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Moffatt Cds, singles and Much much More!!
Mail me if ya know other cds or singles not listed here! please!
I should have pictures of all the cd singles listed here soon..*Click on the song title for Lyrics*

The Moffatts: It's a wonderful world

1. (What a) Wonderful World (3:06)
2. Grandma (2:53)
3. We're off to the rodeo (2:43)
4. All i have is a dream (4:30)
5. Itty Bitty Smile (3:36)
6.Bird Dog (2:12)
7.I Think I'm Falling In Love (3:10)
8. Dog Is Dogs (2:43)
9. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (2:22)
10.That's all Right (2:47)

The Moffatts: The Moffatts

1. I think she likes me
2. This Boy
3. Guns Of Love
4. Mama Never Told me 'Bout You
5. Just thinkin' about you
6. When god made you
7. Caterpiller Crawl
8. You are what you do
9. A little something
10. Don't Judge this book


1. Wild At heart
2.Miss you Like Crazy
3.Say'N i (Heart) U
4.Girl of my dreams
6.Don't walk away
7.Now and Forever
9.I'll be there for you
10.Girl I'm gonna get ya
11.We are young
12.If Life is so short
13. Jump
Some also inc.. Unplugged versions of Miss you like Crazy and I'll be there for you.. There is one hidden track to discover.
I am still up dating more up soon...
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