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KSHE Classics Listing

KSHE Classics Listing

Most of these songs can be found on Youtube. If you can't find one, e-mail me at I'll take care of it.

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Below is a list of as many KSHE Classics I could think of. It is not a complete list. If you know of one that I missed, please e-mail me at By the way, I don't think a complete list exists as there are always arguments for others.

Also, when I worked in a Schtuff outlet, you may remember it, it was called "Peaches" , I was told by a KSHE Rep that songs from the likes of Styx or the Beatles would never be considered KSHE Classics because they are too mainstream, hence their omission from this list.

One more thing, I thank Sherre for hiring me at the Disc Connection many years ago, for without that experience, I wouldn't have this list.

Thanks!! Enjoy!

Since websites come and go faster than I can keep up with them, if you click on a name, it may be a dead link. Many will take you to where if you type in the name, you'll find something on them.

You also might try clicking here which takes you to which seems to have better and MORE CONVENIENT info available than at allmusic.

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  • Listen to Don the Legend


  • Song
  • I Could Be Good For You
  • MegaForce
    10 Years After
  • I'd Love To Change The World
  • Dreadlock Holiday
  • Rubber Bullets
  • For You And I
  • Good Morning Judge
  • How Long
    Aliotta Haynes & Jeremiah
  • Lake Shore Drive
  • Long Time Gone
    Amboy Dukes
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind
  • Holdin' On To Yesterday
  • Life Beyond L.A.
  • Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  • Tower
  • Sky Pilot
    Aphrodite's Child
  • Loud, Loud, Loud
  • The Four Horsemen
    April wine
  • Oowatanite
  • Roller
  • Shotdown
  • Tonite
  • Hold Your Head Up
    Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • So Into You
  • Georgia Rhythm
  • Imaginary Lover
  • Champagne Jam
  • I'm Not Gonna Let it Bother Me Tonight
  • Spooky
    Brian Auger
  • Happiness Is Just Around The Bend
  • Turn Up The Radio
    Automatic Man
  • My Pearl
  • Rock and Roll Party in the Street
  • Baby Blue
  • Come and Get It
  • Day After Day
  • Hold On
  • No Matter What
  • Perfection
  • Visions Of You
    Barclay James Harvest
  • Mill Boys
  • Rock and Roll Star
  • Titles
    Batdorf & Rodney
  • Can You See Him
  • Home Again
    The Beat
  • Don't Wait Up For Me
  • Train, Train
  • Highway Song
    J.D. Blackfoot
  • Song of Crazy Horse
  • The Ultimate Prophecy
    The Blend
  • The Prize
    Blind Faith
  • Can't Find My Way Home
    The Bliss Band
  • Doctor
  • DOA
  • Kool Aid Kids
    Blue Cheer
  • Summertime Blues
    Blues Image
  • Ride Captain Ride
    Tommy Bolin
  • Post Toastee
    Brave Belt
  • Another Way Out
  • Takin' It Back
    Brewer & Shipley
  • One Toke Over The Line
    Brownsville Station
  • Martian Boogie
  • Lady (Put The Light On Me)
    Roy Buchanan
  • Change My Mind
    Butts Band
  • Be With Me
    The Byrds
  • Chestnut Mare
    (An Alternate Website for Camel)
  • Lady Fantasy
  • Who We Are
    Captain Beyond
  • Sufficiently Breathless
    Tony Carey
  • I Won't Be Home Tonight
  • A Fine Fine Day
    Peter Cetera
  • Livin' in The Limelight
  • She Loves To Be In Love
  • Fantasy Girls
    (Bill Henderson Site)
  • Arms Of Mary
  • Fly At Night
  • My Girl (Gone Gone Gone So Long)
  • Something Better
    City Boy
    Stanley Clarke
  • School Days
    Classics IV
  • Spooky
    Climax Blues Band
  • Couldn't Get It Right
  • Do It In Darkness
  • Roll The Dice
    Crabby Appleton
  • Go Back
    Crack The Sky
  • Sleep
  • Stone Cold Sober
  • Throw Away
    Rick Derringer
  • Don't Ever Say Goodbye
  • Everything
  • Sauscillito Summernight
    Cheryl Dilcher
  • High
    Dixon House Band
  • Sooner Or Later
  • Atlantis
  • Mama, Let Him Play
    Les Dudek
  • City Magic
  • Old Judge Jones
  • From A Dry Camel
  • Things
    Jonathan Edwards
  • Shanty
  • From The Beginning
  • Still´┐ŻYou Turn Me On
    Michael Fennelly
  • Touch My Soul
    Jay Ferguson
  • Shakedown Cruise
  • Thunder Island
    Five Man Electrical Band
  • Signs
  • Beg Me
    Flo and Eddie
  • Keep It Warm
  • Phasors On Stun
  • Hocus Pocus
    The Fools
  • Life Sucks, Then You Die
    Chuck Francour
  • Under The Boulevard Lights
    Franke & the Knockouts
  • Runnin' Into The Night
  • Sweetheart
    Michael Franks
  • Born with the Moon in Virgo
  • All Right Now
  • Wishing Well
    Rory Gallagher
  • Edged in Blue
  • I'm Alive
    Nick Gilder
  • Hot Child In the City
  • You Really Rock Me
  • Call To The Heart
    Glass Moon
  • Killer At 25
    Andrew Gold
  • Lonely Boy
  • Thank You For Bein' A Friend
    Golden Earring
  • Radar Love
    Ian Gomm
  • Hold On (To What You Got)
    Ray Gomez
  • Make Your Move
    Listen to "Make Your Move"

