoit roll out of the ring. Commercial.

  • Too Cool vs. T&A vs. Hardy Boys (Tag Team Elimination Match):
    -Too Cool dance their way down first. Next, Test and Albert come down with Trish leading the way. Replay of Trish choking Lita on HeAt. Finally, the Hardys come down with Lita getting in on the ring celebration. The Hardys immediately go after T&A and Lita starts chasing Trish around the ring. The Hardys knock Test out of the ring and Too Cool double team Albert. Scotty and Albert eventually get one-on-one. Clothesline by Albert, who then misses a falling headbutt. Tag to GrandMaster. GM goes for two clotheslines but Albert doesn't fall. Big boot by Albert and a tag to Test. Big boot by GM, followed by an elbow. DDT off the top rope by GrandMaster. Test hits Matt Hardy and the ref calls it as a tag. GM whips Matt into the corner, but misses a splash. Leg drop from the second rope by Matt 1-2-kickout. Tag to Jeff. Hardy leg splash in the corner 1-2-kickout. The men exchange kicks. Shoulder block by GM. Jeff floats over a suplex and goes to cross body GrandMaster, but the two fall over. GrandMaster throws Jeff outside, where Test gets in shots. T&A double team Jeff in the corner 1-2-kickout. Albert tags Test, who pounds on Jeff's head. Scoop slam by Test, who goes up top. Jeff puts his legs up just in time to hit a jumping Test. Tag to Matt, who hits a flying clothesline on Test 1-2-kickout. Test sets up a pump-handle slam, but Matt floats over and pushes Test into Scotty. Twist of Fate by Matt who tags Jeff who hits a Swanton Bomb. Scotty runs in the ring and distracts the ref, allowing Albert to choke-powerbomb Matt and put Test on top 1-2-3! Lita and Trish go at it, until Albert breaks it up, only to be double teamed by the Hardys. In the ring, Test drops GrandMaster outside, but Scotty hits a facebuster. As Scotty jumps around for a Worm, Tazz runs in and straps on the Tazzmission on Scotty. Test gets up and hits a flying elbow for the 1-2-3! In the back, Triple H is complaining about Foley screwing him from 10,000 miles away. They are talking about Road Dogg getting to fight Jericho, and no one being able to interfere. Triple H tells Road Dogg that he had better get the job done, or he won't want to come back to this room. Commercial.

  • Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho:
    -Replay of Tazz's interference in that last match. In the back, Kevin Kelly asks Tazz to explain his actions. He says "Now you want to talk to me? I don't think so..." and walks off. In the arena, Road Dogg comes down to the new DX music. Remember, no DX interference or else Triple H loses his shot at Fully Loaded. The Y2J Countdown hits 00. The two fight down the ramp. Jericho rolls Dogg into the ring. Chops by Jericho. Clothesline by Jericho, while we see DX watch from the back. Springboard dropkick by Jericho, and Road Dogg is down by the announce table. Road Dogg drops Jericho onto the steps and then clotheslines him. Back in the ring, Road Dogg kicks Jericho in the corner, and then chokes him. Low knee by Dogg 1-2-kickout. Road Dogg puts in a sleeper. Jericho fights out and rolls Dogg up 1-2-kickout. Clothesline by Dogg, who then chokes Jericho on the rope. Shaky elbow drop by Road Dogg, and again. Flying forearm by Jericho, who then hits a facebuster 1-2-kickout. Road Dogg misses a clothesline, and Jericho attempts a Walls of Jericho, but Road Dogg kicks Jericho off. Shake, Rattle, and Roll by Road Dogg. Dogg goes up top and misses a moonsault. Jericho runs and performs a Lionsault which sees Jericho's knee plant itself in Road Dogg's face 1-2-3! Triple H is livid in his room, throwing lamps around. Then, we see the Undertaker riding his bike through the halls. Commercial.

