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Clinton Thomas John Moffatt
Born: March 8, 1984
Nick name: C.T ( After Clinton Tomas)
Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore
Books: Science-fiction ( I'm gonna try to find out like what one's...)
Favorite Band: The Beatles
Singers: Bryan Adams , Huey Lewis & Daniel Johns ( Silver chair)
Favorite Past-Times: Football, soccer, swimming, fishing, golfing
Personal Goals: "To become the best musician I can be."
Favorite Movies: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective basically anything with Jim Carrey in it...
Favorite Album: Reckless (Bryan Adams)
Favorite Song: Heaven (Bryan Adams
Favorite Song On Chapter 1: Say'n I Love U
Favorite Food: Mexican & anythin' hot'n spicey (like me j/k)
Favorite Holiday Location: Destin, Florida
Favorite Color: black, dark blue
Favorite car : Dodge Viper
fave visiting spot: Lisbon Portugal
moffatt personality: the organizer
spice name: Groov'n
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs (pounds)*cutie*
Tv shows: Family Matters (I like it too),ESPN sports
Girl: "... a good Personality, funny and very out going."
Personality: the "outgoing" moffatt bro... did you know that..... - he's also right handed.
- his goal is "To BeCoMe ThE BeSt MuSiCiAn I CaN Be" &"To SeLL A lOt Of ReCoRdS"
- he likes fishing , golfing & go carts (how cute)
- he's said to be shy but sweet .
- The only thing he can cook it eggs (yuck)
- his first date went like this dinner movie and ice cream ( sounds good to me )
- like's everything about himself ( and alot of girls do to ) "... this is the way I came."
well ya know what to do if you've got info on him or his bro's that you didn't see here pleaz feel free to
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