    The Good Rats
  • Back To My music
    Listen to "Back To My music"

  • Injun Joe
    Barry Goudreau
  • Dreams
    Grand Funk
  • I Can Feel Him In The Morning
  • I'm Your Captain
    Great White
  • Rock Me
    Max Gronenthal
  • Get It Straight
  • When The Heart Rules The Mind
  • As Far As You Can See
    Listen to a clip of "As Far As You Can See"

  • Dead And Gone
    Listen to a clip of "Dead And Gone"
    click on "MP3s"

    Steve Walsh/Steve Hackett
  • Narnia
  • Shape of Things to Come
  • Turn Your Head
  • House Of Livin'
  • Music Eyes
  • Racin' The Sun
  • Sure The Boy Was Green
  • Free Spirit
  • Take A Little Word
    Humble Pie
  • Fool For A Pretty Face
  • 30 Days In The Hole
    Ides of March
  • Vehicle
    Illinois Speed Press
  • P.N.S. (When You Come Around)
    Donnie Iris
  • Ah! Leah
    Iron Butterfly
  • In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (long version)
  • Scorching Beauty
    It's A Beautiful Day
  • White Bird
    Joe Jackson
  • Is She Really Goin' Out With Him
    James Gang
  • Funk #49
  • Take A Look Around
  • Alexis
    Jon and Vangelis
  • Friends of Mr. Cairo
  • I Want You To Be Mine
    Greg Kihn
  • Remember
  • The Breakup Song
    King Crimson
  • Court Of The Crimson King
  • Switchin' To Glide
  • This Beat Goes On
  • Calling Occupants
  • Between The Lines
  • On The Run
  • Paradise Way
  • Time Bomb
  • See Them Glow
    Alvin Lee & Mylon Lefevre
  • So Sad
  • Addicted
  • One Fine Morning
    Nils Lofgrin
  • No Mercy
    Nick Lowe
  • Cruel To Be Kind
    Lucifer's Friend
  • Spanish Galleon
    Mama's Pride
  • Blue Mist
  • Can I Call You A Cab
  • Maybe
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Rainbow Eyes
    Manfred Mann
  • Don't Kill It Carol
  • For You
  • You Are-I Am
  • Lies (All through the 80s)
  • What Am I Livin' For
    Mason Profitt
  • Two Hangmen
  • Movin' On
    Kim Mitchell
  • Go For A Soda
  • Sad Lady
  • Sunshine
  • Mississippi Queen
  • Nantucket Sleighride
    Moving Pictures
  • What About Me
  • Sail On Sail Away
    JF Murphy and Salt (at allmusic)
    click here for their new website
  • The Last Illusion

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  • California
  • Heartbreaker
  • Quite Like You
  • Holiday
  • Remember The Future
  • Show Me The Way
    New England
  • Don't Ever Wanna Lose You
    Novo Combo
  • Tattoo
    Stu Nunnery
  • Isle Of Debris
    Off Broadway
  • Full Moon Turn My Head Around
  • Stay In Time
  • Love Takes Time
  • Still The One
  • Dance With Me
    Ozark Mountain Daredevils
  • Chicken Train
  • Country Girl
  • If You Wanna Get To Heaven
  • Spaceship Orion

