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Our World As We Know It

This page is a visual look at various regions of our world and of the extreme pain and hardships experienced. It is a dedication to the people who struggle everyday to just exist and also to those who lost their struggle. I am not just displaying pictures of war torn countries, but also pictures of natural disasters which are just as deadly and destructive. Also there are pictures of National and world events and people who have made news over the past months. It is my wish, that as you look at this page, you will appreciate your own safety and well being and that your thoughts and prayers will be with those not so fortunate. This page is graphic rich and may take a little while to download, but I believe it is well worth the wait. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will tell your friends to also visit!


The world, as this volcano, is very unpredictable. Peace can turn to war in only minutes and also at any time.

As static in the atmosphere, the people of the world can clash just as violently.

Even the Ocean gets restless at times and has to erupt.

Here in America, we take our freedom for granted. We don't have soldiers blocking our path at every turn as many do.

Our children aren't faced with death and destruction everyday.

Our streets aren't filled with civil unrest.

Our children are able to attend school and to play outside without fear of soldiers arriving at any time.

Peace and calm are two things that much of the world wishes for.

The world does have concerned people who try to bring harmony to it's occupants.

But even here, in America, we have events that cause us distress and turmoil.

President Clinton was in danger of being ousted from office while at the same time, he was monitoring the air strikes many miles away from Wahington D.C. and the Oval office.

As a tornado ripping across the landscape, hate crimes and prejudice leave behind destruction.Maybe of a different type, but just as deadly.

Don't let the flickering ray of hope go out! We CAN have a better world........It's not just a dream!

I hope you have reflected, while viewing this page, on the problems in this world. I also hope that you realize that if we all join together in trying to bring peace to our own little areas of the world, that eventually, society will be a better place! Check back often as I will be updating and adding to this page. Don't forget to sign my guestbook and let me know you were here and also visit my Board Room below to view messages and reply to these if you like! I appreciate any comments you might have! Thank you for visiting!

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