  • Undertaker/Kurt Angle Segment:
    -Replay of Jericho's Lionsault, and then Triple H's outburst. In the back, X-Pac is tending to Road Dogg. Triple H runs in and knocks Road Dogg down. X-Pac tries to keep order by saying they're all on the same team, but Triple H responds, "I used to think we were." In the arena, the Undertaker arrives on bike and enters the ring. He motions for a mic and paces around the ring. He says too many people do too much talking nowadays, but when someone pisses him off, there's hell to pay. He says Kurt Angle is a punk who's scared of a fight. First, Angle keeps he and his brother from winning the Tag Titles, and then pours milk and food on his bike, and doesn't clean it off. He says if Angle has a beef with him, he's not hard to find. He says he will be damned if Angle hides behind an apology. He says it's time for Kurt Angle to find out why he is the American Badass, and it's time for an old school ass kicking. He says it's time for he and Angle to get it on. At this, King Kurt enters the stage and apologizes for ruining his Tag Title shot and for ruining his "motorbike." "As they say on the streets, 'My bad.'" He says he has no problem with fighting the Undertaker, but such a high-calibre match shouldn't be wasted on San Jose. He says if this match were to occur, it would have to be at Fully Loaded. He says he doesn't think anyone wants to see this match. He tells the Undertaker to think about having an American hero fight an American Badass. He says it wouldn't be American, and he thinks Undertaker should clean up his image. He says he has an idea. He says Undertaker won't accept his apology, but he has something the Undertaker will accept. At this, he leaves for a little, only to come back with a Vespa-style scooter. He revs it up, and says he should consider replacing his motorcycle with this. He then rides the Vespa around the ring. He says he wants the Undertaker to accept his gift, and to ride what a real American rides. Taker says he's going to come down and kick Angle's teeth so far down his throat "you'll be able to chew your own ass out for pissing me off." At this, the two ensue in a chase, with Angle's scooter stalling on the stage. Angle runs off when Taker nears. Undertaker then gets off his bike and pushes Angle's scooter off the stage. Commercial.

  • Val Venis vs. Kane vs. Rikishi (IC Title Match):
    -Rikishi makes his way down first. The Big Red Machine enters next, fire and all. Finally, it's the Intercontinental Champ, Val Venis. Rikishi goes right for Val and the two fight outside first. Big boot by Kane on Val, then a clothesline in the corner. Rikishi follows with a buttslam on Val. Rikishi hits a superkick on Kane, as Val falls into StinkFace position. Rikishi goes for a StinkFace, but Kane gets up and pulls him around. Samoan drop by Rikishi. Clothesline by Kane, but Val comes back and hits Kane from behind. On the outside, Val throws Rikishi into the steps. In the ring clothesline by Kane on Val. Kane whips Val into the turnbuckle. Val floats over a suplex, but his clothesline does not harm. Val kicks Kane repeatedly in the knee, but Kane picks him up and drops him onto the turnbuckle. Kane goes up top and hits a flying clothesline on Val 1-2-break up by Rikishi. DDT by Val, but Rikishi gets right up and superkicks Val. Clothesline on Kane by Rikishi. Rikishi misses a shoulder thrust and gets Russian Leg Swept by Val. Val goes up top, but Kane knocks him off. Rikishi gets up and knocks down Kane. Rikishi sets up a Bonsai splash, but Val gets on the apron. Kane punches Val off, and has Rikishi set for a chokeslam, but Rikishi headbutts Kane. Rikishi clotheslines Kane off the top, but Kane lands on his feet. Kane chokes Rikishi on the ropes, but Val gets Kane to fall down. Val grabs his belt and rolls in the ring. He goes to hit Rikishi, but misses and the ref takes the belt. Rikishi butt slams Val in the corner and follows up with a StinkFace. Val rolls out and grabs his belt. Val nails Rikishi with the belt and the ref calls for the bell. Kane rolls in and chokeslams Val. In the back, Steph finds Triple H hanging out in the bathroom. Steph tells him they'll think of something, but Triple H says he already has. Commercial.