    Paice, Ashton & Lord
  • Remember The Good Times
  • Tell Me Why
    Paul Collins Beat
  • On The Highway
    Pavlov's dog
  • Julia
    Planet P
  • Why Me?
  • Baby Come Back
  • Piece of Paradise
    Point Blank
  • Nicole
    Pousette-Dart Band
  • Amnesia
    Andy Pratt
  • Avenging Annie
  • Armageddon
  • Don't Let Him Know
  • Spaceship Superstar
    Procal Harum
  • Whiter Shade Of Pale
    Brian Protheroe
  • Pinball
    Quicksilver M.S.
  • Gypsy Lights
    Trevor Rabin
  • Finding Me A Way Back Home
  • Now
    Ram Jam
  • Black Betty
    Rare Bird
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Turn Your Head
    Chris Rea
  • Fool If You Think It's Over
    Red Rider
  • Lunatic Fringe
  • Mother Russia
  • Oh Well
  • Teacher Teacher
    Jonathan Round
  • Sympathy For The Devil
    Roxy music
  • Love Is The Drug
  • Run For Your Life
    Sad Cafe
  • Black Rose
  • Run Home Girl
  • On The Loose
  • Wind Him Up
    Sanford and Townsend
  • Smoke From A Distant Fire
    The Sherbs
  • No Turning Back
  • We Ride Tonight
  • Sepia Sister
    Shooting Star
  • Hang On for Your Life
  • Last Chance
  • You Got What I Need
  • How Does It Feel
  • The Joker
    Sniff 'N' The Tears
  • Driver's Seat
    Danny Spanos
  • Hot Cherie
    Jimmie Spheeris
  • I Am The Mercury
  • The Nest
  • 1984
  • Nature's Way
    Split Enz
  • I Got You
  • Don't Run My Life
    Squire, Chris
  • Hold Out Your Hand...(Thanks John Boll)
  • One Simple Thing
  • Slark
    Michael Stanley
  • Let's Get The Show On The Road
  • Rosewood Bitters
  • Lady Of The Lake
    John Stewart (with Stevie Nicks)
  • Gold
  • Mind Bender
  • Gonna Keep My Head Together
  • LoveSaver
  • Man In My Shoes
  • Autumn
    String Driven Thing
  • Circus
  • Don't Call Us (We'll Call You)
  • Green Eyed Lady (Long Version)
    Sutherland Brothers and Quiver
  • I Don't Want To Love You (But You Got Me Anyway)
  • Ballroom Blitz
  • Fox On The Run
  • Love Is Like Oxygen
    Marc Tanner
  • Hot and Cold
  • No Time To Lose
  • Walking Wounded
    George Thorogood
  • One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
    Billy Thorpe
  • Children Of The Sun
  • East of Eden's Gate
  • In My Room
    ThunderClap Newman
  • Something In The Air
    Toby Beau
  • My Angel Baby
  • Westbound Train
    Tonio K
  • Better Late Than Never
  • Don't You Know What Love Is
    Listen to "Don't You Know What Love Is"

  • Black Star
    Listen to "Black Star"

  • When The Spirit Moves You
    Listen to "When The Spirit Moves You"

    About a song on the Touch LP "So High", I thought those of you who know the song would like to read the words of keyboardist Mark Mangold..."...that bird like note on So Hi was Craig...he had an amazingly high voice and sang lead on almost everything, except So Hi, which was me, and Yes You Need To R&R which was Doug.... I remember that note...Craig couldn't believe we were asking him to do it...but the song IS called SO HIGH... Anyway, stay in touch (oh!) and all the best, M"
    Check out Mark's new project here.
  • Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
  • Mr. Fantasy
    Pat Travers
  • Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
  • Snortin' Whiskey
  • Miles and Miles Away
  • Hold Out
  • Spartacus
  • Raise A Little Hell
    Tucky Buzzard
  • Gold Medallions
    Tommy Tutone
  • Jenny, Jenny (867-5309)
  • Angel Say No
  • Tell Me Why
  • Such a Woman
  • Only You Can Rock Me
  • Too Hot to Handle
  • Bullseye Bill
    Uriah Heep
  • Easy Livin'
  • The Wizard
  • July Morning
  • Stealin'
  • Burning Heart
    Steve Walsh/Steve Hackett
  • Narnia
    Steve Walsh
  • Every Step of the Way
  • Heaven
    Wet Willie
  • Keep On Smilin'
  • Street Corner Serenade
    Wishbone Ash
  • Blowin' Free
    Gary Wright
  • Blind Feeling
  • Really Wanna Know You
  • Who's Behind The Door
  • Tell Me What You Want

    This list compiled with the help of fellow music retailer Bill Huggins. Here's to you, Bill, the Best Man, wherever you are!!

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