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Moffatt Quotes

"At a concert sometime in Jan 99' I met this girl blonde younger than I am but incredibly fine. She was wearing jeans and a blue top, it was gorgeous "- Clint
"I met this girl on tour dark blonde, wearing a short black skirt with a blue top she was fine" - Scott

Araneta colisium, Philippine concert: Bob: (to Clint about me)does she dare? Clint: does she? Bob: i say again, does she dare Both: she dares !she dares! alright!! -maria LOL thanks Maria!
Clint: "Yeah Bob comes from a mental institute."
" Dad I lost my pick!'' Scott (Saying to his dad while shaking his guitar over his head!) from: Jo Ann, thanks! this is a funny one :0)
"Yeah actually...DAVE, Dave snores. And I've been told that I snore but I...I can't tell you coz I'm sleepin'." - Scott
"I think that one....when you're gone, you're gone." - Bob on life after death.
"Pamela Anderson? Yeah I mean...we haven't actually seen Baywatch in the last...3 years. But we still, like Pamela Anderson. She's....she's cool(giggles)." - Clint from: Michelle, thanks girl!
" He thinks he's the coolest" Dave on desribing Scott
"Do u mind?? I'm being interviewed here!!" (Clint said to Scott when Scott was filming the side of Clint's face when he was trying to anwer a question the reporter asked him).
"If u said anything about him, whether it's good or bad, he get's embarrased. Right Clint?? See..Close up, close up..his ear's is getting red." (Bob on desribing Clint)
"Dave snores. So when we are on tour, he'll wake the whole crew up." (Bob on describing Dave)
"Dave is the instigator. He always start up the fights" (Clint on describing Dave).
" I'm being naive huh?" (Scott said when Clint passed a remark)
"Dave talks to anybody" (Scott on describing Dave)
"He's my opinion" (Scott on describing Bob) Thanks Suzi!
Scott (to Clint about Bob): "You killed my brother!!"
Scott: "I need new scissors!"
Clint: "OHH I shot my leg!"
Bob: "Clint used to annoy me the most with the hockey stick (laugh) He was really rough with the hockey stick"
Bob (to the Radio DJ): "I think you're weird, man"
Clint: "But we know how to run now!"
Dave: "Do we scream?"
Bob: "We got Dennis Rodman! Yes! Dennis Rodman!"
Clint: "I can't believe you did that"
Bob: "OHH! That's gotta hurt! That's gotta hurt! That's gotta hurt"
Bob: "It was a close one, I tell you!" All sent in by Shaz, thanks girl :0)
Scott: "I REALLY like Swedish girls".
Dave: "I like to talk, specially with Swedish girls" sent in by Nina, thanks!
Clint(about Bob): "Kick his butt..,he's just the drummmer!"
talking about me and mah frands....WE WEREN'T NAKED! LOL
"Nope! I sign first! That's the rules, you don't follow the rules, you go to jail!"Bob to Scott on autographs
"Bob you're confused, Bob is a very confused person!"~Scott
"I-I-I-I-I WANT YOU!" ~Scott
singing I WANT YOU BAK in an alternative type of song! LOL sent in by Em
Bob: "We don't see ourselves as stars. Stars only come out at night."
sent in by Em who got it from Erin
Clint: "Don't mess with THE MAN!"
Scott: "You're not a man!"
Clint: "I see a man inside of me!"
sent in by Em Bob: "I wouldn't say that!! People with ears could
hear me!!"
sent in by Em
"Forget about that Chipmunk stuff, we're going through a few changes." - Scott
Hey man, I got the stuff You hear the dealer call And off in the distance Another child will fall (I have no clue where this is from )
"If you don't have our cd, you can buy it" - Clint
If you won't take us down there, I'll just go down there myself and play guitar Scott Moffatt (at age 7 or 8) to his dad on performing at the harbor in Victoria (Superstars)
If you like our new songs, scream as loud as you can. If you don't like it, well, ,don't say nothin' at all. - Dave
Just give me a chance And I'll prove it to you There's so much I can do Don't judge this book By its cover (cool)
One day we were singing and Scott just started to sing harmonies - Bob
Our mom taught us more about music and how to sing in harmony -Dave
Remember, you can be anything you want to be ... that is, unless you want to be Elvis.-Scott (maybe this is where /how he got his nick as Elvis , if you know how he did e-mail me )
Scott kept begging my dad to let us go down to the harbor, because he had seen people down there singing and knew we could make money doing it. My dad said, 'No, you're not going to go down there and sing!- Dave
...the way the world is heading, her future is in doubt And every day we're losing things that she can't live without We need to start preserving what God gave Mother Earth Save some for me and my sister
They call me Clint. - Clint (hee hee soo cute )
We think handicapped people are just like us in their hearts, and it's not fair to treat them any differently.- Clint ( awwww ... sooo sweet )
We think our brother Clint has a great country voice. Like George Strait -- on Helium -Bob
...when they go on stage, they're total pros, and when they come off, they're normal little rats, just like any kids their age. - frank (thier dad )about the Moffatts ... hee hee
Whenever you need somebody to hold You can be sure that I'll open my door Just knock... can stop war by loving and hugging or with people shooting and killing each other. I think hugging would be a lot better way. -Dave (he's such a cutie pie ,just like Bob )
I just look different than you Scott(on if they see girls they like on tour)- "I saw this blonde in a navy blue Tommy hilfure tank top I liked her...ALOT!" sent in by Lynn
Frank ( their dad) : " I'm the road manager, father, tutor, disipliner...."
Dave: " .....old fart"
From YTV's Hitlist: Scott- "Yeah baby."-on the Swiss Alps
