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Champion Date Location Info
Pat Patterson 09/79 N/A The WWWF North American Title was replaced by the WWF Intercontinental Title. Pat Patterson was champion at the time of the change and was thus the first Intercontinental Champion.
Ken Patera 04/21/80 New York, NY  
Pedro Morales 12/08/80 New York, NY  
Don Muraco 06/20/81 Philadelphia, PA  
Pedro Morales (2) 11/23/81 New York, NY  
Don Muraco (2) 01/22/83 New York, NY  
Tito Santana 02/11/84 Boston, MA  
Greg   Valentine 09/24/84 London, OT  
Tito Santana (2) 07/06/85 Baltimore, MD  
Randy Savage 02/08/86 Boston, MA  
Ricky Steamboat 03/29/87 Pontiac, MI  
The Honky Tonk Man 06/02/87 Buffalo, NY  
The Ultimate Warrior 08/29/88 New York, NY  
Rick Rude 04/02/89 Atlantic City, NJ  
The Ultimate Warrior (2) 08/28/89 East Rutherford, NJ The Ultimate Warrior won the WWF World Heavyweight Title and was forced to vacate the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title on 04/01/90.
Mr. Perfect 04/23/90 Austin, TX Mr. Perfect (aka Curt Hennig) defeated Tito Santana in the finals of an eight man tournament to crown a new champion
The Texas Tornado 08/27/90 Philadelphia, PA The Texas Tornado is better known as Kerry Von Erich
Mr. Perfect (2) 11/19/90 Rochester, NY  
Bret Hart 08/26/91 New York, NY  
The Mountie 01/17/92 Springfield, MA The Mountie is also known as Jacques Rougeau.
Roddy Piper 01/19/92 Albany, NY  
Bret Hart (2) 04/05/92 Indianapolis, IN  
The British Bulldog 08/29/92 London, England  
Shawn Michaels 10/27/92 Terre Haute, IN  
Marty Jannetty 05/17/93 New York, NY  
Shawn Michaels (2) 06/06/93 Albany, NY Shawn Michaels briefly left the WWF and was stripped of his title during September of 1993.
Razor Ramon 09/27/93 New Haven, CT Razor Ramon is today known as Scott Hall.  He defeated Rick Martel after they were the last two men left in a battle royal made to fill the vacancy.
Diesel 04/13/94 Rochester, NY Diesel is today known as Kevin Nash.
Razor Ramon (2) 08/29/94 Chicago, IL  
Jeff Jarrett 01/22/95 Tampa, FL The title was held up on April 26, 1995 after a controversial match involving Jeff Jarrett and Bob Holly in Moline, IN.
Jeff Jarrett (2) 04/26/95 Moline, IN Jarrett defeated Holly in the rematch later in the evening to fill the vacant title.
Razor Ramon (3) 05/19/95 Montreal, PQ  
Jeff Jarrett (3) 05/21/95 Trois-Rivieres, PQ  
Shawn Michaels (3) 07/23/95 Nashville, TN  
Dean Douglas 10/22/95 Winnipeg, MT Dean Douglas (more commonly known as Shane Douglas) won the title via forfeit when Michaels was unable to defend the title in a scheduled match due to injuries sustained outside of the ring.
Razor Ramon (4) 10/22/95 Winnipeg, MT This match was held later in the card.
Goldust 01/21/96 Fresno, CA The title was held up due to a controversial match involving Goldust and Savio Vega on 04/01/96 in San Bernadino, CA.
Goldust (2) 04/01/96 San Bernadino, CA Defeated Savio Vega in a rematch for the vacant title.
Ahmed Johnson 06/23/96 Milwaukee, WI Johnson vacated the title on 08/12/96 due to an injury.
Marc Mero 09/23/96 Hershey, PA Mero defeated Farooq in the finals of an eight man tournament to crown a new champion.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley 10/21/96 Fort Wayne, IN  
Rocky Maivia 02/13/97 Lowell, MA Maivia is today known as The Rock.
Owen Hart 04/28/97 Omaha, NE  
Steve Austin 08/03/97 East Rutherford, NJ Austin had to vacate the title on 10/05/97 due to an injury.
Owen Hart (2) 10/05/97 St. Louis, MO Defeated Farooq in the final of an eight man tournament to crown a new champion.
Steve Austin (2) 11/09/97 Montreal, PQ  
The Rock (2) 12/08/97 Portland, ME Awarded the title when Austin refused to wrestle him.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (2) 08/30/98- New York, NY Helmsley vacates the title in 10/98 due to an injury.
Ken Shamrock 10/12/98 Uniondale, NY Defeats X-Pac in the finals of an eight man tournament to fill the vacant title.
Val Venis 02/14/99 Memphis, TN  
"Road Dogg" Jesse James 03/15/99- San Jose, CA  
Goldust (3) 03/29/99 New York, NY  
The Godfather 03/13/99 Detroit, MI The Godfather gave The Big Bossman 5 "hoes" to wrestle Goldust for him.   Bossman won the match and title and gave the title to The Godfather.
Jeff Jarrett [4] 05/25/99- Moline, IL  
Edge 07/24/99 Toronto, OT Edge was a last minute substitute for Ken Shamrock.  Many speculate that this was a shoot match.
Jeff Jarrett (5) 07/25/99 Buffalo, NY  
D-Lo Brown 07/27/99- Columbus, OH Brown was the European Champion and this match unified the two titles.
Jeff Jarrett (6) 08/22/99- Minneapolis, MN Jarrett wins both titles.  On 08/23/99 Jarrett awards the European title to Mark Henry.
Chyna 10/17/99 Cleveland, OH Chyna becomes the first woman in WWF history to hold a singles title other than the Woman's World Championship.
Chris Jericho 12/12/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL A title defense against Chyna on 12/28/99 in Richmond, VA ended in a double pin resulting in the decision below.
Chris Jericho (2)/
Chyna (2)
01/03/00 Miami, FL On this date Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley declared that due to the double pin in the 12/28/99 match, both Jericho & Chyna were the IC champ.  Either one could defend the title, but if whoever was defending the belt lost the match, then both of them would loose their claim to the title.
Chris Jericho (3) 01/23/00 New York, NY Defeated Chyna and Bob Holly in a triple threat match to become the undisputed champion.
Kurt Angle 2/27/00 Hartford, CT
Chris Benoit 4/2/00 Anaheim, CA In an unprecedented triple threat two falls match for both the IC and Euro belts featuring reigning champion Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, Benoit pins Jericho in the first fall to become the new IC champ.