  • Stephanie/Jericho Segment:
    -Triple H's music hits, but the Women's Champ Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley enters alone. She calmly walks to the ring and takes a mic. She says she has a proposition for Chris Jericho. She asks him to come to the ring and they'll make up. She says she'll make it worth his while. She says that Chris didn't mean the things he said, and she isn't proud about what she's done either. She says that no matter what Hunter says, she liked the kiss at King of the Ring. She says that before this all explodes, they should become friends. Jericho appears on the Titan Tron. He says he loved King of the Ring and has been waiting for this moment. He says he has been waiting to hold her womanly body against his, and is going to come and plant a kiss on the lovely Stephanie. The Y2J Countdown hits again, but when the lights come up, we see Road Dogg and X-Pac looking around for Jericho to come out. Jericho comes back on the Titan Tron and says that was the worst, most obvious attempt at an ambush. He says he knows that Triple H is mad because he got more action in ten seconds than Triple H has gotten in ten months. He says it will be all action at Fully Loaded, and that Triple H may be The Game, but he has become the Hunter. Triple H says it may be two weeks away, but at Fully Loaded, Jericho's ass is his. In the back, Kevin Kelly asks Edge and Christian about Foley making them defend the Title against the Acolytes tonight. Edge says this reeks of "heinousness." Christian says that unfortunately he has come down with the sniffles and won't be able to compete. He suggests Edge take on one of the Acolytes. Edge doesn't catch on, until Christian explains that "due to the singularity of the problem" the Tag belts wouldn't be on the line. Edge finally gets it and exclaims "Singles matches rule!" Commercial.

  • Edge vs. Bradshaw:
    -In the back, X-Pac says that was a stupid idea. Triple H says that maybe he should try to come up with something. Triple H knocks X-Pac down, and while Road Dogg separates the two, X-Pac exclaims that he can beat the Brooklyn Brawler. At this, Triple H says that tonight, they (Triple H and X-Pac) will fight. In the ring, Edge and Christian come down. Then Faarooq and Bradshaw come down. Shoulder block by Bradshaw, followed by a big boot. Bradshaw clotheslines Edge to the outside. Bradshaw pulls Edge back in with a suplex. Chops in the corner. Bradshaw goes for a powerbomb, but Edge floats over, but he can't pull Bradshaw down. Bradshaw hits a choke-powerbomb 1-2-kickout. Edge DDTs Bradshaw, and then goes up top. Missile dropkick by Edge 1-2-shoulder up. Edge goes for a crossbody, but Bradshaw catches him and hits a Fallaway Slam. Clothesline by Bradshaw. Bradshaw puts Edge on the top, but Christian hits Bradshaw, which allows Edge to knock him off. Bradshaw pulls Edge off the top, but the ref is attending to Christian and Faarooq. Christian rolls in with the bell, but gets a Clothesline from Hell. Edge picks up the belt and nails Bradshaw with it 1-2-3! In the back, the Hardys and Lita walk through the hall. The Hardys give Lita some last minute advice and she goes to the ring. In another dressing room, Albert is stuck being the one who has to tell Trish it's time to go to the ring. As she goes to leave, she calls her men to come, but they inform her they are not allowed at ringside for the upcoming streetfight. They give her some rather odd advice ("Pull her panties over her head and poke her in the eyes") and she goes to the ring. Commercial.

  • Lita vs. Trish Stratus (Streetfight Match):
    -In the back, X-Pac is getting warmed up, and Road Dogg asks why he's doing this. X-Pac says he's a man and Hunter has it coming. Road Dogg says he's going to regret it. Trish comes to the ring. Then, Lita comes down and goes right for Trish. Hair toss by Lita, then another one. Suplex by Lita. Lita goes up top and moonsaults Trish. She signals that she's going to take Trish's top off, and she does. She then motions that she's going to take Trish's panties off, but Steven Richards comes down with a towel, and wraps up Trish. He walks Trish to the back and says that he knows we think we know what we want to see, but we don't know what's good for us, but he does. As the crowd shouts "asshole," the camera shows an anti-PTC sign. Steven says he officially declares this match over. In the back, Road Dogg tells Triple H to calm down. Triple H tells Road Dogg not to question him, and says X-Pac's going to get his ass kicked. Road Dogg says he won't be a part of any of this. Commercial.

