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The Unnofficial Spiderman and Venom Homepage

Ok, we are workin hard to start getting this page back up and running, if you have any good pictures or anything, hey, send um to me and we will put them up.

We were down due to the powers of evil, and are just beginning to rebuild, thank you for continuing to check back for progress.

Anyway, I am Jason Crow and this is my partner in crime, Christopher Wick. We graduated from high school and are venturing into the world of college. I, Jason, am going to attend SEMO, and Chris is going to UMKC. Don't worry we will still work on the page. We were on one of the best basketball teams in the world and on a State Quiz Bowl finalist team. Chris is majoring in Dentistry and I am going into the World of Marine Biology. We have always been Spiderman and Venom fans and wondered who would win in a fight to the death, I think Venom and Chris thinks Spiderman. If you have a question about Spiderman e-mail Chris at Mail me at the bottom of the page about Venom.

Coming soon, a history of Venom located at

The History of Venom

History of Spiderman is being worked on.

Spiderman's History

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