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Robert Franklin Peter Moffatt
Born: March 8, 1984
Nickname: BoB, The DuKe ( from one of his dad's friends if ya know the whole story tell me k )& RhYtHm MeIsTeR
Favorite Actor: Sean Connery, Michael Douglas
Birth Parents: Frank and Darlana
StEpMoM: Sheila
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock & Courtney Cox
Favorite Band: The Beatles
Favorite Past-Times: Football, movies, soccer, fishing, golf
Personal Goals: "To make people happy."
Favorite Movies: Titanic, Jackal, Titanic & Face off
Favorite Musician: Lars Ulrich, Bryann Addams , Foo Fighters & Metallica
Books: Stephen King
Favorite Album: Black Album (Metallica)
Favorite Song: Push (Matchbox 20)
Favorite Song On Chapter 1: If Life Is So Short
Favorite Food: Mexican & hot wings.
Favorite Holiday Location: Victoria, BC Canada
Favorite Color: Black
moffatt personality: the joker & he's a "rebel"
fave place to visit: London England
spice name: Rhythm
Height: 5'9" (he's a big guy) hee hee
Weight: 125 Lb (pounds)
Girl: one " .... with a good personality and who likes me for who I am."

Just a few facts
- likes to talk about sports.
- middle of the three fraternal triplets
- Identical to clint - he had girl friends in the past
- one named Maria they went out for a bout three years
- like to snack on ice cream ( if u know the flavour tell me ..please )
- a quote: It's only in other's eyes that we're famous and we don't see ourselves as stars. Stars only come out at night.~Bob Moffatt
- right handed
- he's into bungee jumping
more too..come if you have a page on jus bob
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