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Always In Our Hearts

Welcome to our remembrance pages.

We hope you enjoy our cats as we have through the years..

Enter the gates to see our
Gallary Of Loving Cats

When I first started these pages it was to help me
remember the loving cats that I have lost
through the years.
Whenever I want to see them or feel their love
I visit my pages and remember the love we shared.
Working on this has helped me to get past the hurt
and the sadness of losing a pet that I cherished.
As you will notice I have had a lot of cats in my lifetime.....
I dont remember a time that I had less than six at once.
It seems like there is always one more that needs a home.
At this time I have eight cats and three labs,
just recently adding two more to my family.
I am not young person, and I wonder what would happen to my pets
if something were to happen to me.
So I believe this will be all the additions to my family.
They range in age from four months to thirteen years.

Since I started this project I have went to work for our local shelter.
It really is a nightmare to see what people do
to their pets.
I see animals that have been in the same home for over ten years
given up because the animal is sick.
They don't want to hear that the pet will not be adopted,
its easier that way for them.
But what about their pet?
They don't know why they are there, and for the most part
they do not adapt.
They deserve to be treated humanely,
and it is better to have their vet euthanize this loved one
and for the owner to be there at the animals side,
holding them and stroking their fur, and yes,
even shedding some tears for a loved one they were leaving.
All shelters do the best they can
but every day animals are put to sleep because there are simply
too many animals in the world.
Do your part and have your pet spayed or neutered,
and support your local shelter in any way you can.