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The Moffatts*Interview*
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May 22nd "00"

Q: Would you ever go on tour with a girl band? Estelle, Lac Beauport, Quebec
A: Sure as long as they were credible entertainers.

Q: What is your favorite TV show (if you ever have time to watch!) Minda, Chicago, IL
A: Pretty much anything on Comedy Central.

Q: If you could meet anyone who would it be? Rome, Woodland Hills, CA
A: Scott - John Lennon, Clint - The Pope, Bob - Ringo Starr, Steven Tyler.

Q: What do you think of boy bands? Do like them or really not care for them? Carni, Philly
A: If they believe in what they do and they're good at what they do, we wish them all the best.

Q: Do you have any superstitions? If so, what are they? Lynette, Brooklyn, NY
A: We hold our breath.

Q: Was it hard to switch from country music to pop-rock music? Thalia, New Orleans, LA
A: For us it was a natural change, it only seemed natural to play the music we were most interested in and listening to. However, we still appreciate country music and country music entertainers.

Q: When are The Moffatts going to tour Canada? Well British Columbia really. Courtney, Vancouver, BC
A: We accepted a guest spot on the "Psycho Blast" tour so that we could support our first single in Canada.

Q: Would you ever consider dating a fan? Ashley, Jacskon, MO
A: We date a people because of who they are, fan or not.

Q: What would you like to do if you weren't making music? Carrie, Clovis, Ca
A: Scott - Play hockey, Clint - Play football, Bob - Play hockey, Dave - Be an artist (painting, et cetera).

Q: What kind of dogs are Moffie and Hey Jude? Desiree, Overland Park, KS
A: Shitzus

Q:Do you guys ever have time to go to the movies? Tracy, La Jolla, CA
A: We go to the movies every chance we get, providing there's a good one showing.

Q: On a typical day how much sleep do you get? Denise, Manitoba, CA
A: About ten hours when we aren't doing record promotion. If we're on tour we get about eight.

Q: Would you ever sing a song that a fan wrote? Cynthia, Houston, TX
A: All songs that we consider have to come through a legitimate publishing company. We never listen to tapes or read lyrics that are given to us personally. We write most of our own songs anyway.

Q: Where did you get the idea for the song 'Love'?? Jennifer, Tacoma, WA
A: Scott - It just came into my head while lying on my bed.

Q: What is your favorite subject at school and what are you best at? Paloma, Montreal, PQ
A: Scott, Clint & Bob - Social Studies (Can.) or History (US) Dave Science.

Q: Have you recently been to your official site and read anything on the message boards or talked to fans? Annemarie, Hong Kong
A: We read the site quite often however we haven't been on for quite a while. We've been too busy preparing songs for the new album and catching up on school.

Q: Name one flaw about yourselves that you wish you could change. Kate, Glendale, AZ
A: Scott - Patience, Clint - I can live with myself flaws and all, Bob - Nothing, Dave - I need to think before I speak more often.

Q: Who would you really like to tour with in the upcoming years? Hope, Ottawa, Ont.
A: Scott - Rolling Stones, Bob, Clint and Dave - Bryan Adams

Q: Has a CANADIAN tour been talked about? We really miss you guys like crazy and want you to come and do some of those awesome concerts you have!! Jena, Dawson Creek, BC
A: We will guest on the "Psycho Blast" tour this summer and then do our own tour in the fall.

Q: Hi guys. I wanted to know, are any of you ticklish, and if so, where? Cara, Milwaukee, WI
A: Scott - Everywhere, Clint, Bob, Dave - feet.

Q: I think that it is really cool how you guys performed on Disney's So Weird! Did you have fun doing that? How long did it take to rehearse and get everything perfect (like it was) for the taping? Nicky, Willoughby, OH
A: We had a real good time, the cast is great. We rehearsed one day and taped the show the next day.

Q: I know that your music has helped many fans through hard times, including me, what do you think of that? Jena, Pemberton, BC
A: It's always an honor to know our music has touched someone. Thank - you.

Q: Scott you're the best! Who or what has been your biggest inspiration? Danica, Kamloops, BC
A: Thank you. The Beatles, Bryan Adams, Garth Brooks, Nirvana, Beach Boys and currently Radiohead.

Q: Do you guys know when the new CD is coming out, and what the title of the CD is gonna be? Bethany, Newton, MA
A: Not really but early fall we think. As for the title, that's a secret!!

Q: How did you get your dog? Who came up with her name Little Miss Moffatt? And my last question: is it true that you can't take Little Miss Moffatt overseas? Jennifer, Linwood, MI
A: We bought her in Sarnia, Ontario. One of our crew guys, Colin Tobin came up with the name. Yes, Little Miss Moffatt and Hey Jude must stay at Nana & Papa's when we travel overseas.

Q: Online there is a huge feud between Moffatt fans and Hanson fans, I happen to be both. What do you guys actually think about Hanson? Traci, Fremont, CA
A: Hanson is a very talented band. They are excellent entertainers and songwriters and we always wish them all the best.

Q: Where was the best place you guys have ever performed and why? Shameka, Los Angeles, CA
A: Scott - Stuttgart, Germany because the crowd was explosive. Clint - Lisbon, Portugal, because the atmosphere was electric. Bob - Toronto, Canada, because it was our first massive crowd in our home country of Canada. Dave - Madrid, Spain, because the crowd was really enthusiastic. We have to say however that really no matter where we play our fans our wild and the wilder the fans the more energy we have. So thank you to all our fans.

Q: Hi! You guys are awesome! I was wondering who got to pick your song for the "Never Been Kissed" soundtrack. Juliet, Hagerstown, MD
A: Drew Barrymore, our producer Glen Ballard and Capital Records.

Q: Do you guys cheer for the Vancouver Canucks or the Calgary Flames now that you've moved? p.s. A certain Canuck said he still remember you guys :) Jen, Burnaby, BC
A: If Vancouver hadn't traded Dave Babych, I'm sure we would still cheer for the Canucks, but now we must support the Calgary Flames because we have a vacation home there.

Q: Do you sing in the shower? Jodi, Evansville, IN
A: Yes, we all do.

Q: What's the weirdest thing a fan's requested from you? You know, like "Will you sign my bra" or "May I have your fingerprint?" Jillian, NYC
A: Over the past four years we've seen and heard it all!

Q: Hi! I'm gonna go try and make a brainy question!:) I just watched that 70's movie on TV the other night and it got me thinking....if you could live in any time period what would it be and why ? Blaisha, Mt Vernon, WA
A: Scott, Clint & Bob - 60's, Dave the 70's.

Q: Scott is it true u love going to Hooters? Jen, Dawson Creek, BC
A: Yes. They have great wings and in Calgary they also have great dry ribs and Maple brownies.

*TEE HEE* I loved all those questions goes to show you us fans have got the best questions EVER!!

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