Here is the History of the WWF Eurppean Title.   Any Corrections can be mailed to

Champions Date Location Notes
The British Bulldog 02/26/97 Berlin, Germany Defeated Owen Hart in the final of an eight man tournament to crown the first champion.
Shawn Michaels 09/20/97 Birmingham, England  
Hunter Hearst Helmsey 12/11/97 Lowell, MA Michaels was ordered by WWF Commissioner Slaughter to defend the Title against HHH.  Michaels being friends with HHH laid down and let Helmsley pin him.
Owen Hart 01/20/98 Davis, CA Helmsley sent Goldust out to wrestle in his place. Hart won the match and WWF Commissioner Slaughter declared him as the new Champion
Hunter Hearst Helmsey (2) 03/09/98 Phoenix, AZ  
D-Lo Brown 07/14/98 Binghamton, NY  
X-Pac 09/15/98 Sacramento, CA  
D-Lo Brown (2) 09/29/98 East Lansing, MI  
X-Pac (2) 10/18/98 Chicago, IL  
Shane McMahon 02/15/99 Birmimgham, AL Pins X-Pac in a tag team match in which X-Pac's title was on the line. On 04/05/99 McMahon retires the title.
Mideon 06/21/99 Memphis, TN Awarded the title by Shane McMahon.
D-Lo Brown (3) 07/25/99 Buffalo, NY On 08/02/99 Brown wins a Title vs Title match against Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett 08/22/99 Minneapolis, MN Jarrett wins both the European and the Intercontinental titles in this match.
Mark Henry 08/23/99 Ames, IA Jarrett awards the title to Henry.
D-Lo Brown (4) 09/26/99 Charlotte, NC  
The British Bulldog (2) 10/26/99 Springfield, MA  
Val Venis 12/12/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Wins the title in a triple threat match defeating The British Bulldog & D'Lo Brown
Kurt Angle 02/05/00 Austin, TX  
Chris Jericho 04/02/00 Anaheim, CA Jericho pinned Chris Benoit in a "Two-Falls Triple Threat Match" at WrestleMania 2000.  The match was between Angle, Benoit & Jericho.  The first fall was for the IC belt.
Eddy Guerrero 04/03/00 Los Angeles, CA