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This section shows the soldiers' real names. The names are not all fo sho 100% tru, but this is what names have been rumored as theirs. Most of these are 100% correct tho. If you know any more names not listed here, please email me.

Master P- Percy Miller

Silkk The Shocker- Zyshonne Miller

C-Murder- Corey Miller

Mystikal- Micheal Tyler

Kane and Abel- David and Danny Garcia

Mia X- Mia Young

Fiend- Ricky Jones

Magic- Aywood Johnson

Mr.Serv-On- Edward Smith

Soulja Slim- James Smith

MAC- Miguel Bain

Snoop Dogg- Calvin Broadus

Half Pint(Prime Suspects)- Sean Diggs

Big Ed- Ed Knight

Boz- Anthony Boswell

Craig B- Craig Bazile

DJ KLC- Craig Lawson

Mo B. Dick- Dick Dasterly

Mercedes- Raquel Miller