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Body Waxing 9-1-1

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What's Your Hair Removal Emergency??

All-Over Body & Facial Waxing for Guys & Gals


E-mail, or call 816-888-4037 from 8 am to 8 pm

GOOD NEWS! I can now take credit card payments.

I also now have a customer appreciation discount card. Receive one stamp per every full priced waxing service of $50 or more. Once you have five stamps, you can redeem your card for $50 worth of FREE WAXING! Woot for free smooth!

You can also purchase gift certificates from me at 10% off face value. You may use these yourself for future visits too. If you catch me at a craft fair, you can pick these up at 20% off! Like my waxing facebook page to find out what shows I'll be at.

About Me:   My name is Jennifer and I'm a Licensed Esthetician and Licensed Cosmetologist in both KS and MO (with over 3000 hours of combined training under my belt including Instructor training). I am also a Certified Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist and EKG Tech. I have a long-standing background in Law Enforcement/Public Safety Communications. I'm currently working on an Associates Degree in Surgical Technology.

I have worked in a Day Spa engaged in the entire spectrum of skin care services, where waxing became my specialty. I was trained to do facial and body waxing by Nufree Nudesse/Equibal Labs, the company that makes the products I use. I have been licensed as a Cosmetologist since 1992 and as an Esthetician since 1996. I have always put a strong emphasis on client education, as it's important to me that you understand how your skin functions and the effects various skin care services and products have upon your body.

Products:   The waxing product line I use is Nufree Nudesse (made by Equibal Labs), and are the best professional waxing products available. You can read about these products by visiting their website at Nufree Nudesse. Nufree is not technically a wax. It's a soy based botanical formula that contains no wax, no sugar, and no honey. Nufree was originally formulated for plastic surgeons who required hair removal for their patients prior to surgery and was clinically tested for over 10 years. It is anti-microbial/anti-bacterial and warm, rather than hot like most other waxes, making it much more comfortable for the waxee and easier to use for the waxer.

Preparation:   If you're interested in waxing an area you've been shaving, you need to let the hair grow out for at least a week. For the best waxing results, hair growth of ten days to 2 weeks is best.

If you havenít been shaving the area and the hair is more than a half inch long, it may need to be trimmed. You can do that yourself or I can do it before we wax, whichever you're more comfortable with.

The area we'll be waxing needs to be clean skin, no lotions or powders can be on the skin or the waxing will not be successful. MUST tell me if you're taking or using any kind of acne medications or skin care products containing hydroxies, Acutaine or Retin A, doing any kind of chemical peels on the area involved, etc. All of these make the skin sensitive and thinner than normal which can cause tearing or even removal of layers of the skin if waxing is done. Certain other prescription medications (tetracycline, for example) may make skin more susceptible to being damaged by waxing as well so I highly suggest if you're taking any meds, check the info the pharmacy provides or call your pharmacy or doctor and ask. I cannot be responsible for damage done to your skin if you are using any of these types of products or medications, even if you are not aware of how they may effect your skin.

Benefits of Waxing:   After your first treatment, regrowth will be lighter and softer and you will notice that a significant amount of hair will not come back at all. You will initially return in about six weeks for your second and third treatments. With each and every treatment you will experience one third less returning hair growth and visits will stretch out to about eight to ten weeks in between. Eventually you only need to return for treatments once to twice a year.

Environment:   I have a private area in my home where I do waxing. There's no need to be embarrassed going to a salon or spa, waiting in the reception area becoming more and more nervous hoping no one you know sees you there. I book appointments with plenty of time to do the treatment (and then some) so that you will not feel rushed.

Also...those with allergies to pets should know that there are animals residing in my home.

I ask that you understand that this is a home based practice. Please respect my home and my privacy (and that of my family). Please do not arrive without a confirmed appointment, as I cannot take "walk in" clients. And please knock on the door, don't just walk into my home.


GOOD NEWS!! My availability has just significantly increased EVEN MORE! I am now available for waxing every day of the week, scheduling appointments from 8 am to 7 pm. That's right, I'm back to waxing full time again. :)

I ask that you try to schedule an appointment with me at least 48 hours in advance, since I may need to return your call. If you have schedule limitations, please call or email me at least a week in advance to ensure that you can secure an appointment that works well for you. I very rarely have the ability to take same day appointments.

Location:   I live in the Independence MO area, near 23rd & Lees Summit Rd. When you schedule an appointment Iíll be happy to give you directions if you need them.

Service Menu and Pricing

Waxing FAQ Page
For important additional information, please read over this FAQ page as well!

Any further questions, feel free to email me at, or call 816-888-4037 from 8 am to 8 pm. PLEASE when you are leaving ME a message, state that you are calling in reference to waxing.

I can also be reached by email. I typically check my email several times a day and reply immediately in most cases. Sometimes it's easier to catch me on email than via the phone too.

And, of course, I reserve the right to refuse service to any individual for any reason and without explanation. Don't be a creep, don't make non-ethical or illegal requests, don't behave intrusively, respect me and my home and everything will be fine.

One last quick note: I DO consider myself an open minded and non-judgmental person. However I find it disconcerting when males contact me reference a waxing and portray themselves as females. Body parts are just body parts to me, but I prefer to know what to expect when I open the door, and I need to be set up differently ahead of time for particular body parts. Please treat an appointment with me like you would one with your doctor. Just be honest prior to arrival, I promise I won't burst out laughing or alert the media or anything. ;)

I actually happen to be Alternative Lifestyle friendly and I truly dig the brave, interesting and different people that exist in this world, so please...just be honest. It's cool! :)