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Musings Of Doug Younkin

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My thoughts tend to wander over many subject areas, so I've documented here the ramblings of an inquisitive mind. I don't claim these thoughts to be profound or cohesive, just authentic. Sometimes I think. But sometimes I don't think about anything, because I am busy living in the here and now.

The older I get, the shorter life seems, and each day becomes more and more important. Sometimes I think my whole life is compressed down into the present moment.

Life issues that used to seem so demanding of my energy now seem less critical. Yet the more ordinary events, those that happen every day, have taken on a more significant place in my life. Maybe I'm settling down to a more relaxed phase of my life, where a less complicated lifestyle has an appeal.

I used to have so many questions about life. Most of them are still unanswered, but now both the questions and answers don't seem to matter. Making the most of each moment is my current outlook. Each day, whether a work day or weekend, is special. My life is right in front of me, if I am willing to take time to see it. Each day is for living! I am trying to be ready.

On these pages, I have put together some of the topics that have interested me over the years. Some are my current interests, some have diminished in importance for me. But they are all like old friends: I know them and respect them, even though I don't see some of them very often.

The menu at the top is a guide to my current layout of pages.

You are invited to wander around here and take what you like. It is free for the taking.


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