Here is the History of the WWF Hardcore Title.   Any Corrections can be mailed to

Champion Date Location Notes
Mankind 11/02/98 Houston, TX WWF Promoter Vince McMahon creates the Hardcore Title and declares Mankind the first champion.
Big Boss Man 11/30/98 Baltimore, MD  
Road Dogg Jesse James 12/15/98 Spokane, WA Title was declared vacant on 02/14/99 after James was injured and could not defend the title against Al Snow.
Hardcore Holly 02/14/99 Memphis, TN Holly defeats Al Snow to win the vacated title in a match between the two top contenders.
Billy Gunn 03/15/99 San Jose, CA  
Hardcore Holly (2) 03/28/99 Philadelphia, PA Holly defeats Billy Gunn and Al Snow in a triple threat match.
Al Snow 04/25/99 Providence, RI  
Big Boss Man(2) 07/25/99 Buffalo, NY  
Al Snow (2) 08/22/99 Minneapolis, MN  
Big Boss Man(3) 08/26/99 Kansas City, MO  
The British Bulldog 09/07/99 Albany, NY Bulldog then gives the title to Al Snow
Al Snow (3) 09/07/99 Albany, NY See note above
Big Boss Man (4) 10/12/99 Birmingham, AL Bossman defeats Al Snow and The Big Show in a triple threat match by pinning The Big Show.
Test 01/17/00 New Haven, CT
Crash Holly 02/22/00 Nashville, TN  
Pete Gas 03/13/00 East Rutherford, NJ This "match" was pretaped and broadcast on this night's edition of RAW.  Holly had issued an open challenge that he would defend the belt anywhere and at anytime.   Gas had pinned Holly in the airport.
Crash Holly (2) 03/13/00 East Rutherford, NJ This pinfall took place right after the above "match" with Holly pinning Gas in the airport to regain the title.
Tazz 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA At Wrestlemania 2000 a 13-man Hardcore battle Royal was held.  According to the rules of the match, there would be unlimited pinfalls during the 15-minute match. The superstar who got the last pinfall before time expired would walk out of WrestleMania as the champion. All title changes that occured on this date listed her and below were the changes from this match.
Viscera 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Funaki 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Rodney 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Joey Abs 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Thrasher 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Pete Gas 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Tazz (2) 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Crash Holly (3) 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Hardcore Holly (3) 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA  
Crash Holly (4) 04/03/00 Los Angeles, CA  
Perry Saturn 04/11/00 Tampa, FL  
Tazz (3) 04/11/00 Tampa, FL Tazz pins Saturn immediately following his win over Crash Holly
Crash Holly (5) 04/11/00 Tampa, FL Crash pins Tazz  immediately following his win over Saturn