!!I’ve got grinding shoes!!

I’d like to thank my friends for getting me these…I love them (and my friends to..hehehe)! They are (in alphabetical order..HAHAH): Ilinché, Nysiepoo, Duck, Rara(Oh Gurl) and Gwacie. =)

I’m sorry that you all couldn’t be there to pick the CORRECT size for me…but the BIZO’s are soo cool…

Not like you’re not gonna see them soon, but this is what it looks like:

The box is quite interesting too, so I decided to scan it and put it on this page… Click on the thumbnails to see the REAL size of the box

This is the top of the box:

This is the top of the front:

This is the right side of the box:

This is the left side of the box:

This is the bottom of the box:

This is the sticker on the bottom of the shoe...

WOOHOO…check out my TATTOO
Here’s my “tattoo” on my left ankle/leg. I got it on the 26th of June 2000 during my 2nd last day at Philippines. It’s really cool =). And here are the pictures of it.
Here’s the front of my ankle/leg:
Here’s the left side of my ankle/leg:
Here’s the back of my ankle/leg:
And here’s the right side of my ankle/leg:


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