From Ohio: Clint: "I've never seen my name so many times."- said to me when receiving the shirt I'd made for him and had fans autograph
Dave: "I guess I'm a fan now."- on receiving Spice Girls posters from my friend Liz
Clint: "Dave quit looking at those, we have to sign autographs."- again on Dave receiving Spice Stuff On what sort of girls appeal to them:
Dave: "Someone with red or brown hair, someone who digs Baywatch like me!!"
Bob: "Maybe someone like Pamela Anderson. I'm a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys- if she can handle that, cool!"
Scott: "Someone normal."
Clint: "No specific type. I just want somebody who's nice, somebody who can understand that I'm on the road most of the time."
Dave:"Clint has a weird habit of cracking his knuckles!"
Bob: "Scott cracks his knuckles too! Dave snores!"
When they received a plaque for their album turning platinum in the Philippines after one month of release: Clint: "This is the first time we ever received a plaque for any of our albums. I tell you what this is, man, this is an incredible feeling! I don't know what to say!"
Clint: "I love the Philippines, it's a great place!"
Q: What country are you supporting in this year's world cup?
Scott:(immediately) "I'm for Brazil, but they lost. But they are still no. 1!"
Dave: "I'm a fan of Germany...I think."
Clint: "My secret favorite is France, and I have a reason behind this. They're at home all the time. At every game, 90% of the fans will be for France, so they have a very good chance of winning."
All these quotes were sent in by Ruth & Abie from the Philippines. Thanks guys :0)\
"YOU LIVE WITH A COW?!?! A real COW?!?"-Dave
"I need some security here! This guy's getting WAY out of hand!"-Clint(referring to Scott)
sent in by SCBD4Me, Thanx!
"You're not holding it right!"-Scott(talking to Dave) "We're not a pop group. We're a rock group."-Scott "Bob daydreams a lot, then he forgets. When he does that, he's like, dead for five minutes!"-Clint sent in by Amanda, thanks!
"Hey Sally, we love you man!"- The Moffatts on Sally sent in to me by SCBD4M16. Thanks! Here is the ever famous speech the Moff's used to introduce Caterpillar Crawl during some shows: Clint- "Alrighty then, now how many of you people have our album the Moffatts? Well that's very good. Now how many of you people have our other album it's a wonderful world? That's a very good second. Well I guess that leaves room for the rest of you to go right out and buy one. As I was saying how many of you people have our home video The Moffatts? Very good." Bob- "Hey Ace, I got one." Clint-"Yes! Can you feel it?"-Clint, part of his speech used to introduce the Caterpillar crawl during shows.
More Quotes: "At a show in Columbus my brother wuz supposed to lift me back up but instead the moron dropped his microphone on my face."-Bob "Singing and dancing around the front of the stage it's easy to stel the show but it's these guys standing behind us that really make us look and sound good so we'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our band the Knott Brothers."-Dave "Ladies and gentlemen this is Scott, my dad if you're watching dad Moffatt if you're watching this is Scott playing gameboy before the next show so if you want to give him a licking that's okay. I told him not to play dad but he just wouldn't obey me so you'll have to deal with him later."- Bob "We had a great time. I had my favorite food and my favorite cake. What else do 12-year-olds really need?"-Bob on his 12th Birthday Party "I love Urkel"-Scott "So I said, 'If you won't take us down there, I'll just go down there myself and play guitar.' Then he took us, and on our first day we made $850! Three weeks later we were singing professionally in Disneyland and before long we moved from Vancouver to Nashivlle, Tennessee, to focus on our music full-time. And that's how it all began!"- Scott on how they started out "You usually see Dave walking around with the grandmas. That is his speed!"- Bob on what kind of girls Dave likes "It's actually easier because you just do it and you get it done a lot quicker."- Clint on home schooling "It took from one in the afternoon to one in the morning! We'd have a little piece of chocolate after every verse for energy!"- Scott(on writing the song Save Some For Me) "My favorite thing about performing is just making people happy and seeing them smile. I sing all the time, and when I'm sad, it makes me feel happy again."- Bob A "We've always just found our harmonies by ear. It just comes naturally."- Scott(on their wonderful harmonies)

all the beelow are bob quotes

"I don't attend many concerts"
"I like every branch of sport"
"You're so confused....Bob's a confused guy" Scott talking about Bob
"I think that with age, comes growth"
"Bob daydreams alot, and then he forgets. When he does that, he's like dead for five minutes" Clint talking about Bob
"At a show in Columbus, my brother was supposed to lift me back up, but instead, the moron dropped his microphone on my face!"
"You'll usually see Dave walking with the grandmas, thats his speed"
"Just give me the camera, hand it over and nobody gets hurt"
"I can't stand math!"
"My favorite thing about performing is just about making people happy and seeing them smile. I sing all the time, and when I'm sad, it makes me feel happy again"
"Its dead, its dead, its really really dead"
"Ain't I handsome???"
"The CD was sparkin'"
"Well, Scott, Clint and I, we all play the guitar. We are freaks on the guitar. As a matter of fact I am the best guitar player."
"Do I rock? am i cool? cooler than him?"
"It was a close one, I tell you!"
If you know any good quotes please e-mail me .Thanx