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Scott Andrew Moffatt
Born: March 30, 1983
Nickname: Elvis ( 'cause he used to sing elvis songs into the mirror as a child *cute* )
Favorite Actor: Robert DeNiro
Favorite Actress: Neve Campbell
Favorite Band: Nirvana & Silver chair ( the year 2000 anthem..)
Favorite Past-Times: Football, soccer, fishing, golf, reading
Personal Goals: To make music forever
Favorite Movies: Scream, 12 Monkeys & Halloween
Favorite Musician: Eric Clapton, JohnLennon & Jim Morrison
Tv show: MTV
Favorite Album: Abbey Road (The Beatles)
Books: Stephen King
Favorite Song: Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
Favorite Song On Chapter 1: If Life Is So Short
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Holiday Location: Paris, France
Favorite Color: Black, dark green
Favorite car: Dodge Ram Pickup
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125Lbs (pounds)
Girl:"...great personality and a good sense of humor."
  • moffatt personality: the shiest & he's "passionate"
  • fave place to visit: Paris France
  • spice name: Rock'n

    facts ,facts and more facts...

    - Right handed
    - he likes water with a bit of lime.
    - his personal goal is "to make music forever."
    - the oldest bro...
    - His first date was with a girl from Texas: " We went to a nice steak house in Branson, MO and talked about the weather."
    - Like's buying clothing & cologne
    - Close show biz pals 'N sync. More too come .. if ya have info don't 4 get to tell me... [Go back]