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David Michael William Moffatt
Born: March 8, 1984
Nickname: Big D (some with different minds would think of other reason why this is his name but it's because he was the biggest triplet.) & Fave
Actor: Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock
Davorite Band: The Beatles
Favorite Past-Times: Swimming, soccer, fishing, reading
personal Goals: "To become an accomplished keyboard player."
Favorite Movies: Scream, Titanic & Jurasic Park
Favorite Musician: Paul McCartney & Steve Tyler
Tv shows : Family Matters
Books: Stephen King
Favorite Album: White Album (The Beatles)
Favorite Song: Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (The Beatles)
Favorite Song On Chapter 1: If Life Is So Short
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Holiday Location: Victoria, BC
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite car: volkswagon beetle
  • moffatt personality: most outgoing & the "romantic" of the group
  • fave place to visit: Barcelona, Spain
  • spice name: Sly
    biggest Fear: swiming in the ocean
    Weight: 115Lbs (pounds)
    Girl: " .. a good personality." well most of us have this or think we do =)

    whatz there to kno about davie?

    - He's right handed
    - he has a PeRsOnAl GoAl "To BeCoMe An AcCoMpLiShEd KeYbOaRd PlAyEr"
    - he snores very loudly! awww...
    -He puts his money towards going to college and clothes (so buy 2 chapter : 1 a new begining cd's we want him to go to college =)
    -always wears a necklace given to him by a friend ( so sentimental)
    - Nearly drowned as a child (ohh man)
    send me more info on Dave if ya got it ok....
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