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Sunday Night Heat opens with the Heat intro video and fireworks. Announcers Michael Hayes and Kevin Kelly are set for action.

First match was Saturn vs. The Godfather. Godfather had some fine looking ladies tonight on Heat. Godfather came out first and did his "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" thing to huge crowd reaction. Saturn next came out. Saturn and Godfather exchange holds, with Godfather gaining a slight advantage. Steven Richards made a not so popular appearance to cover the ladies up. Godfather grabbed a piece of wood and tried to hit Steven, but hit Saturn instead, and the ref called for the bell. Richards received a lot of crowd heat in this one, and he cost Godfather another match. Saturn won by DQ.

The announcers say that Mick Foley won't be on WWF TV this week, and then they began to hype the Heat main event of The Hardyz vs. Too Cool and Fully Loaded's matches, especially HHH vs. Y2J.

Crash Holly is shown in a parking lot trying to get his Hardcore Title out of his trunk. Some guy named Joe (who also caused problems on other WWF shows in the past) says that Crash is a lucky guy because Bull Buchanan said so, especially because of his upset win at King of the Ring. Crash says he'll get even with Bull in a match tonight.

RC Edge's Maximun Power Cola replay is shown with Chris Benoit having The Rock in the Crippler Crossface.

The next match was Essa Rios vs. Al Snow (came out to his old music and with HEAD). Essa did some flips, kicks, and high flying moves. Al Snow did some technical moves to counter Essa's high flying (he also did a moonsault on the outside on Essa), and Al ended up doing his version of the Dragon Sleeper for the win over Essa. The crowd was popping for both in this one, but Essa got the biggest pop in this one for his 360 over the turnbuckle. That is an amazing move, but Al Snow got the win in this one.

After a commercial break, the announcers hype a movie with Sharon Stone called "Sliver". The next segment is about how the WWF has changed with the arrival of Mick Foley as the new commissioner. It shows how Mick has all the stroke. It shows how he messes with Edge and Christian in their matches with Undertaker and Kane. It then shows how he messed with Kurt Angle in his match with the Brooklyn Brawler against the Dudleyz. It says that he also is balancing the power in the WWF, unlike the McMahon-Helmsley Faction did. It concludes by saying that Mick has used his power to make the WWF better and more entertaining. Great segment on Mick. The announcers again say that Mick won't be on Raw.

Mideon is shown in the back, going into the APA office, but only Bradshaw is there. Mideon says he wants a job, but Bradshaw says no to everything Mideon wanted to do. Farooq isn't there because Bradshaw said he was on business, but Mideon says that Bradshaw will have to take on Mideon and his parter in a handicap match later on the Heat show, Farooq or no Farooq.

Heat returns with Crash Holly coming out to a huge pop for his match with Bull Buchanan. Bull comes out to very little heat because no one really cares about Bull! Crash tried to beat down Bull, but Bull uses his power to his advantage in this one. Crash counters a bunch of Bull's moves and even hits a missle dropkick, but Bull ends up winning this one due to his power advantage, speed, and his Scissors Kick to the back of Crash's head. End outcome: Bull over Crash. The crowd doesn't like this at all!

The Coach is with the Hardy Boyz and Lita in the back for an interview. The Hardyz say that they have nothing against Too Cool, but they have to beat them to get to the top of the tag titles chase. They do say that they have a problem with T&A though. Lita says that if Trish and T&A interfere in one the Hardys' matches again, they'll be getting some payback from!

A commercial for WWF New York is shown before Heat comes back on. Heat then returns with the Twiz "Slam of the Week," which was Tazz's shot with the TV camera on Rikishi and Val Venis' "Money Shot" to win the IC title. Gangrel then comes out with Mideon for their handicap match with Bradshaw. Bradshaw comes out to a big crowd pop. Bradshaw dominated most of this match with punches, knees, and powerbombs. Mideon and Gangrel hit some small moves like suplexes and drop toe holds, but Bradshaw won this one with the "Clothesline From Hell" on Mideon.

The Coach is now in the back to interview Too Cool. Grand Master and Scotty 2 Hotty say they have nothing against the Hardy Boyz, but they will beat the Hardyz Boyz. Coach and Too Cool then proceed to boogie in the back to some cool tunes! Funny stuff, and Coach isn't too bad of a dancer!

Heat returns on with a video segment on the feud between Y2J and Triple H. Highlights in the video included how Y2J screwed HHH in the Triple Threat #1 Contender match, the HHH and DX vs. Y2J and the Dudleyz match, and the IC title match between HHH and Rikishi and how Y2J interfered to make HHH get the "Stink Face." It concluded with highlights from the Smackdown! match with HHH losing to the Brooklyn Brawler thanks to Y2J's interference with the Lionsault.

The main event of Heat is Too Cool vs The Hardy Boyz. The Hardyz and Too Cool exchanged holds and control of the match in this one. Jeff did some high-flying moves, and Scotty hit the Worm. T&A and Trish ended up coming down. Trish choked Lita out, which caused Matt Hardy and Scotty to get distracted. In the ring, Grand Master Sexay rolled up Jeff for the win. The show ended with Too Cool and the Hardyz helping Lita after Trish's attack.

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