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This is a place for ALL Moffatt fans! All you have to do, is send in your PICTURE!
Name (nickname)
E-mail addy, ICQ#, AOL IM, Yahoo pager nicks *opptional*
and Your favourite Moffatt and Moffatt Song!
Name: Candice Marie Chambers
Nick Name: Baby, Frack
ICQ #: 36067162
FAV Moffatt: Bob *Cuz I play the drums too
FAV Moffatt Song: ~~~~*@@!Until You Loved ME!@@*~~~~
Name: Nicole Moffatt
Nick Name: Frick, Nic
FAV Moffatt: davvve
*The Blond girl on the right*
Name: Kristina
Nickname Tina
E-mail addy:
ICQ#: 18761496 TaysBlankie
favourite Moffatt: BOB
Moffatt Song: Girls Of The World, Misery and YaYa
Name (nickname) : Eryn aka Krazie
E-mail addy:
AOL IM: Kraz4Moff
Favourite Moffatt: Bob!
Favorite Moffatt Song: Misery
Name: Leugh Ann
Nick Name:butter
ICQ #: ??? she didn't tell me
FAV Moffatt: Bob he's mine =( well okay I guess we can share
FAV Moffatt Song: Raining in my mind & Just knock
Thanks for all the submissions I'll try to get ya all on here soon and remember Moffatt Power!!!
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