  • Triple H vs. X-Pac:
    -During the break, Road Dogg muttered about not watching this and walked to the parking lot. Back in the arena, Triple H and Steph come out first. X-Pac comes out, looking pissed. They stare each other down, and then yell at each other. Triple H slaps X-Pac, but Pac comes back with a punch and it's on. Hip toss by Pac. Triple H stomps on Pac, and then throws him outside. Pac slams Triple H's face into the announce table. In the ring, big knee by Triple H. Triple H pounds on Pac in the corner. Running knee by Triple H, to stop a surging X-Pac. Spinning heel kick by X-Pac. Pac knocks Triple H in the corner, but Triple H moves before getting hit with a Bronco Buster. X-Pac throws Triple H outside, and Chris Jericho runs down and pounds on Triple H. X-Pac comes over and motions to the ramp, where Road Dogg is coming with a hammer. All three men now beat on Jericho. X-Factor on Jericho. Pedigree on Jericho. Triple H goes and picks up the hammer. Triple H pounds Jericho in the ribs with the hammer. Steph slaps Jericho across the face. Triple H nails the now bleeding Jericho in the face with the handle of the hammer. Refs and Sgt. Slaughter come to the ring, but they are held at bay with they hammer. Triple H and X-Pac raise each others hands as they leave. Commercial.

  • Miscellaneous Stuff:
    -A bloodied Jericho is being stretchered into an ambulance, as DX mocks him. In WWF New York, The Kat is dancing for the RAW watchers. In the hallway, Shane is telling Jericho to keep a "deadly focus" and to strap on the Crossface and make Rock scream. We also see Rock pacing another hallway. Commercial.

  • The Rock vs. Chris Benoit (Non-Title):
    -If Benoit wins, he gets a Title Shot at Fully Loaded. Benoit and Shane come out first. Rock comes out, belt in tow. Shane distracts Rock, which allows Benoit to get in a cheap shot to start. Shoulder block by Rock. Powerslam by Rock 1-2-kickout. Elbow by Benoit, followed by a belly-back suplex. Kicks in the corner. Pinning suplex by Benoit 1-2-kickout. Snap suplex by Benoit 1-2-kickout. Chops in the corner by Benoit. Rock reverses the situation and smacks around Benoit. Overhead belly-back suplex by Benoit, followed by another. Rock punches out of a third suplex, and hits one of his own. Both men are down. Rock rolls on top of Benoit 1-2-shoulder up. Rock beats on Benoit, and hits a DDT 1-2-kickout. Benoit fights back, but gets Spinebustered by Rock. Shane pulls Earl Hebner out of the ring and pushes him down. Shane takes off his shirt to reveal a referee shirt. Rock chases Shane around and into the ring, where Benoit hits a powerful clothesline. Benoit puts in the Crippler Crossface, as Rock tries to get to the rope. Rock reaches for the ropes but just hits it and isn't able to hold on. At this, Shane calls for the bell and announces that Rock tapped out. Benoit wins and gets his Title Shot at Fully Loaded. Benoit keeps the Crossface in a little longer, and then the two walk up the ramp. Halfway up, Lillian Garcia announces that Earl Hebner has declared the Rock the winner via DQ. Benoit runs back down and pushes Hebner into the corner. A swarm of refs run in and Rock gets up and Rock Bottoms the first ref he sees, before falling back to the ground. Benoit and Shane escape up the ramp. End Show.

    [Credit: Dan the Man & RajahWWF.com]