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Real Name:Tara Patrick
D.O.B. and Location:April 20, 1972 in White Oak, Ohio
Ethnicity:Of Cherokee, Irish and German decent
Measurements:36DD-24-34 or 36C-23-35 (unsure)
Love Interests:Tentatively married to Dennis Rodman
Claims to Fame: Replaced Jenny McCarthy as the host of MTV's "Singled Out"
Joined the cast of "Baywatch" in the role of dancer Lani McKenzie
She was discovered in 1991 by the Artist Formerly Known as Prince; her first album, "Carmen Electra", was released on TAFKAP's Paisley Park label
Posed for the May, 1996 edition of Playboy Magazine

Isn't she beautiful?First of all, Carmen Electra is one of the FINEST women on the face of this earth and believe me, I've seen a lot of fine women. I heard she had breast implants, and I'm pretty sure those blue eyes she has are fake, but hey, who cares, she's beautiful either way. Oh yeah and her real name isn't Carmen Electra (which was given to her by Prince), it's Tara Patrick.

She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and she began performing at an early age when she attended the prestigious School for Creative and Performing Arts. Carmen was born on April 20, 1972, is currently 26 and stands 5'4" tall. She is of Cherokee, Irish and German decent. She is currently going out with B. Real from Cypress Hill (What a lucky guy! I'd LOVE and give just about ANYTHING to date her!)

Her career started when she was discovered by Prince while auditioning for an all-girl rap group. Electra was later signed to an exclusive solo recording contract with Paisley Park Records, which released her self-titled debut album, "Carmen Electra," in 1992 and the more popular hits on this album included "Go Go Dancer" and "Get On Up."

Well I'm pretty sure everyone knows Carmen has done Playboy! This is what actually made her career sky rocket! I've seen a few of the pictures in the magazine, but I would like to see them ALL! I also know she's in some cheerleader video Playboy put out and has done other stuff, which I'm really interested in!

Besides all this, she began hosting MTV's "Singled Out" in November 1996, where she took the place of Jenny McCarthy (another great woman). Um...and for all of you who think she's a Jenny wanna-be, YOU'RE STUPID! Carmen is just as good, if not better, than Jenny. You HAVE to love the way she shakes her booty all over the place and shows all that skin. Hey, I'll admit that the only reason I watch the show is because of CARMEN, but that's the main reason most guys watch it.

Carmen has also co-hosted "Loveline" (another MTV show), and has appeared on "Baywatch Nights." Her latest projects have been in that movie "Good Burger" (which I've seen the beginning of, but I didn't get to see her, damn!). Also she's on "Baywatch" where she plays Lani McKensie (a young woman who grew up on the beaches of Hawaii, but dreams of being a dancer and a singer), which is another show I don't really watch. But ever since I heard she was on the show, I've been trying to see it and of course I always miss it.

Also, Carmen Electra supposedly comes on America Online most Sunday nights to chat with members in a sort of forum where you can ask her questions and she gives answers. If your interested in this and on AOL go to Keyword: Carmen Electra.

Carmen Electra is also portrayed in a comic book called Embrace where she is a "friendly" vampire. I have a few pictures on my site if you'd like to search for them.

Carmen in the Baywatch swimsuit!  YEAH BABY!!!I just wanted to say I finally saw her in the Baywatch swimsuit today...damn she was looking so GOOD! It wasn't on the show Baywatch though, it was called Pacific Blue, but either way I'm glad I got to see her...WOOHOO!

I have been hearing rumors that Carmen might get her own show. I've heard it may be on either MTV or another station such as NBC or something. I hope this happens because I'd like to see a lot more of Carmen Electra! Also, a few people have been asking me about where they can reach Carmen Electra and I have 2 possible e-mail addresses. One is and the other is Good luck getting through to her and I wish you even more luck if you want a response back.

Apparently Carmen's chat and site with America Online is on hold. I have been informed and seen that her site is no longer accessible. She may be back, but nothing is for certain at the moment. Stay tuned for details.

If you missed MTV'S spring break coverage, I feel sorry for you. I saw bits and pieces of it and Carmen was looking great as usual. Hopefully MTV will air that stuff again for your sake and for mine!

Last night while watching the NBA playoffs, BULLS vs. nets, the camera happened to catch Carmen Electra at the game, which was at the United Center in Chicago....maybe she's a BULLS fan like I am. Also, she was looking good at the game.

It is rumored that Carmen Electra is now dating Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls. I've received a few e-mails concerning this matter and it would also explain why she was at the Bulls game the other night.

Well thanks again all you out there! I got an e-mail saying that Dennis Rodman was on the Jay Leno show and that he denied dating Carmen Electra, but that she came on the show and was mad about his remark. So who knows...maybe they're together, maybe they aren't, come back for the latest news!

While watching the pre-game show for the Bulls game the other day, they interviewed Dennis Rodman and asked him what was up with Carmen Electra. He said there was nothing serious between them and that he'll always be a single guy. So I guess they're just going out, but according to Rodman, nothing serious will develop.


Dennis RodmanDennis Rodman (age 37) and Carmen Electra (age 26) were married on November 14, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For specifics on the marriage, you can visit the following ESPN link.

I guess the marriage wasn't meant to be. On November 24, 1998 Dennis Rodman began filing for an annulment because he was drunk and feels he didn't know what he was getting into. I don't know, I wouldn't be bummed about being married to an awesome woman like Carmen Electra. Well I hope they work everything out. I'll try to keep this whole situation updated. For MORE specifics on the marriage, you can visit the following ESPN link.

Just when everyone thought things were patched up between Dennis and Carmen, they went sour again. Dennis was reportedly seen with his ex-girlfriend and even admits being with her since the marraige. At this point both parties are undecided about their future together. Dennis was even quoted as saying he's fine with divorce if that is what Carmen wants.