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Star Link *I think*
A teen magazine: for teens and by teens
Mail me if your interested!

what this is .... A magazine that I'm planing to start up ...
But I need your help .... I need anyone who can type or write Lol spelling check is really cool ... some one who is will to write about thier fave actor, singer , band etc famous person.
Or I'm looking for someone who Likes getting e-mail *and replys always* knows Html *or willing to learn* someone who has people skills and that's it..

Tell me if ya have any ideas or wanna be a part of this .. I'm not gonna be turning down alot of people everyone is welcome to try out and almost everyone is gonna get a job ( not paying mind u)

love ya always,

You can also contact: 1-877-819-0351 It's a toll free messaging service so leave me a message k... or
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