Report for the 7/1/00 edition of Jakked/Metal:
Report by: "The Commissioner" of

  • Michael Cole (in for Kevin Kelly) and Dr. Tom Prichard are at ringside as the Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom Prichard are at ringside as the excitement known only as WWF Jakked/Metal begins.

  • The Big Boss Man v. Headbanger Thrasher
    -The Boss Man effortlessly draws mondo heat as he enters. Glenn Ruth returns to his roots as a WWF TV squash jobber for this one. The Cobb County native lays'em in heavy and hard at the outset and counters Thrasher's attempted comeback by tossing him from the ring. Back inside, Thrasher takes control briefly before The Boss Man puts an end to that with a reverse neck breaker. The Boss Man tosses Thrasher to the outside and affords the crowd a close-up view of what a damaged Headbanger looks like. Back inside, Boss Man continues the whipping until Thrasher manages a cross-body block for a two count from referee Teddy Long. Thrasher tries to build momentum with a second rope maneuver, but the wily veteran counters by going low and KO's old Glenn with the Boss Man Slam for the ever so easy 1,2,3. HERE is YOUR Winner by Pinfall: The Big Boss Man

  • Kelly and Prichard throw to The Coach, who puts WWF NY over big time.


  • Kelly and Prichard introduce a highlights package of Vince McMahon taking the Genetic Jackhammer Express to Greenwich in aid of (shudder) making more babies with Linda.


  • RC Cola Maximum Edge: At The King of the Ring, The Undertaker shows Shane-o-Mac that the quickest way from the top turnbuckle to the announce table is via choke slam.

  • Bull Buchanan v. Jay Gillette
    -"Who the hell is Jay Gillette," you ask? He's a local jobber, er…worker from Worcester, Mass. (where RAW and Jakked/Metal originated this week). This one was a classic, 80's-style "WWF Wrestling Challenge" type of match: Short, one-sided and not at all pretty. Bull ends the youngster's suffering with the Ax Kick. HERE is YOUR Winner by Pinfall: Bull Buchanan


  • WWF Slam of the Week: The Brothers Grimm (that's Kane and The Undertaker to you and you. And you and you too) double-choke slam Edge & Christian into oblivion on RAW

  • Kelly and Prichard introduce a highlights package of Commissioner Mick Foley (somehow, I feel closer to him now) attempting to screw Edge & Christian over once again by having them wrestle Kane and a certain American Badass in single's matches on Smackdown. Tazz's chairing of Kane is also highlighted.


  • Headbanger Mosh v. Mideon
    -This match picks up where the intense drama of last week's Sunday Night HeAT left off. Mosh starts off quickly and really takes it to Mideon, sending him to the outside. However, Mideon introduces Mosh's head to the ring steps on the outside and sends Chazz back in. The Knight of Godwinn scores a second-rope elbow and gets a two count from referee Mike Sparks (who's getting better by the way, he's not quite the Al Gore of officiating anymore). Mideon presses his advantage in the corner with some punches, but Mosh counters into a jumping DDT. Mosh takes over from there and ends it with what Kelly calls a "Bombs Away" off the top. Good enough for Double K, good enough for me. HERE is YOUR Winner by pinfall: Headbanger Mosh

  • Kelly and Prichard throw to The Coach who does a little post-event hype on KOTR and Kurt Angle cuts a taped promo about his newfound royal accoutrements.


  • Highlights from the KOTR main event are shown, followed by clips of Mick Foley's introduction as the new WWF Commissioner and the number one contender Triple Threat Match from the next night's RAW. Highlights of Triple H and the DX Gang v. Chris Jericho and a few select residents of Dudleyville from Thursday's Smackdown follow.


  • Gangrel v. Essa Rios
    -Gangrel goes sleeveless this week to show off his snazzy new tats. Essa sports some breakaway pants that are…not so snazzy. Gangrel backs Essa into the corner and lays in a few kicks and punches at the start. The Vampire Warrior presses his advantage with a corkscrew elbow and gets two from referee Jim Kordares. Essa turns it around with a spinning heel kick and a hurracarana for a two count of his own. A series of counters follows until Essa positions Gangrel for a top-rope hurracarana. However, The Gothic One counters Essa away and drills el luchador with The Impaler for the win. HERE is YOUR Winner by Pinfall: Gangrel

  • Kelly and Prichard briefly plug tomorrow's matches on Sunday Night HeAT and this one is in the books.

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